; What comes after New Labour?
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What comes after New Labour?


Perry Anderson and Tom Nairn developed the analysis of the composition of the British state, arguing that because there had been no real bourgeois revolution in Britain much of the ancien regime remained, which accounted for the 'comprehensive conservatism' of the entire economic, social and political order, whose main pillars sprang from the influence of aristocratic values. [...] David Marquand has showed a subtle understanding of the strength and limits of Labour's appeal and labourism, central to which was that 'its ethos, the symbols, rituals, shared memories and unwritten understandings . . . has been saturated with the ethos of trade unionism'.7 Henry Drucker, writing in 1979, also added to our understanding of the pulse at the heart of Labour.\n It is no accident that the British Labour Party has been such a poor vehicle for the advancing of progressive ideals and values in its history.

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