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									International Peace Day
                                        GORDON ROAD GIRLS’ SCHOOL
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the midst of those things and
still be calm in your heart.          NEWSLETTER 27
                                      Term 3                    21 September 2010

  Dear Parents
  The end of the third quarter is upon us and it has certainly been a term that has
  brought forth its fair share of excitement and challenges. I am full of praise for the
  girls and staff who have ensured that objectives in all areas have been met. We close
  the term on a high note, having celebrated several annual events.
  Gordon Road Old Girls Association Reunion Tea
  On Saturday, the 11th September 2010 we gathered in the hall to commemorate the
  Gordon Road Old Girls visit to the school. I was privileged to meet some of our old
  girls (and one old boy!) who had attended Gordon Road in the early 1900‟s. They
  shared their memories (some of them even brought their photographs) and they were
  delighted that their old school had acquired so many new facilities. They enjoyed
  excellent entertainment by the GRGS Orchestra and the SP Choir as well as a
  scrumptious tea that had been prepared by our secretaries. Indeed it was a most
  memorable morning.
  Fathers‟ and Daughters‟ Breakfast
  Annually this has proved to be a hugely popular event and this year many
  Dads were seen arriving hand in hand with their daughters (well, with the
  junior girls that is....). Tickets were soon sold out and the secretaries
  worked diligently to prepare and organise this special occasion. Not even
  the lack of electricity on the morning could dampen the enthusiasm. We
  extend our sincere appreciation to Mr Mohsin Arbee who sponsored the marquee. We
  are most grateful to him. Please support those who support us.

          The Fine Gentlemens Club Salon, Haircuts & Shave
           25 Overport Drive           Tel (w) 031-7056720 / 0837867890

  A very big THANK YOU to the GRGS staff, mums Mrs Pamela Taverna, Mrs Michelle
  Adams who assisted on the morning and Mrs Charmaine Sardinha, who organised a
  gift for each girl and her Dad.

International Peace Day ~ 21 September 2010
This morning the GRGS Peace Council led an assembly to highlight the significance of
this important date.

                                   PEACE PLEDGE

Peace Day ~ 21 September 2010
May I be filled with loving kindness.
May I be peaceful and at ease.
May I be joyous and happy.
May my heart be open and available.
May I be compassionate and understanding towards myself and others.
May I be considerate and courteous to my fellow classmates.
May I show respect for my family.
May I at all times take care of the environment and all living things.
May I embrace forgiveness and reconciliation.
May Peace prevail on Earth.
Let Peace begin with me.

Peace is like a chocolate cake,                   Peace is full of happiness
that anyone can bake.                             Peace will never die
It is like a dove,                                Peace will never fail us
that anyone can love.                             Peace is all around us
The colour white,                                 Peace can save lives
which can make two different countries            Peace is meant for everyone
unite.                                            Peace can be found everywhere
And it is true,                                   Peace will always be with you
Peace does begin with you.                        Peace is infinite
So let Peace have a beginning                     Peace is a gift from the heavens above
NOT an Ending.                                    So let‟s hold hands and make the world a
                                                  better place.
                   Pralene Naidoo (Gr 6N)
                                                           Kaitlyn Sodalay, Taskeen Lakhi,
                                                           Shreya Dabideen & Myuri Juglal (Gr 6D)

                                                 (Gr 6M)

The Interhouse Cross Country ~ 16 September 2010

The Grade 3-7 girls were keen to earn points for their house, and
SA athlete, Mr Phaku had been invited as our guest. He gallantly ran
with the senior girls, presented the awards and left the girls with
the following advice:
“Whatever your goals are and however deep your competitive spirit is, remember to
have fun. Enjoy what you are doing and be happy for others that do well. Not
everyone of us can come first, but everyone of us can try to be the best we can. You
do this and you will make yourself and your parents proud. The next time you
complete a task, a race or a game, ask yourself, „Did I give of my best?‟ Always strive
to do your best and don‟t forget to have fun too. Well done girls!”
I praise all the girls for participating and congratulate the prize winners. A very
special thank you to Mrs Edwards and Miss Martins who were the co-ordinators, the
many parents who were marshals, Pete Ward and Chris Kennedy (who have become so
involved in our weekly sports programme) and Mr Bennett and his team who always
cheerfully ensure that equipment is carried to the correct place. Well done to you
The winners were: Grade 3          ~ Anna Teversham,
                     U9,10, 11     ~ Buyisile Khoza,
                     U12,Open      ~ Alecia Gilmore, Reece Anderson and Yolisa Motha
                                     (who tied for 1st place)
The Clarice Herman Rose Bowl was won by : Protea House

                          Grandparents Day ~ Monday, 20 September 2010

                          We were delighted to welcome the many grandparents who
                          came to tea and who, I am sure, enjoyed the delicious
                          refreshments and a visit to the classroom. The orchestra
                          and violinists provided the music and each class presented a
                          charming programme. I thank and congratulate the girls
                          and their teachers who gave us such a special morning.

                                   The Senior Choir‟s visit to the ICC
                                   We were thrilled that our SP Choir was invited to open
                                   the WCRE on Monday, 20 September 2010 and on
                                   Wednesday the 22nd September the WCOE. We salute
                                   Mr Daniel and his choir.

Literacy Month
September is always an exciting month in the library. As well as
being Literacy Month and Readathon, we celebrated Roald
Dahl‟s birthday on the 13th. The Roald Dahl quizzes for the
senior girls have inspired the girls to read more books by this
talented author who displays a wonderful imagination and sense
of humour.
To celebrate Readathon on Thursday (break-up day), the senior girls are looking
              forward to revisiting their favourite Picture Story books as they share
              these stories with their Foundation Phase „Buddies‟. As well as „Buddy
              Reading‟ on Thursday, Junior and Senior girls will have the opportunity
              of dressing up as a character from their favourite fiction book ~ a
              wonderful way to celebrate the end of a very busy and productive term.
              Girls are really excited about their book character dress-up on break-up
              day. The cost is R3-00.

                 Sally Illing, Librarian

Grade 5 Market Day
I am full of praise for the Grade 5 Market Day that was held last week.

These are some comments from the Grade 5 girls:
“I felt I must do everything right.”        ~ Jessica Weakley (Gr 5N)
“I shared some of my profit with my Dad.” ~ Carissa Schamrel (Gr 5N)
“I felt like a true entrepreneur.”          ~ Razeena Cassim (Gr 5P)
“I am saving the money I made for my trip to Disneyland.” ~ Jessica Adams (Gr 5E)

A great time was had by all the learners and educators. A big THANK YOU to Mrs I
Naicker for organising the Market Day and helping to make it such a success. Last
but not least, here is Mr Somlal‟s feeling about the Market Day. He said, “It was
Jane Patton, Grade 5 Educator

                Waltons Catalogues
               The Waltons catalogues and stationery lists for 2011 will be sent home
               this week. Please return the order form when school re-opens, but
               please do not send any money with the order.

Extramurals 4th Term
Today we have also sent home the Extramural Activities list for girls from
Grade 3 – 7 for the 4th term. Please assist your daughter in making her selection.
These extramurals begin on the 11th October 2010.

Debating League....2010
The Debating Team of 2010 consisted of Mayuri
Naidoo, Yeshalya Hirachund and Maxine Khumalo. It
has been a really enjoyable experience debating
against other schools. In Round 1, we debated against
Penzance Primary. The topic was, “This House believes
that school sport should be compulsory”. We proposed
the topic and won the debate. It was a great way to
start the league. In Round 2 we were up against Northlands Primary. The topic was,
“This House would ban beauty contests”. This time we opposed the motion and lost by
half a point! In Round 3 we debated against Our Lady of Fatima. Our topic for this
debate was, “This House would give money to beggars”. We proposed. It was a very
tough debate, which we lost. Yeshalya Hirachund was awarded Best Speaker of the
Debate. The fourth and final round took place on the 13th September. The topic was,
“This House would ban the sale of junk food at school tuckshops”. We went up
against St. Henry‟s and opposed the motion. We won the debate. The Debating
League was a wonderful experience to participate in. We would like to say a huge
thank you to Mrs Arde for coaching, transporting and supporting us. The League has
given us the opportunity to make our school proud.
Yeshalya Hirachund, Mayuri Naidoo, Maxine Khumalo

A message from Mrs Arde
Congratulations on an exciting and successful season, girls. I am extremely proud of
you and commend you on all your hard work. Debating is the only extramural that
prescribes hours of homework every week! Your research and preparation paid off
and I enjoyed listening to your eloquently presented, excellent arguments at every

Sponsored Spelling 2010
Today all our girls received the information about our annual Sponsored Spelling
Fifty words are also given for each learner to learn. The actual Spelling Test will be
written on 15 October 2010.
A sponsorship form is handed out and we know we can count on everyone to collect as
many sponsors as they can, either a straight donation or sponsorship for each word
written correctly in the test. These forms are due back by 8 October 2010.
We thank you in advance for any gifts or prizes which will be used for our Lucky
Draws at the conclusion.
The ten highest collectors will be rewarded and lucky draws will be held.
Shamila Ramlall & Marijke Merson ~ Sponsored Spelling Co-ordinators

                         VIVA FEEFAH DVD and CD
                         This is a “last call” for any outstanding orders or replacement
                         orders. There are still a few people whom we have not been
                         able to trace… Mrs Moodley?? If anyone has a query, please
                         notify Mrs Ellis before the end of the Term.

Our Internal Festival for Grades One, Two and Three will once again be held in the
Fourth Term. Look out for the lists of Suggested Poems that will be sent home with
the children before the end of the Term. Please make use of the holidays to help
them learn those words!! 
Happy Holidays
Lynn Ellis

Grade 3 Hockey
On 18th September 2010 six enthusiastic players took part in a hockey tournament at
La Lucia Primary.
We played three games:
GRGS vs Penzance. We won won 6-0
GRGS vs La Lucia Primary. We won 3-0
GRGS vs Umhlanga College. We won 4-0
We played extra hard. Well done girls, thanks for trying your best. Keep it up.
Thank you to our parents, Miss Meyer, Coach Martins and Mrs Johnstone for
supporting.                                              Angelique Sardinha ~ Gr 3M

                                                Don’t forget
                                                 ~ R20-00

End of term procedure:

Grades 000, 00 & 0 close at 10:30am on Thursday, 23 September for the
holidays and Grades 1 – 7 at 11am. Please remember that there is no
Homework Centre on Thursday, 23 September. Certain girls will be issued
with reports on Thursday and we request that you acknowledge receipt
thereof in their Homework Books. The girls may wear civvies on the last
day of term or they may dress up as a character from their favourite
fiction book, but will need to pay R3-00 or more for the privilege of being
out of uniform.    School re-opens on Monday, 4 October 2010.

                                FAMILIA FLAMENCO
Yours sincerely
                                Venue: Catalina Theatre,
                                        Wilson‟s Wharf
                                Date : 23 Sept – 3 Oct

Y.L. Johnstone (Mrs)
                                Bookings: 031-3056889


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