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					            The Virginia Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Challenge for
                Commercial Property Management Companies

              Find a lamp recycling vendor!
The Association of Lighting & Mercury Recyclers maintains a list of companies
who actually recycle fluorescent lamps and reclaim the mercury and other
materials. The list is at

The following businesses have indicated that they accept fluorescent lamps for
recycling. Contact the facility for the types of lamps they accept and the
conditions for delivery. This is only a partial listing; by providing it to you, the
Department of Environmental Quality is not recommending these companies
over any others. The DEQ does not imply that these companies are in
compliance with applicable laws. You can check a facility's compliance history

Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Vendors:

Esquire Environmental                        PetroChem Recovery Services
8280 Greensboro Dr., Suite 601               635 Maltby Avenue
McLean, VA 22102                             Norfolk, VA 23501
Rod Kincaid 703.967.2240 or                  Fay Michael 757.627.8791
                                             Hagemeyer NA
Capitol Environmental                        8009 Corporate Drive
8229 Boone Blvd, Suite 310                   Baltimore, MD 21236
Vienna, VA 22182                             David Levine 410.483.1000
Susan Schult 301.218.6607
                                             Atlantic Environmental
Potomac Environmental                        924 Professional Place
P.O. Box 1836                                Chesapeake, VA 23320
Stafford, VA 22555                           Don Koonce 757.548.4888
Tom Kalil 540.659.1894
                                             Atlantic Industrial
Environmental Alternative                    13331 Ramblewood Drive
P.O. Box 661                                 Chester, VA 23836
Ashland, VA 23005                            Ron Thompson 804.748.9208
Ken Staplehorn 804.550.5191
Cliff Berry, Inc. (CBI)                    AERC Recycling Solutions
3701 Broadway Street                       116 Sylvia Rd, Suite E
Portsmouth, VA 23703                       Ashland, VA 23005
Jim Klinefelter 757.484.6303.              Kelly Davis
1200 W. Hundred Road                       Mercury Waste Solutions, Inc.
Chester, VA 23831                          21211 Durand Ave
Bill Terry 804.751.9222                    Union Grove, WI 53182
                                           Deb Jamour 800.741.3343
Electrical & Lighting Solutions (ELS)
2556 Gayton Centre Drive
Richmond, VA 23238

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