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Bay Area and Venture Capital Funding by bzu90713


Bay Area and Venture Capital Funding document sample

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									        The San Francisco Bay Area
Birthplace of and World Leader in Bioscience
The Bay Area Marketing Partnership
Welcomes the World to

The San Francisco Bay Area
Birthplace of and The Leader in Bioscience
The San Francisco Bay Area, including Silicon Valley and the cities of
San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose, consists of nine counties – each of which
has individual strengths in bioscience and each contributes to the region’s
unparalleled scientific and technological leadership.

The Bay Area Marketing Partnership has two primary missions:
• Assist companies and investors interested in the Bay Area
• Promote the Bay Area as the premier location for knowledge-based businesses

To carry out these missions, the Marketing Partnership welcomes the
opportunity to speak with company representatives from around the country
and around the world.

In addition, we are the primary point of contact to provide you with:
• An overview of the Bay Area
• Contacts for investors interested in locating in a specific area of the region

We invite you to visit our website or contact us with specific requests.
    The combined strengths of Silicon Valley, San Francisco, and the North, South
    and East Bay sub-regions create a quality of life and a uniquely powerful
    concentration of science, research, technology, venture capital, highly-skilled
              workforce and innovation capacity unparalleled in the world.

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The Bay Area: An Unparalleled Region

  The San Francisco Bay Area – the birthplace of biotechnology –
  is a truly unique region with:

  •Unparalleled research and development infrastructure

  •Unparalleled cutting-edge research

  •Unparalleled innovation and entrepreneurship

  •Unparalleled highly-educated workforce

  •Unparalleled life style

  A range of factors have contributed to the Bay Area becoming the world
  leader in bioscience research – a leadership attributable to knowledge,
  capital and the cultural richness of the region.

  We claim it – and we prove it.

           Unparalleled Leadership

The Bay Area is a World or National Leader in:

Cutting-Edge Science and Technology
• Bioscience research
• Medical research
• Information technology
• Nanotechnology
• Integration of bio/info/nano technologies
• Number of life science companies
• Number of new companies created annually
• Commercialization of technologies
• Bio-specific service infrastructure
• Life sciences patents
• Internet domains
•Concentration of industry-leading companies
• Integrated network: start-up/mid-sized/Fortune 500
 technology-driven enterprises

Funding and Market Position
• No. 1 region in NIH funding
• No. 1 ranking in Venture Capital investment
• Recipient of 30% of total U.S. VC funding (2004 figure)
• $797 million invested in local biopharmaceutical companies (2003 figure)
• No. 1 ranking in IPOs
• 24% of $300 billion U.S. biotech market cap –
 68% in State of California (2004 figures)

Workforce Quality and Diversity
• Worker productivity double the national average
• Deep pool of scientists, researchers and skilled technicians
• Most highly educated workforce
• Highest percentage of graduate and professional degrees
• Highest number of foreign born in “knowledge-based” professions

Life Style
• Spirit of innovation
• Largest entrepreneurial community
• Global orientation and multicultural character
• Open space and cultural resources

          Unparalleled Research
      and Development Infrastructure

    The Bay Area is home to:

    • 5 world-renowned research universities
    • 18 national research laboratories and independent research institutes
    • 10 new collaborative biotech research centers

    The innovative, cutting-edge technologies from these facilities contribute
    to the continuing leadership of the Bay Area in shaping the future of
    biotechnology, including the exciting possibilities that lie in the integration
    of bio-info-nano technologies.

    These research universities, labs and institutes are not only demonstrating
    leadership through leading-edge biological and life science research
    achievements, but also are creating a new paradigm in the way research and
    development meet the challenge of converging technologies.

Research Universities, National Research Laboratories,
          Independent Research Institutes
   and New Collaborative Biotech Research Centers
     North Bay
     Buck Institute for Age Research
     Center for Biophotonics Science and Technology at University of California, Davis
     Genome and Biomedical Sciences Building at University of California, Davis
     Marine Mammal Center
     Metabolomics Center at University of California, Davis
     University of California, Davis

     East Bay
     Advanced Light Source at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
     Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute
     CITRIS (Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society)
       UC Berkeley
     Joint Genome Institute
     Kaiser Permanente Division of Research
     Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
     Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
     Molecular Foundry (at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
     Sandia National Laboratories
     Stanley Center for Bioscience & Bioengineering at University of California, Berkeley
     University of California, Berkeley

     San Francisco
     California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute
     QB-3 (California Institute for Quantitative Biomedical Research-
       UCB-UCSC-UCSF) headquartered at UC San Francisco
     University of California, San Francisco

     Silicon Valley/South Bay
     BIO-X at Stanford University
     Carnegie Mellon University West
     Electric Power Research Institute
     Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
     NASA Ames Research Center
     NASA Research Park
     Naval Postgraduate School
     SRI International
     Stanford Genome Technology Center
     Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
     Stanford University
     University of California, Santa Cruz

    Unparalleled Bioscience Industry Strength

                  WINE        T   RY

                                           O   N VALLEY

      Impressive Bioscience Wealth

600 Bioscience Companies -- 820 Life Science Companies

The region’s wealth of unparalleled resources is powering strength and
growth in the Bay Area-based life sciences industry, with more than 600
bioscience companies and 820 life science companies successfully operating
in the region – from start-ups to industry leaders.

Bioscience Pillar Companies

Applied Biosystems
BD Biosciences
Cell Genesys
Genencor International
Gilead Sciences
Roche Molecular

Comprehensive Bio-specific Service Infrastructure

The Bay Area’s extensive bio-specific service infrastructure includes:

• Architecture, Construction, Engineering
• Accounting, Banking, Legal, Insurance
• Contract Research, Contract Manufacturing
• Consultants (FDA Compliance, Business Development)
• Equipment and Laboratory Suppliers
• HR, IT/Communications, Investor Relations/Public Relations
• Commercial Real Estate Brokers, Developers
• Market and Outsourcing Research Firms
• Publishing (Science, Nature, BioCentury, BioWorld)

                 State-of-the-Art Science
           and Technology Research Campuses

     Research Companies
     The Bay Area in general, and the East Bay in particular has a wealth of
     commercial state of-the-art science and technology research campuses.
     These complexes are integral to the success of local biotech companies and
     are a spawning ground for business opportunities. Prime examples:

     East Bay
     Aquatic Park Center (Berkeley)
     Campus Bay Business Park (Richmond)
     Chiron Campus (Emeryville)
     EmeryStation (Emeryville)
     Hollis Business Center (Emeryville)
     Mt. Eden Business Park (Hayward)
     Point Richmond Tech Center (Richmond)

     South San Francisco
     Edgewater Business Park

     Innovation Centers
     The region’s early-stage, life sciences business incubators, accelerators
     and innovation centers continually add new energy and experience to
     established companies in the region.

     East Bay
     ConXus in Campus Bay Business Park (Richmond)
     ACET (Alameda County)

     Silicon Valley
     Molecular Medicine Research Institute (Sunnyvale)
     San Jose Bioscience Incubator and Innovation Center (San Jose)
     TEN’s Sobrato Center for Innovation (San Jose)

 Unparalleled Investment Strength

The investment opportunities in the Bay Area are unparalleled.

• 24% of the $300 billion U.S. biotech market cap is in the Bay Area –
  68% is in the State of California (2004 figures).

The Bay Area is the “capital” of the venture capital world.

• 30% of the total U.S. venture capital funding went to companies located
 in the Bay Area. (2004 figure)
• Venture capital firms invested $797 million in local biopharmaceutical
 companies. (2003 figures)

Leading Life Sciences Investment Firms

Alta Partners
Apax Partners
Bay City Capital
Burrill & Company
Domain Associates
InterWest Partners
JP Morgan
Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers
MPM Capital
New Enterprise Associates (NEA)
Prospect Venture Partners
Skyline Ventures
Sprout Group
US Venture Partners
Venrock Associates
Versant Ventures

                                Workforce Excellence
                               and Global Orientation

     Leader in Workforce Productivity*
     High Quality Workforce
     Another reason for the Bay Area’s prominence in the biotech field is the region’s deep
     pool of scientists, researchers and highly skilled technical workforce. In fact, the Bay
     Area leads the nation in worker productivity (almost double the national average).

     This productivity lead is based on a variety of factors: concentration in high value-added
     activities, a high quality workforce, and a spirit of innovation.

     The Bay Area especially excels in its concentration of high value-added activities – 64% of
     the positions in the Bay Area are “knowledge workers,” such as executives and business
     professionals, compared to 52% in the nation overall. In a survey of 125 regions, the Bay
     Area is ranked as the No. 1 “knowledge economy” in the U.S.

     In addition, the Bay Area leads most other U.S. metropolitan regions in its employed
     share of management and engineering occupations.

     And the Bay Area leads the nation with the highest percent of graduate degrees:
     • Highest percent of Graduate or Professional Degrees (14%)
     • Workforce with Bachelor’s Degrees (23%)

     (*Above statistics from report, “Downturn and Recovery: Restoring Prosperity,” produced by
       Bay Area Economic Forum, 2004)

     International Reach
     The region has the nation’s highest number of foreign-born “knowledge-based”
     professionals. It is a region that is proud of the diversity of its population – its
     international orientation and outreach.

     The Bay Area is considered by many to be the most international region in the U.S. It
     has a multicultural character rooted deep in its history and a strong network of linkages
     with other nations around the world. Simply stated, the Bay Area attracts the best and the
     brightest from all over the world.

     Airports and Seaports
     And, you can get there from here – The Bay Area has:
     • Three Foreign Trade Zones
     • Three International Airports (San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose)
     • Nine Seaports (including the Port of Oakland, the nation’s fourth largest container port)

                  Unparalleled Life Style

The Bay Area has always attracted exceptional people because
it is an exceptional place to live.

7,100 square miles encompassing:

• Major cities and small to medium-sized appealing communities
• Rugged coastline, sandy beaches and bay shoreline
• Stately Forests
• Rugged Mountains
• Vast Open Space (No other region offers so much open space within an urbanized

The Bay Area is noted for its Mediterranean climate, world-famous wine country,
internationally recognized cuisine and world-class cultural resources and professional
sports teams. Some examples:

Internationally Renowned                      Major Science Museums
• San Francisco Ballet                        • Chabot Space and Science Center
• San Francisco Opera                         • Children’s Discovery Museum
• San Francisco Symphony                      • Lawrence Hall of Science
• American Conservatory Theater               • San Francisco Exploratorium
                                              • Tech Museum of Innovation
Prestigious Art Museums                       • Technology Center of Silicon Valley
• Asian Art Museum
• California Palace                           Professional Sports Teams
  of the Legion of Honor                      • Golden State Warriors
• DeYoung Museum                              • Oakland A’s
• Oakland Museum                              • Oakland Raiders
• San Francisco Modern Art Museum             • San Francisco 49’ers
• San Jose Museum of Art                      • San Francisco Giants
                                              • San Jose Sharks

And International Film Festivals, Lively Club Scenes
and Big Wave Surfing at Mavericks

It’s a Dramatic Setting for a Dynamic Economy!

                                    The Strength Of The Nine

                              Sonoma County                        Napa County

                                                               North Ba                        Solano County

                                            Marin County
                                                                                E a s t

                                                                                          Contra Costa County
                                                                                B a y

                                    San Francisco                                         Alameda

                                                                    San Mateo
      & Related Electronics         Visitors & Tourism
                                                                                                 N   VALLEY
                                                                                          I   CO
      Telecommunications            Open Space
                                                                                   IL                Santa Clara County

 Interactive Digital Media          Fine Restaurants

        Movie & Television          Cultural Resources

     Bioscience, Healthcare         Research Laboratories,
            & Technologies          Universities, & Institutions

        Banking & Finance           International
            Environmental           International
               Technology           Seaports


                   A Virtual Tour of the Bay Area

The Bay Area Marketing Partnership welcomes investors from around the country and
world. We’d like to take you on a virtual tour around the nine-county region and highlight
our strength in bioscience. As you will see, the Bay Area is a fascinating kaleidoscope of
world-class research universities and research laboratories, large and small research and
development companies and business clusters, combined with technological innovation,
outstanding cultural resources and scenic beauty.

We’ll start in San Francisco

         San Francisco – The International City

San Francisco – the birthplace of biotechnology. It’s also a favorite international city,
famous for its history, its abundant cultural resources, its restaurants, its major league
sports and its scenic setting. With a highly educated and creative workforce, San
Francisco is the financial, administrative and cultural center of the Bay Area and has one
of the most ethnically diverse populations in the world.

San Franciso is the home of the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), one of the
nation’s foremost medical research institutions and the location of UCSF’s new 43 acre life
science campus—the centerpiece of the 303 acre Mission Bay residential and business

Now we’ll cross the Golden Gate Bridge to:

         Marin County – The Scenic Jewel of the Region

Marin County’s majestic headlands command the northern shore of the Golden Gate.
With 52 miles of spectacular seacoast and bayshore, Marin’s natural beauty, cultural
resources, and extensive parkland and open space preserves attract a creative, innovative
and well-educated workforce. The county is known for its strengths in business
incubation and “green” businesses. Marin’s entrepreneurial spirit is reflected in the many
corporations with their roots in the county. For example, BioMarin Pharmaceuticals,
established in Novato with 20 employees, has grown to over 200 with one FDA-approved
product and two others in clinical trials.

The I.M. Pei-designed Buck Institute, also located in Novato, is a premier research facility
focused exclusively on increasing the healthy years of people through clinically-relevant
biomedical research and education.

                 A Virtual Tour of the Bay Area continued

     Let’s head North and North-East to Sonoma and Napa Counties

             Napa And Sonoma – The Country’s Premium Wine Capital

     Napa and Sonoma Counties, with their rolling pastures and lush vineyards, are the capital
     of the country’s premium wine industry, and attract millions of tourists each year to their
     many wineries and resorts.

     In addition, in each of the counties, important new corporate and industrial parks are
     being developed with a special attraction to small-to-medium sized businesses in high

     Now we’ll go South-East to Solano County

             Solano County – The Life Sciences Corridor

     Solano is the region’s biosciences manufacturing cluster area, and home of the major
     Genentech manufacturing plant, and the production facilities of Chiron, Alza and Bio-
     Rad. Genentech’s planned expansion of its existing manufacturing plant in Vacaville will
     make the site the largest biotechnology manufacturing facility in the world. As an added
     incentive to life science companies, Solano offers attractive real estate opportunities.

     On the northern edge of Solano is the University of California, Davis, one of the top two
     producers of Life Sciences Ph.D’s in the world and noted for its bio-agricultural research.
     In addition, UC Davis has a $200 million Genome and Biomedical Sciences Building under

             A Virtual Tour of the Bay Area continued

Next, head South to the “East Bay” (Alameda and Contra Costa Counties)

         The East Bay – A Powerhouse Of Major Research Universities,
         National Research Labs and Bioscience Companies

With over 150 companies, led by Chiron, Bayer and Bio-Rad, the East Bay is home to a
third of the Bay Area’s biotech headquarters. Companies have spun out from, or designed
products around, research at national research laboratories such as the Lawrence
Berkeley National Laboratory, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Sandia National
Laboratories, Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute, and University of California,
Berkeley. There are eight business incubators in operation including two with wet lab
space focusing on the life sciences. A third biotech incubator is in the planning stages.

Other companies, such as Applied Biosystems and Cell Genesys have moved operations
to the East Bay to take advantage of the highly-educated workforce, attractive real estate
options, its proximity to San Francisco and venture capital and its quality of life, including
its excellent weather. Adding to its technological power are national user facilities
for biotech research, such as the protein crystallography operation at the Advanced
Light Source, the super computing facilities at the National Energy Research Scientific
Computing Center, and the gene sequencing capabilities of the Joint Genome Institute.

Now head South to Silicon Valley (an area encompassing the southern end of Alameda
County, all of Santa Clara County and the southern half of San Mateo County)

         Silicon Valley – The Technological Dynamo of the Region

Silicon Valley is the economic engine of the Bay Area – the recognized center of
research and development for the technology industry. And Sand Hill Road in the Valley
is the venture capital “capital” of the world. Fueled by world-class educational and
research institutions and the venture capital community, the Valley’s highly educated
and entrepreneurial population has sparked a worldwide revolution in technology and
scientific discovery.

Major research facilities include: Stanford University (with its new Bio-X Center),
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, SRI International, NASA Ames Research Center, the
new NASA Research Park, and numerous major research companies, including: IBM
Almaden Research Center, Hewlett-Packard, Lockheed Martin, Intel, Cisco and PARC
Research Center. In addition, entrepreneurs are nurtured by eleven local business
incubators—three of them directly supporting bioscience startups.

                 A Virtual Tour of the Bay Area continued

     Let’s head North to Northern San Mateo County

             San Mateo – A Major Center Of Bioscience

     San Mateo is an important bioscience cluster area – it’s the corporate location of
     Genentech, Gilead Sciences, and many other major life sciences companies. It also is the
     location of the San Francisco International Airport.

     With one of the nation’s highest per capita incomes, a highly-educated workforce, 45 miles
     of scenic coastline and beautiful beaches, the famous elephant seal-breeding area – Ano
     Nuevo – and some of the oldest and most well-known residential communities, San Mateo
     offers a balance of scenic beauty and a healthy variety of economic activities.

     Continuing North We Return to San Francisco – completing the tour of the nine-county
     San Francisco Bay Area:

     Nine counties:
     Providing individual strengths and diversity
     Ensuring the continuing leadership of the Bay Area as the Bioscience Center of the World

         The Bay Area Marketing Partnership
  Extends Special Appreciation to our Major Sponsors
               and Supporters in 2004

Gold Sponsors
Simeon Commercial Properties
Wareham Development

Silver Sponsors
Kaiser Permanente
Sandia National Laboratories

Regional Sponsors
County of Marin, The Honorable Cynthia Murray, Supervisor
Silicon Valley Economic Development Alliance (SVEDA)

Regional Supporters
Berkeley Marketing Partners
City of Fremont
City of Sunnyvale
Onyx Pharmaceuticals

The Marketing Partnership also acknowledges and thanks BASIC (Bay Area
Science and Innovation Consortium) and BayBio for providing the research
and bio related information in this brochure.

                     Affiliate Regional Organizations

     To better serve companies within the region and enhance the
     competitiveness of the Bay Area, the Marketing Partnership coordinates
     with regional organizations serving the nine-county Bay Area, including:

     Association of Bay Area Governments
     Strengthens cooperation and coordination among local governments.

     Bay Area Council
     Advocates for business and quality of life in the Bay Area.

     Bay Area Economic Forum
     Conducts research and develops and implements programs to strengthen
     the region’s economy and quality of life.

     Bay Area Science and Innovation Consortium (BASIC)
     Advances the Bay Area’s leadership in science, technology and innovation.

     Serves Northern California’s Bioscience Community


        The Bay Area Marketing Partnership promotes the nine-county Bay Area
        as the premier location for knowledge-based industries. The combined
        strengths of the Silicon Valley, San Francisco, North, South and East Bay
        sub-regions create a life style and a uniquely powerful concentration of
        science, research, technology, venture capital, highly-skilled workforce and
        innovation capacity unparalleled in the world.

        The Partnership serves as the central point of contact for potential investors
        in the region. We invite you to contact us at: or contact individual partners.

        Bay Area Economic Forum (Managing Partner) (

        Bay Area Workforce Investment System (

        City of Sunnyvale (

        Contra Costa County/Contra Costa Economic Partnership

        Marin Economic Commission (

        Pacific Gas & Electric Company (

        San Francisco Center for Economic Development (

        Santa Clara County (

        Silicon Valley Economic Development Alliance (SVEDA), an initiative
        of Joint Venture: Silicon Valley Network (

        Solano Economic Development Corporation (

                                200 Pine Street – Suite 300
                                San Francisco, CA 94104

                                Phone: (415) 981-7117
                                Fax:   (415) 981-6408


The Bay Area Marketing Partnership is a program of the Bay Area
Economic Forum and co-sponsored by the Bay Area Council and the
Association of Bay Area Governments.

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