Engagement Ring Guide - Show Your Love With An Unbreakable Diamond Ring

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					Engagement Ring Guide - Show Your Love With An Unbreakable Diamond Ring

She is the most important person in your life. Perhaps she picks you up when you are down, or is the
mother of your children, or simply cares for you unconditionally. Or maybe it’s a combination of all
three. Whatever your reasons are, the truth is simple and undeniable - you're crazy about her. So why
not express your love with an unbreakable diamond ring? We all know that nothing melts a woman’s
heart like diamonds, but the ring you choose needs to be a fit to her personality and style. In this article,
we'll provide you with some simple tips on making certain the diamond ring you give is one which takes
her breath away.

The most important (and overlooked) aspect with regards to selecting an unbreakable diamond ring is to
keep your sweetheart’s tastes in mind. Many guys wish to impress their woman by “picking it out
themselves”. This often leads to a situation where she “happily” accepts the ring. She might actually be
thinking that she hates it, but will feel forced to wear it simply because you picked it out with love. This
is one situation you definitely wish to steer clear of - and it is very easy to do.

By keeping her in mind and paying attention to her preferences, you will show your love with an
unbreakable diamond ring which she'll adore. For instance, observe her the next time a jewelry ad
comes on Television or the next time you pass a jewelry store window. Pay close attention to her
reactions to particular pieces, even those being worn by other people. Make a casual comment like
“Boy, that sure looks nice” and see what type of reaction it gets. Women love to give “subtle” clues
when it comes to diamond rings. Regrettably, men do not always pick up on them.

It's likewise important for you to take stock of the rings she presently wears. And we are not referring to
her grandmother’s antique ring that she only wears on special occasions. You want to be taking note of
the diamond rings she wears regularly, as these pieces will be your guide to the diamond ring you select.
She wouldn't wear something all of the time if she did not like it, correct? So, pay close attention to the
style of diamond she prefers and also the choice of metal (white gold, yellow gold, platinum, etc).

One last key piece of information and you will be ready to buy. It's helpful, but not necessary, if you can
somehow determine her ring size. While she's at work or running errands, you can simply take one of
her rings to the jeweler and voila! - you now have that mystery solved.

These suggestions will assist you to show your love with an unbreakable diamond ring that is certain to
elicit a major reaction on her end. Keep in mind, you don’t wish to be the man who just “picked it out
themselves”. You would like to be the guy that picked it out perfectly.

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