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									                               BSc in Risk Management and Business Intelligence

Interdisciplinary Degree Program

Curriculum for BSc in Risk Management and Business Intelligence
General Requirements
Students are required to complete the following general requirements for graduation in
addition to program specific requirements:

      Required Courses in English Communication
      General Education Requirements
      Required Course in Physical Education

For details please refer to the section “General Requirements” in this Program

Program Specific Requirements
Required courses
      RMBI    211     Introduction to Risk Management and Business           [3-1-0:3]
      RMBI    311     Financial Service Operations Management                [3-0-0:3]
      RMBI    321     Quantitative Methods for Risk Management               [3-1-0:3]
      RMBI    398     Risk Management & Business Intelligence                [0-0-9:3]
                         Capstone Project I
      RMBI    399     Risk Management & Business Intelligence                [0-0-9:3]
                         Capstone Project II
      ACCT    101     Introduction to Accounting for Business Majors         [3-0-0:3]
      ECON    112     Macroeconomics                                         [3-1-0:3]
      FINA    111     Financial Management                                   [3-1-0:3]
      FINA    221     Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management           [3-1-0:4]
      ISOM    161     Operations Management                                  [3-0-0:3]
      ISOM    254     Introduction to Probability Models                     [3-0-0:3]
      COMP    104     Programming Fundamentals and Methodology               [3-1-2:4]
      COMP    337     Introduction to Data Mining                            [3-1-0:3]
  or ISOM     326     Business Intelligence and Data Mining                  [3-0-1:3]
  (1) LANG    111     Chinese Business Communication I                       [0-3-0:3]
      MATH    100     Introduction to Multivariable Calculus                 [2-1-0:2]
      MATH    113     Introduction to Linear Algebra                         [2-1-0:2]
      MATH    144     Applied Statistics                                     [3-1-0:4]

      Risk Management Concentration:
      ISOM 271     Management Science                                        [3-1-0:4]
      ISOM 352     Statistics for Financial Risk Management                  [3-1-0:4]
      ISOM 354     Time Series Analysis and Forecasting                      [3-1-0:4]
      MATH 362     Fundamentals of Mathematical Finance                      [3-1-0:4]


       Business Intelligence Concentration:
       COMP 152         Object-Oriented Programming and Data Structures               [3-1-2:4]
       COMP 231         Database Management Systems                                   [3-1-1:3]
       COMP 271         Design and Analysis of Algorithms                             [3-1-0:3]
       RMBI 331         Advanced Data Mining for RMBI                                 [3-1-0:3]

Elective courses
                                                               Minimum              Minimum
       Elective types                                        no. of courses        total credits
     (2)   FREE    Free Elective
                      For Risk Management Concentration       5                         17
                      For Business Intelligence Concentration 6                         20

(1) Students cannot replace this course by LANG 014/015 for graduation purposes. Students
    recruited from Mainland China will replace this course by a free elective. For international
    students who are assessed as having inadequate Chinese background to take LANG 111,
    they will replace this course by LANG 113.
(2) Students should seek program advice as to the choice of electives. The following courses
    are recommended electives:
    COMP 111, COMP 201, COMP 211, COMP 221, ISOM 271, ISOM 355, ISOM 364, ISOM 385,
    MATH 341, MATH 342, MATH 347, and MATH 361

A minimum of 104 credits is required for the BSc program in Risk Management and
Business Intelligence.


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