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Carmarthenshire Crime Burglary Reduction


									              Carmarthenshire Crime/ Burglary Reduction

Its aim is to reduce the number of offences of distraction burglary and other
bogus official offences within the county. Police intelligence across the UK
indicates that bogus callers choose their victims by a variety of indicators,
including the state of repair of their homes and gardens, age of the victim, etc.
Using data available to a range of agencies (including Local Authorities, Health
Authority, police, housing associations, charities, etc), potential victims will be
identified and assisted.

The project ensures houses and gardens are repaired/maintained, removing the
offender‟s justification for contacting the potential victim. Hand in hand with this is
targeted crime prevention advice, target hardening where required, and
“designing out” of crime where appropriate. Other benefits include an improved
environment and quality of life, reduced fear of crime, reductions in other
offences committed by the same offenders, and lower costs associated with
crime. In short, it combines crime prevention with Neighbourhood Renewal.

Achieved Results – 23% Burglary Reduction. 14 Letters of appreciation.

It can be seen that during the period April 2001– August 2001 there were 432
Burglaries in Carmarthenshire. During the period April 2002 to August 2002 there
were 329 Burglaries in Carmarthenshire. A reduction of 103 Burglaries.

During the same period one thousand referrals received from Neighbourhood
Watch, Resident Associations, Social Services, Police officers, Local Authority
Housing Department, Health visitors and self referrals.

Homes have been visited by the „Bobby Van‟ where a survey of home security is
carried out and the replacement or installation of locks doors and windows, the
fitting of door chain or bar, a spy-hole, shed locks, memo minders, security lights
and shed locks, property marker pens, low energy lights, personal attack alarms
are also supplied FREE of charge.

3200 referrals received; 1800 homes visited where Home Security Improved.

The Bobby Van Scheme is a vitally important aspect of policing within Dyfed-
Powys, and that it MUST be continued. Indeed, in the interests of further crime
reduction and community relations, every attempt should be made to attract
additional funding, so that the principles of the Scheme itself and the type of
preventative security measures offered by the Bobby Van, may be extended to a
wider range of people at risk in society.
The Bobby Van Scheme provides a free service in the fitting of security devices such
as locks and door chains. The scheme, which was set up in 1999, has been extended
recently to two co-ordinators and three carpenters who cover the Force area.

To qualify for the service you would need to be a victim of burglary aged over 60, or be
a vulnerable person.

Last year (2001-2002) the scheme secured over 1,000 properties at an average cost of £20 and helped reduce repeat
victimisation to an all time low of 2.9%.

This year the scheme has linked up with Swalec in helping to encourage energy efficiency and thousands of bulbs will be
made available to Home Watch members at a reduced cost. Bobby Van will receive a proportion of the profit.

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