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Aarkstore Enterprise Google Market Intelligence


Aarkstore announce a new report " Google Market Intelligence" through its vast collection of market research report.

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									           Aarkstore Enterprise Google Market Intelligence

Google Market Intelligence is an annual subscription that provides research, analysis, and
advisory services that address a wide range of topics including search, media,
communications, content, telephony, applications, and more. Analysis includes Google's
market prospects, competition, products, services, and applications. Google Market
Intelligence includes the monthly Google Update Report, Google-specific reports,
Google Versus reports, Custom research, Advisory services, and Google related research


Google Market Intelligence provides many benefits to the subscriber including Google
Update Report, Google-specific Reports, Google Versus Reports, Custom Research
Report, Advisory Service, and Google Related Research.

Competitors to Google: Any company that either already has or is contemplating a
competing line-of-business, application, product, service, etc.

Investor Community: Investment banks, private equity, venture capital, angel fund
investors, and any other entity seeking to invest in any venture that is impacted
(positively or negatively) by Google

Small Companies and Start-up's: Any small company or start-up that has a new idea or
business that could be impacted (positively or negatively) by Google

Others:Google continues to expand in depth and breadth of product areas and influence
throughout many industries including search, media, communications, content, telephony,
applications, and more. Google Market Intelligence provides a competitive advantage and
insights for subscribers.

Table of Contents :
Google Update

The Google Update Report provides timely analysis and projections about Google market
prospects, products and applications, product and company integration, current and
potential mergers and acquisitions, and more. This monthly analysis report will always
include the following sections:

Market Development Analysis
Google Integration News and Analysis
Google Competitor and Partner Update
Product & Application News and Analysis
Intellectual Property News and Analysis
Acquisition Watch: Target Companies, Applications, and more
Before it's News: Understanding emerging market opportunities

The following are currently available Google Update reports:

Google Update April 2010
Google Update May 2010
Google Update Summer 2010
Google Update Autumn 2010
Google Update Winter 2010

Google-specific Reports

The Google Market Intelligence subscriber will receive many Google-specific reports
throughout the year including:

Google in Search
Google in Media and Content
Google and the Browser Market
Google and Broadband Wireless: Google IS Broadband
Google and SaaS (Software as a Service): Google in the Cloud
Google in Connected Home
Google and the Connected Life
Google and Citywide Communications
Google in Telephony: Google is Not a Service Provider
Google in Public Safety
Google in Cloud Computing: Google in the Cloud
Google in Applications
Google and RFID
Google in Education
Google and Small Companies
Google as Virtual Network Operator
Google and M2M (Machine-to-Machine)
Google in Location-based Services: Location-based Advertising Patent

Google Versus Reports

The Google Market Intelligence subscriber will receive several reports throughout the
year that compare and contrast the market prospects, products and services, and SWOT
analysis between each company. Google Versus reports will include:
Google vs. Apple
Google vs. Microsoft
Google vs. AOL
Google vs. Yahoo
Google vs. Carriers

Custom Research Reports

Each Google Market Intelligence subscriber will be entitled to one custom research report
per subscription year with the size and extent dependent on the subscription level as per
the following:

Level 1: Up to 10 pages
Level 2: Up to 50 pages
Level 3: 200 pages or more

Topics for the Custom Research Report will be chosen by the subscriber and may cover
virtually any subject of interest or concern

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From:Aarkstore Enterprise
Contact: Neel
Email: press@aarkstore.com
URL: www.aarkstore.com

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