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How To Backup IPhone Contacts
by Wolfgang Schmuck

The Apple iPhone has changed the way many people view and use their telephone. It is
capable of surfing the net and downloading and running applications and other types of data
transfer. With all of these new capabilities come new ways for the address book to become
compromised. One can lose all of his contacts if caution is not exercised. However, there is a
way to backup iPhone contacts so that if the address book is corrupted, one can restore the
contact list.

The first step is to download iTunes to one's computer. This app will run on Mac or PC
formatted computers, so compatibility is not an issue. ITunes is the preferred software for
backing up and syncing information between an iPhone, iPad, or iPod and a computer. It is
best to ensure that one is running the latest version of iTunes in order to achieve the best

iTunes will automatically create a backup of contacts and other user information under certain
conditions. Any time one syncs the device with iTunes, a backup is created. Every time one
updates the device in iTunes a backup is automatically created. Any time one does a restore
using iTunes he/she will be prompted to create a backup before restoring.

There is also a way to manually create a backup of contacts using iTunes. All one needs to do
is right click the iPhone icon in iTunes and choose backup from drop down menu.

Many people like to go a step further and place their iPhone contacts into their windows
address book. This can be accomplished by connecting the phone to the computer and
opening iTunes. Left click the iPhone icon. Click the tab marked “info" and find the
section marked “contacts". Place a check in the box marked “sync contacts" and
select “windows address book" from the list of available destinations.

If this is the first time you have performed this operation, click the button that says apply. If not,
there will be a button marked “sync". Once the operation has been completed, one can
export the contents of the address book into a backup file or leave this content in place as the
windows address book as well as the iPhone contacts.

There are many different ways that one can lose his/her iPhone contacts. The most common is
loss, theft, or damage to the iPhone itself. However, there are also many ways to corrupt the
data stored in contacts if one is not careful. Therefore, it is important to know how to backup
the contacts to another device for safe keeping.

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