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					Macro Millionaire Coaching Program and
Trading Service December Trade Results
Did you miss out on the $1.70 in profits for every $10 in your account they made in just the
LAST 30 days?

> If you haven’t taken the risk-free, 90-day test-drive of John Thomas’ Macro Millionaire
Trading Service and Coaching Program, I want you to see what you’re missing out on…

> If you have $10,000 in your trading account, you would’ve made $1,700 in December.

> If you have $50,000 in your trading account, you made $8,500 in the last 30 days.

> If you have $100,000 in your trading account, you made $17,000 in just the first full month of
trading alongside John Thomas in his Macro Millionaire Coaching Program and Trading

> No, that’s NOT just from a single winner.

John’s Macro Millionaires generated about 0.17 cents on every dollar they invested, for a
TOTAL RETURN across their entire portfolios of about 17% in a single month.

Even better, you could’ve made most of those trades in your IRA account, so even your SAFE
MONEY would have grown faster than it would in a full-blown boom market.

All that in just the last 30 days.

The bad news is you weren’t on board to catch those gains. The good news is…

“You can still TEST-DRIVE Macro Millionaire for a FULL 90 days RISK FREE BEFORE
making your final decision.”

This is an easy decision, because you don’t need to reach a final conclusion today about whether
you really want to join Macro Millionaire; you can just test-drive and experience the program for

> Let one of the world’s top-performing hedge fund managers coach you for 3 months. You get a
full 90 days, risk-free.

> Follow his trades as he makes them live in the market. He’s handed traders who took him up
on this offer just over a month ago about a $1.70 for every $10 in their trading accounts.
> Let the founding father of the international hedge fund industry spend 90 days transforming
YOU into a world-class trader who finally makes real money – no matter what the market is
doing – BEFORE you even have to decide if it’s right for you.

> If you think there is even the slightest chance you’d be better off financially if you have a top-
performing hedge-fund manager mentor, coach and trader alongside you, then pull the trigger
and take this risk-free, 90-day test-drive.

All the details are on the other side of this link: Click here now before all trial
memberships spots are gone.

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Paul Tudor Jones and George Soros PAID him to consult on their hedge funds …now he’s
offering to mentor YOU.

Even if you’re already a great trader, there’s always room for improvement.

> Considering that during his days as a top trader at Morgan Stanley, several Wall Street Titans
paid John Thomas to consult on their hedge funds, I

suspect you might like to have him on your side, too.

> He spent 10 years working for and being mentored by the legendary Barton Biggs, the multi-
billion hedge-fund manager and former Chief Global Strategist for Morgan Stanley. Barton is
widely considered the #1 global trading strategist in the world.

> John is one of (and has been for several years now) the top-performing hedge fund managers
and traders in the world.

It just keeps going…

> He worked with T. Boone Pickens to organize financing for a Mesa Petroleum Pac Man oil
company takeover in the early 80s, when it was cheaper to drill for oil on the floor of the New
York Stock Exchange than in the field.

> He took a young, cocky Steve Jobs to Morgan Stanley to pitch an Apple share offering to
institutional investors.

In just the last month since he launched his Macro Millionaire Coaching Program and
Trading Service, his members are sitting on bigger gains in a MONTH than many of them have
made in the past ten years.

John has worked with a constant stream of traders over the years – the good, the great, the one-
hit wonders, the crooks, the geniuses and the morons.
He’s made fortunes, lost them and made them back all over again. He knows Wall Street, its
players and – more importantly – how they think and trade.

He’s a truly a world-class trader, and he’s offering to mentor you and let you look over his
shoulder as he trades. I can’t emphasize this enough:

Listen to what the man has to say.

It will make you a better trader and have a powerful and positive impact on your profits.

I highly recommend you take him up on his offer to let you test drive his Macro Millionaire
Coaching Program and Trading Service RISK-FREE for 90 days.

Click here to hear what he has to say about turning YOU into a world class trader.

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