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                        Wolf Creek Homeowners Association
                             Annual Meeting, 3/13/2005
                          7:00 PM @ 935 Wolf Ridge Rd.
President Denny Custer called the meeting to order at approximately 7:10 PM.

Treasurer Jeff McGuire reviewed the statement of financial position for the
homeowners association for 2004. Revenues and expenses were as follows:

Beginning Balance, 1/1/2004                           $3,036.99
Revenues                                             $14,802.66
      Utilities                            $121.35
      Water                                $336.41
      Lawn Maintenance                   $1,800.00
      Taxes, Legal, Insurance            $2,016.00
      Construction                       $1,000.00
      Miscellaneous                        $984.93
      Total                              $6,258.69   ($6,258.69)
Ending Balance, 12/31/2004                           $11,580.96

Revenues consisted of dues collected from homeowners. Our largest expense
for the year was $1,901 for liability insurance for the association, which will be an
annual expense. Miscellaneous expenses consisted mostly of expenses
associated with sending mailings to all homeowners (copies, envelopes, postage,
etc.). As an update from the last meeting, we did collect 100% of the dues from
all homeowners, so we didn’t have to resort to filing liens on any properties. Let’s
hope we never have to resort to that unpleasant situation. Please try to pay the
dues timely. We’ll send as many as two reminder notices before resorting to
liens, but each of those notices that have to be mailed costs all of the
homeowners. After two reminders, if the dues are not paid, the matter will be
turned over to our attorney for legal action. We won’t be knocking on doors

Speaking of dues, the board recommended leaving the dues at $100 annually, as
mentioned in last fall’s newsletter. The due date is April 30, 2005. A flyer is
included in this mailing. The dues cover the entire calendar year from 1/1/2005-
12/31/2005. Jeff mentioned to a couple of homeowners after the meeting, but
forgot to mention to all during the meeting, that the dues are payable in full at this
time, even though they cover the entire year. There are several homes for sale
in the neighborhood, but those homes must pay the dues in full at this time. If
the home is sold, when a closing date is established, please contact Jeff McGuire
with that information (including the names of the new homeowners) and Jeff will
provide a check at the time of closing for a reimbursement of the prorated share
of the dues. Basically, you’ll pay dues for the number of months that you are the
Wolf Creek Board:
President: Brian McLeod, 294-2222                               Secretary: Lisa Jepsen, 393-1770
Vice President: Todd Ambrosy, 393-6622                        Treasurer: Jeff McGuire, 294-1120
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homeowner. We will be contacting realtors, as we did last year, to remind them
of the same. Receipts for dues will be mailed out sometime this summer, after
the completion of the detention pond project, along with details about the project,
including the terms of the note financing the project.

Secretary Brian McLeod gave a brief update on the detention pond project. As a
reminder, the association voted last fall to approve the construction of a
permanent structure in the detention pond. Concrete flumes will be constructed
running the entire length across the detention pond. The concrete waterway will
give the water a permanent path to follow and should be self-cleaning to wash
away the problem of all the silt that currently builds up in the natural waterway.
The end result will be that the water has a specific path to follow and the rest of
the pond will not be as wet, and not so difficult to maintain. We contracted with
TS Construction to do the job, with the lowest bid of $43,500. As discussed last
fall, the concern was the ever-increasing cost of steel. TS Construction only
asked for $1,000 to lock in the price of steel, so Jeff wrote a check for $1,000 last
December to fix that price. Jeff advised that we will try to pay as much as
possible directly from our account this year, and then finance the remainder,
therefore cutting down on the finance charges. We will try to pay $20,000-
$25,000 directly from our account this year, so naturally we’ll have a much
smaller balance in the account at the end of the year. We were hoping that if the
spring is not too wet, that the project would get started in the next month or two.
That was the extent of the update on the project at the time of our meeting.
However, we are happy to report that the project got under way this past week on
Wednesday, March 16th. As long as the weather cooperates, we’ll see significant
progress over the next couple of months. Jeff wrote TS Construction a check for
$10,000 for startup costs this week.

We held some discussion regarding the restrictive covenants. Again there are
eight additions and eight different sets of restrictive covenants in Wolf Creek.
Although the core of each set of covenants is basically the same, there are slight
variations. Mark Parmenter, our resident attorney, graciously volunteered (at no
expense to the association) to review the covenants and determine if they could
be combined into one comprehensive set of covenants. This may not be as easy
as it sounds, if it’s even possible at all. Mark will report back to the board and let
us know if this can be done. In the interim, as the spring and summer
approaches, along with the boating & RV season, just a reminder that
boats/RV’s/trailers cannot be parked on property for extended periods. Basically
you are allowed enough time to clean them and then they must be moved again.
This seemed to be one of the biggest complaints voiced to board members last
year. As Denny reminded, the best thing to do is to try and be a good neighbor
and considerate of those around you.

Jeff advised that Skogman has stopped notifying us of new homeowners’ names
& addresses when they move in. If you have a new neighbor, please let one of
the board members know so that we can get them added to the mailing list and
keep them informed of the association and our issues.
Wolf Creek Board:
President: Brian McLeod, 294-2222                               Secretary: Lisa Jepsen, 393-1770
Vice President: Todd Ambrosy, 393-6622                        Treasurer: Jeff McGuire, 294-1120
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Several homeowners voiced complaints about the new sign that appeared at the
South entrance on Wolf Creek Trail advertising two of Skogman’s realtors, and
asked that it be removed. Jeff contacted Debra Callahan (whose name appears
on the sign) last week and advised her that the sign is on Wolf Creek property,
not Skogman’s, and that if they want to have it in our neighborhood, it needs to
be placed on Skogman property. She said they will take it down, so we will give
them a reasonable amount of time to do so.

Several homeowners suggested that we have a neighborhood cleanup day and
clean up some of the debris that has blown or been tossed into our common
areas over the past few months. We selected Saturday, May 14th, from 10:00
AM-12:00 PM, as the time for this project. We’ll meet at the entrance on Wolf
Creek Trail and start cleaning there. We need volunteers for this project, so
please show up to help clean our neighborhood. Along those lines, the board
has formed a committee to take care of the flowers and plants around the sign.
Skogman took care of that last year at no charge to us, but we are certain that
won’t happen again this year. Robin Hynek (294-4998) and Sandy Holterhaus
(393-7956) were put in charge of this project. The association will pay for
flowers, plants, mulch, etc. for that project. If you are interested in helping, or
have ideas about that, please contact Robin or Sandy.

Amy Schirm is coordinating the annual progressive party we have each spring.
That has been scheduled for Saturday, May 14th. A flyer is included with this
mailing. Just to clarify (since this has been asked before), the association does
not pay for this event and does not sponsor it. If you want to participate, you
must pay for that separately. Dues don’t cover this event.

And finally, we elected two new officers. As established at last year’s annual
meeting, we are staggering our positions to serve on 2-year terms. Each year
we will elect two new officers, keeping two officers in place from the previous
year. That way we don’t have four new officers that have to “reinvent the wheel”
each year. We would like to thank Denny Custer and Chad Dunham for their
service the past two years and getting our association up and running. None of
us have professional experience in this sort of role, and the pay ($0) is not so
good, so we really appreciate the efforts put forth by Denny & Chad. We had to
twist some arms, but Lisa Jepsen (2550 Grey Wolf) and Todd Ambrosy (3240
Grey Wolf) agreed to join the board. Brian McLeod will move from Secretary to
President. Todd Ambrosy will be Vice President, Lisa Jepsen will be Secretary,
and Jeff McGuire will continue as Treasurer. Jeff and Brian have one year left on
their terms and will be replaced next year.

The meeting was concluded at approximately 8:20 PM. Thanks for the continued
good attendance.

Wolf Creek Board:
President: Brian McLeod, 294-2222                              Secretary: Lisa Jepsen, 393-1770
Vice President: Todd Ambrosy, 393-6622                       Treasurer: Jeff McGuire, 294-1120

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