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					              Science at the heart of medicine

Clinical Research Training at Einstein:
           From K30 - CTSA

             Ellie Schoenbaum, MD
              Director CTSA Core
Research Education, Training & Career Development
Education and training is a cornerstone of
our CTSA

• Has historically been a strong partnership between
  Einstein and Montefiore
• Intersection between the research and educational
  missions of the medical school and medical center
• Strategic value of “ground-up” approach to building
  clinical and translational research
• Grows out of successful K30 and K12 programs
 THE CRTP (formerly K30)

  > Began 1998, two-year MS program with Einstein
  > Didactic core –parallel mentored research project
  > Thesis is publishable paper, hypothesis driven
  > Small class ~15 Scholars form a cohort
  > Require guarantee of 50% protected time
  > MD-MS started in 2005
The CRTP Curriculum

 > Epidemiology, Biostat, Data Analysis,
 > Grant Writing
 > Research Seminars
 > Library and data management skills for
 > Electives
 > Biostatistical consultation
 > Career Development
Two Models of Training
      Dedicated                   Issues Across


        CRTP                             +
      Einstein                    School of Public

                                     MPH, PhD
     other Centers,                  Exposure
   Medical Specialties of 112 CRTP Graduates
Emergency Med                                  11
    Family Med                        5
       Medicine                                                         41
      Neurology           2
        Ob-Gyn                            8
      Oncology        1
 Otolaryngology       1
      Pathology           2
     Pediatrics                                          25
      Pharmacy        1
     Psychiatry                   4
 Radiation Onc        1
      Radiology         2
    Rehab Med         1
        Surgery               3
                  0                       10        20        30   40        50
CRTP transformation in progress

• Mentoring groups
  > More Epidemiologists and Translational mentors

• Intensified grant writing course focuses on
  career dev K23, foundations
• Support for writing R01s
• Focus on orphan dept or small division with
  little or no clinical research
• Enrollment of Scholars in allied professions
Career development in the CTSA

• KL2 program provides an exciting template for
  these activities at Einstein
• Strong connection to our CRTP: most
  awardees have been CRTP students or
• Links to other funding streams: K12 (e.g.,
  Child Neurology, Cancer, HIV/Drug Use,
  Nephrology), T32s, K23s, “Empire Clinical
  Research Investigator Program
PhD in Clinical Investigation:
a cultural change
 • Administratively integrated into Grad Div, which offers
   PhD in Biomedical Sciences
    > ICTR provides academic home for students
    > Courses developed to introduce clinical research
    > Epidemiology, human genetics, overview clinical
 • Recruitment challenging – dismantling silos
 • Core CRTP curriculum serves as basic courses
 • Considering recruiting from med school applicants for
Definition of Translational Research*

 Translational     research    fosters  the
   multidirectional integration of basic
   research, patient-oriented research, and
   population-based research, with the
   long-term aim of improving the health of
   the public.
   *Rubio DM, Schoenbaum EE, Lee LS et al. An Educational Framework
   for Translational Research. Acad Med. (in press)
Einstein’s Model for Translational Research
Evaluating effectiveness

• Need metrics for educational programs
• Course evaluations need more emphasis on
  competency development than student response
• Outcome metrics could be rethought in context of
  CTSA vision
   > Not just publication, but impact on health
   > Not just PI, but team science
   > Connection to community (inside, outside)
• Looking to link with CTSA national effort in conjunction
  with our internal evaluation services
Thanks to:

•   Paul Marantz, MD and Harry Shamoon, MD
•   Aileen McGinn, MS PhD
•   Ann Marie McCauley
•   Stacey Sodlosky

• And of course the Einstein CTSA

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