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									                                     Brian Mackenzie
                       77 Hunstanton Drive, Bury. Lancashire. BL8 1XH

                                Telephone:         07587 244 605
                                Nationality:       BRITISH
                                Date of Birth:     21 MARCH 1968

                                Other:             CAR OWNER - FULL CLEAN DRIVING LICENCE
                                                   BASIC SECURITY CLEARED (BSVR) 2006

                          CONTRACT SOFTWARE DEVELOPER

        BSc (Hons) Computer Studies (Sheffield)
        A’Levels in Computer Science, Maths & Physics (Durham)

Software Development Tools & Techniques
     VB/ADO.Net, VB6/ADO, SQL Server (2000, 2005, 2008), T-SQL, DTS, ODBC
       Sybase ASE (v8, v10), RDO/DAO, VSS, MS-Access
     VBA (Access/Excel/Word Object Models), OLE Automation (VB6<->Office
     ADO Data Reporting, Crystal Reports (v4.5 through to v11)
     Windows RAD - broad experience of full SDLC and use of prototyping techniques
     Relational database design, dataflow & entity relationship modelling
     Some exposure to web development technologies - ASP.Net with VB.Net, HTML and
       VBScript under IIS5/6/7.
     Historically from a DOS application development background using Clipper/dBase

Related Experience
     All varieties of server/desktop Windows OS – from 3.1/95 through to Server 2008.
     Good all-round experience of Windows networking.
     Started in IT at a young age and have developed a broad IT knowledge over the
        years. I pride myself on my abilities as a problem solver – in situations where a
        solution is not readily available I’m able to find one in the vast majority of cases.

Coming originally from a background developing DOS applications in Clipper/dBase, for the
past fifteen years or so I have focused solely on the development of Windows applications
using Visual Basic (v4-v6 “traditional” VB and v2003-v2008 in .Net). Back-end database
experience includes a lot of work with MS-Access (to v2003) and more recently SQL Server
(2000, 2005 & 2008) developing in T-SQL (stored procedures/table & scalar functions,
triggers, query optimisation and the use of indexing, etc). I have also been involved in complex
data manipulation exercises - transformation and migration of data in DTS (2000) and SSIS
(2005 & 2008). I also have extensive experience working with Sybase ASE v8/v10..

I am a good communicator, both verbally and in written form and find this beneficial in many
stages of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). I am confident communicating with
users and management alike during requirements gathering and in support scenarios, and am
competent producing written documentation (functional & technical specifications, user guides,
etc). I have experience in all stages of the SDLC including initial requirements definition,
analysis, design & development (both front-end and back-end), documentation, testing and
system implementation & support.

I consider myself a good team player and understand the importance of a good team dynamic
if productivity is to be maximised.
                                         Brian Mackenzie
Inventive IT Limited. Software House                                      Aug 2010 to Nov 2010
Consultant Developer                                                          Contract (Return)

The role of SQL Developer working initially in a team of four (and after the first month, solo) on
a data warehousing project for a major North American client. This project consisted of T-SQL
development under SQL Server 2008 in order to create data warehousing ETL processes
taking transactional data from a source system, transforming it through a staging database for
onward loading into the data warehouse, and in turn allowing a number of MI reports to be run
against the data warehouse.
The DDL/DML development included the creation of T-SQL covering objects such as stored
procedures, table-value and scalar functions, triggers, views. I was also responsible for
identifying and resolving performance issues primarily through the addition of indexes or the
restructuring of queries as appropriate.

Lhasa Limited. Chemistry/Toxicology Software House                         Apr 2010 – Aug 2010
Consultant Analyst Programmer                                                 Contract (Return)

My second time working for this Leeds-based toxicology software house. On this occasion I
was involved in 3 distinct projects:
   1. Restructuring an existing VB6/VB.Net application to allow it to operate as a true COM
       Server to allow it to be invoked by a newly developed Java application;
   2. Investigate and resolve serious (i.e. preventing use) COM issues with another key
       VB6 application;
   3. Develop a user-oriented data migration tool for conversion of data files (generated by
       a retired VB6 app) into a fairly complex XML structure to be consumed by the Java
       app referred to in 1. above.

Engage Mutual Assurance Financial Provider                                 Jan 2010 – Mar 2010
Consultant Developer                                                                  Contract

Develop and provide guidance in completing required modifications to a legacy VB6 Member &
Policy Management System (SQL 2005 back-end). Technologies included VB6 with RDO
connection to SQL 2005 (T-SQL, stored procedures and functions), XML, form design &
development and Visual SourceSafe set up (installation & administration).

Inventive IT Limited. Software House                                       Oct 2009 – Dec 2009
Consultant Developer                                                                   Contract

Working in a small team developing a package holiday automated pricing application for use
by a major North American tour operator. Developing in VB.Net (2005/Framework 2.0), T-SQL
on SQL Server 2008 including query performance optimization, OWC11 Office Interop
(specifically Charts for data presentation) and data manipulation in both SQL and Excel 2003.

Enterprise PLC. Utilities Service Company                                  Jan 2006 – Sep 2009
Software Developer                                           Contract [15 x 3 month extensions]

Defence Contract
Part of a 20+ strong team, developing an application suite for a contract the client had won
with the Ministry of Defence. Tasks included the development & support of a number of
VB6/VB.Net 2005 applications with a SQL 2000 back-end, supporting 1200+ users nationwide.

Key technologies included VB6, ADO, VB/ADO.Net, T-SQL in SQL 2000, database design and
creation of DDL scripts, as well as Windows Forms UI design & development. I was also
tasked with creating a number of import/export routines both within the main application and as
standalone DTS routines. Basic security clearance was obtained for this position.

Public Sector Contracts
Subsequent to the above I was asked to work in the Public Sector division of Enterprise, with a
new team and on a variation of the same application suite, but this time customised for various
public sector contracts. The key focus was an invoice generation/payment recording system
that would generate invoices totalling £350k within the first two months of going live.

                                               - 2-
                                             Brian Mackenzie
Lhasa Limited. Chemistry/Toxicology Software House                                 Jan 2005 to Dec 2005
Consultant Analyst Programmer                                          Contract [2 x 6 month extensions]

      Maintain, enhance and prepare toxicology knowledgebase system for market.
      VB6 & VB.Net, Access 2000, ADO, DAO, ActiveX DLL sub-projects involving binary
       compatibility. Planned/commenced migration to VB.Net and the ongoing development
       of various functional enhancements and bug fixes.

Arkima Business Solutions. Promotional Publication/Creative Media                               January 2005
ASP.Net Web Developer – Web Development Team                                                        Contract

      Ensure market readiness of key ecommerce site. Focused on a number of
       enhancements (both functional & cosmetic) and a number of bug fixes prior to the live
       publication of the site.
      ASP.Net with VB.Net code behind, SQL Server 2000, T-SQL, IIS5 on Windows 2000

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP. Audit, Actuarial & Assurance Services Aug 2004 to Nov 2004
Technical Lead- Corporate Tax Information Systems                              Contract

      Developing a suite of corporate tax data collection tools to be distributed to PwC client
       Excel 2000 VBA, VB6 with XML, ADO, various 3 party libraries.

Opus Contracts Limited. Software Consultancy and Support                                                July 2004
Consultant – Application Support                                                                         Contract

Floweracre Computers Limited. Web Development                                         Feb 2004 to Jun 2004
Application Developer – Core Application Development Team                                         Contract

Astra Zeneca plc. Agrochemical Research & Development               Nov 1999 to Jan 2004
Senior Analyst Programmer – CTL IS                    Contract [4 x 12 month extensions]

      Requirements analysis, design, development, documentation, UAT and release. Sole
       responsibility for the majority of PC-based development within the department.
       Scientific instrument data capture/reporting systems, statutory protocol and report
       management systems and various other technical and scientific applications.
      VB6, VB.Net, ASP.Net, VBA (Office 95 to 2000), SQL Server 2000, Access 97 & 2000,
       Crystal Reports v5, v8.5, OLE Automation, ADO, COM, some, RDO, Telnet TCP/IP,
       adherence to GLP protocols.

Andersen Consulting Global Management Consultancy                           09/99-11/99         Contract
Town Centre Securities plc Retail Property Dev. & Investment                08/99-09/99         Contract
Alcatel Data Networks Global Voice and Data Telecoms                        03/99-07/99         Contract
Environment Agency UK Government Agency                                     03/98-02/99         Contract
The Arcadia Group PLC Retail Distribution                                   12/96-03/98         Contract
Inmarsat Global Mobile Satellite Communications                             07/95-12/96         Permanent
Burton Group PLC Retail Distribution                                        05/94-07/95         Permanent
Speedwing Logica Consultancy Services to BA plc                             09/91-11/93         Permanent
ICL (UK) Ltd Hardware/Software Manufacturing                                07/89-08/90         Permanent

       Available upon request.

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