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5 Things NOT TO MISS this month


That the reality series [Kathy Griffin]: My Life on the D-List recently concluded season 6 on the BRAVO network says a lot about the continuous popularity of the two-time Emmy-winning Griffin, who as of 2009 is also a New York Times #1 Best Selling author with the release of her memoir: Official Book Club Selection, A Memoir According to Kathy Griffin (Ballantine Books). A few years ago when I interviewed Griffin, whose comedy acts aren't a series of jokes, but instead hysterical reenactments (and no holding back opinions) of her personal encounters with real-life celebrities, she said: "The thing is, celebrities do take themselves too seriously. And we live in a world where more people probably watch Entertainment Tonight than the nightly news. And that whole thing is just so preposterous to me! To tell you the truth, before I was on television, my standup act was all about dating. But my act has always reflected what's going on around my life. Let's face it, the celebrity culture is pretty obnoxious and you'd be surprised at how many celebrities (i.e. Brad Pitt, Alec Baldwin, and Gwen Stefani) come up to me and say 'I love your standup!'"Once upon a time in contemporary pop/ rock/R&B music there were singer/ songwriters, (i.e. James Taylor, Carly Simon, Bonnie Raitt, Judy Collins) who could not only actually sing, but whose melodies and lyrics were so memorable that years later you'd be able to recall their songs note for note and word for word. Amongst those artists I refer to are the legendary trio of (David) Crosby (Stephen) Stills & (Graham) Nash. Collaborators since 1969, I can't think of a better launching' pad then the Woodstock Music Festival, where CSN had the mind-blowing good luck to showcase their beautiful harmonies for the very first time. Not only did this performance take place before a crowd of 500,000 but the entire festival was recorded on film and turned into a motion picture. Inducted into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame in 1997 and into the Ne

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