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									                Trends and Styles of Designer Handbags
The trends and styles of designer handbags today seem to incline on 'the bigger the better'.
Modern day woman would need a handbag that can carry just about everything while still look
appealing and fashionable. While the designer handbag is the ultimate luxury accessory to a lot
of women, having a trendy handbag is an easy way to match up a simple outfit at such budget-
cognizant times. Today, the modern woman would need more than just an attractive handbag;
she would need an attractive stylish handbag that will give the most when it comes to

Designer handbags come in various colors, from the classic white or/and black bags to more chic
reds and blues, but these trendy bags lean more toward comfort in carrying them and
functionality without compromising on their attractiveness and of course looking trendy. Classic
names like Hermes Barking, Louis Vinton and Coco Chanel are few designers that are currently
keeping up with the modern-day demand of designer handbags. Simply put, these designers
design the handbags to perform as gone are the days when the trend was cute tiny handbags that
could barely have enough space for lipstick.

Whether you want to leave a mark out there in the corporate world, or you want a convenient bag
while you're out shopping, modern day woman demands both performance and style - and these
designer handbags deliver both. Designer handbags are famous for their manufacturing and
quality materials as well as their classic timeless functionality and looks. These designers and
many more are stocking shelves with various exciting styles and features such as prominent
logos, shine and shimmer, and extra brighter colors - natty gritty details that make very strong
fashion statements.

A major style that cannot go unnoticed is the signature initial print where a designer will have
their initials or brand logo repeated various times to cover the surface of the handbag. Another
trend that is likely to never go out of fashion is the dominance of color pink, ranging on various
feminine shades such as fuchsia to pale baby pink. Well, if it's not your color, you can get your
match on other hues such as purples or berry colors.
Another designer handbag trends and styles are the shine and shimmer which has made the new
designer handbag look metallic. Designers are including metallic leather trim on material
handbags, and a lot of copper, gold and silver compliments most of the popular colors like pink,
purple, orange and blue which all translate well into attractive metallic looks. Chains are
replacing designer handbag straps as well as the rings, studs and clasps all spelling pizzazz and

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