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					                                                  L.L.Bean Gift Recipient Form

                                  Your Name:
                               Your Company:

o   When attaching this spreadsheet to your order, please note: you must still fill in the Shipping information during checkout. Please use the first recipient from your list.
o   We will call to confirm your order when we receive it.
o   ZIP codes and phone numbers should be text fields with leading zeros and dashes.
o   Please attach your completed form when you add your Gift Cards to the Shopping Bag.
o   If you are sending Email Gift Cards, you do not need to fill in address, city, state, and ZIP code fields.
o   Please call if you have any questions - 1.800.554.4071

    Company Name              Last Name                    First Name                 Address Line 1              Address Line 2               City        State    ZIP Code      Phone Number   Email Address

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