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It is a proud privilege for me to place before you the annual report of Goa Chamber of
Commerce and Industry for the year ended 31 March 2006. During the year 2005-06, the
Chamber organized several programmes and events encompassing a range of sectors of Goan
economy. The highlights of the activities during the year along with the financial statements
are being placed before you for your approval.

The three year term of the present Managing Committee comes to an end this year. It has ,
indeed , been a great honour for me to be at the helm of affairs of the Chamber for last three
years and lead the Managing Committee consisting of illustrious members of Goan industry
and trade. As my term comes to an end , I am tempted to recall a few important
achievements of the Chamber during my tenure.

When I first took over as President of the Chamber in the year 2001, I had certain vision and
suggestions for improvement in the functioning of the Chamber. I wanted to make GCCI one
of the most pro-active Chambers in the country. That would not have been possible without the
active participation of the members. For focused attention to every sphere of trade and
industry I formed many new committees. I was able to involve over 150 dedicated and highly
qualified professionals who add value to the Chamber through these committees. The Chamber
owes its reputation to-day to these committed professionals.

The Chamber has representation on over 68 Governmental bodies. Through these
representations , the Chamber has been able to synergize Government‟s policy initiatives with
industry and trade expectations and to initiate far reaching changes in the Government‟s
policies towards trade and industry.

At the instance of the Chamber , the entire functioning of the Goa IDC was revamped.
I have the satisfaction of personally initiating many changes in Goa IDC like Streamlining plot
allotments , Rationalisation of Plot premium rates , Reduction in interest rate on premium
installments , Formulation of OTS Scheme, Sub-leasing and Transfer Guidelines , Delegation of
authority to Chairman / MD to allot plots with area below 10,000 Sq. mtrs. without referring to
Board etc. Further , streamlining of industry claims for subsidies , establishment of container
freight station at Verna , improvement in infrastructural facilities at all the industrial estates,
better airport and seaport facilities , e-commerce facility at DGFT office, facilitation of import
of raw casew nuts at MPT are other achievements of the Chamber which have benefited the
Goan industry immensely.

I also played an active role in restructuring and revitalizing EDC.

The Chamber was also actively involved in the formulation of Industrial , IT , Tourism and
education Policies of the Government.

With a view to bring in all round improvement in the infrastructural facilities in Goa , the
Chamber has prepared a report on infrastructure in Goa. The report is in final stages of
preparation and will shortly be submitted to the Government and published immediately
Despite having very good socio-economic indicators , the State Government , through its own
initiatives , failed to attract any significant investment in the IT Sector. The Chamber established
and promoted the brand “ Goa Agenda” and conducted mega IT conferences for last four years
which were very successful in popularizing Goa as an attractive IT destination. Under the
brand “Goa Agenda” we also conducted two tourism meets which also were hugely successful.
Given the small number of IT students in individual colleges, big IT companies in India were
not conducting any campus recruitments in Goa , thus denying good employment opportunities
to Goan students. We organized all IT students in Goa under the banner of HR Connect and
were able to attract top IT companies who conducted spot interviews and recruited large
number of Goan students.

When the State Government introduced the progressive and forward looking VAT regime , it
was the Chamber that was at the forefront in helping the Government with framing of rules
under the Act and took the initiative in educating the trade and industry through numerous
seminars and workshops in nuances of the new tax regime. The Chamber can surely take the
sole credit for smooth transition from Sales Tax to VAT in Goa.

Thus the Chamber has been playing a significant role in the promotion of trade , commerce
and industry in Goa.

I was also able to bring in an all round development in the functioning of the Chamber.
Today the Chamber is in a very good financial position. It has stable membership and is able
to provide better service to its members. The Chamber‟s Secretariat is equipped with a modern
and fully computerized and air-conditioned office premises and conference rooms which are
envied by almost all visiting Chamber delegations from India and abroad. The Chamber also is
equipped with a modern and well equipped air-conditioned convention hall which is one of the
best in Panjim. The Chamber has acquired a plot admeasuring 3954 sq. mtrs. at Verna
Industrial Estate where construction of an ultra modern premises is already in progress.

With a view to provide better service to the members I established Tax Research Group ,
Investment Facilitation Centre , Grievance Cell , and Programme Co-ordination Committee. To
lay a special emphasis on development of entrepreneurial skills of Goan women , I started a
women‟s cell within GCCI. To help and to facilitate the businessmen, small business enterprises,
corporate entities, traders, exporters, SSI units, professionals, associations, academicians, students,
etc. with up-to-date information of various business related Acts, Orders, Rules and Regulations,
Notifications, and Govt. Schemes, the Chamber has published a CD containing over 350 Bare
Acts, Rules, Regulations and Guidelines and related Notifications, Circulars, Forms, etc. This is the
first time in India that all the industry related statutes are made available on a single CD.

Thus the Chamber has been moving from strength to strength and I am grateful to all the
members who entrusted me with the responsibility of leading this great institution. I thank all
the members of Managing Committee , Chairmen and members of various Committees without
whose active support I would not have been able convert my dreams for the Chamber into

Present Rule
Rule No. 24 : The Managing Committee shall consist of 15 members as follows : (1) One
              President , (2) One First Vice-President , (3) One Second Vice-President ,
              (4) One Honorary Secretary , (5) One Honorary Treasurer , (6) Six Elected members
              and (7) four members co-opted by the Managing Committee from among
              unrepresented interests including the immediate Past President of the Chamber,
              provided that in the event any of the above positions are not filled up for any
              reason whatsoever , the Managing Committee shall be entitled to co-opt more than
              four members so as to make up the total of 15 members as indicated above. No
              member who is nominated for election and loses , shall be eligible for co-option to the
              Managing Committee constituted immediately following the Annual General Meeting
              at which elections have been held.

               “ Explanation – For the purpose of clarification, the expression Immediate Past
                 President shall be the person who occupied the post of President immediately before
                 the new term. In case the Immediate Past President gets elected for a fresh term , the
                 Managing Committee shall have the right to co-opt on the Managing Committee
                 any other person who is otherwise eligible to be a candidate for election to the
                 Managing Committee.”

Proposed Amendment
Rule No. 24 : The Managing Committee shall consist of 19 members as follows : (1) One
              President , and (2) ten elected members ( The First Vice-President , The Second
              Vice-President , the Honorary Secretary and the Honorary Treasurer will be
              nominated by the President from amongst the elected members ),
              and ( 3) eight members co-opted by the Managing Committee from among
              unrepresented interests including the immediate Past President of the Chamber,
              provided that in the event any of the above positions are not filled up for any
              reason whatsoever , the Managing Committee shall be entitled to co-opt more than
              eight members so as to make up the total of 19 members as indicated above. No
              member who is nominated for election and loses , shall be eligible for co-option to the
              Managing Committee constituted immediately following the Annual General Meeting
              at which elections have been held.

               “ Explanation – For the purpose of clarification, the expression Immediate Past
                 President shall be the person who occupied the post of President immediately before
                 the new term. In case the Immediate Past President gets elected for a fresh term , the
                 Managing Committee shall have the right to co-opt on the Managing Committee
                 any other person who is otherwise eligible to be a candidate for election to the
                 Managing Committee.”

Brief Remarks
a. This amendment is necessary to remove ambiguity in the earlier Rule No. 24.
b. The increase in the number of members of Managing Committee is necessitated by the fact that
many new types of industries have come up in Goa which merit focused attention through
representation in the Chamber‟s Managing Committee.

                            REPORT OF THE ACTIVITIES OF
                       GOA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE & INDUSTRY
                               FOR THE YEAR 2005-2006

The Managing Committee of the Chamber has pleasure in presenting the Annual Report of the
Activities and the Audited Accounts for the year 2005-2006.

During the period under review, our Chamber organized several Meetings, Conferences, Workshops,
Seminars, Talks by Eminent Persons and conducted Trade Meetings with representatives of various
Foreign Trade Delegations, Consul Generals and High Commissioners. The Chamber also submitted
memoranda, representations to the authorities, held meetings and discussions with the Government
officials and distinguished personalities, on various matters concerning industry, trade and commerce,
taxation, customs & central excise, foreign trade, labour and management, tourism, environment and
information technology. A report on some of the important activities of the Committees is given

                                1. AGRICULTURE & FISHERIES

Despite the declining share of agriculture and allied activities in the GDP of Goa ,
this sector still continues to be the major employment provider with about 40 % of total
employment in the State followed by about 34 % in service sector and about 23 % in
manufacturing sector. Given the high cost of inputs , particularly labour , the focus is slowly
shifting from production to value addition. Keeping the continued economic importance of
these complimentary activities , the Agriculture Committee works towards consolidating this
sector , catalyzing necessary policy changes and addressing conflicting domestic policies.

Draft Action Plan - National Horticulture Mission 2005-06

- A meeting was called on 13 SEPT to discuss the Draft Action Plan - National Horticulture Mission
2005-06 and give suggestions for improving the Goa Government‟s Action Plan. Chamber‟s
comments on the Draft Action Plan were forwarded to the Director Agriculture on 13 SEPT
The Chamber suggested to make horticulture as the thrust area and lay emphasis on increase in
production of vegetables , fruits etc. The Government has taken up this suggestion and pursued
horticulture mission vigorously. The Chamber‟s suggestion for increase in production of Cashew Nuts
has also yielded results as Government has started utilizing wastelands and forest area for the purpose
of cashew cultivation.
Cashew Mahotsav

Goan cashew is known World-wide for its excellent quality. The Goan cashew industry has not only
mastered the art of Raw Cashew Nut (RCN) processing for kernels but also has developed various by-
products from the cashewnut. The State Government has initiated steps towards increasing area under
cultivation and productivity of cashewnuts. The industry earns sizeable export revenue through export
of cashew kernels. While the development in Goa has been commendable, the global competitive
environment has changed significantly. New competition in the export market, development of
sustainable source for supply of RCN, developing new markets, managing margins in volatile market
environment and catering to the demands of the domestic markets have posed new challenges to this

For promoting the cashew industry, an exhibition cum seminar was organized on 10th & 11th
March 2006 at Kala Academy, Panaji under the banner of Cashew Mahotsav which was
inaugurated by Mr. Francisco Xavier Pacheco , Hon. Minister for Agriculture and was attended
by Mr. J.P.Singh, Chief Secretary , Mr. J. K. Dadoo, Development Commissioner , Mr. R. G. Joshi,
Director of Agriculture, Mr. Walter D‟Souza , Chairman CEPC and cashew growers and cashew
processors from Goa and other parts of India who displayed their products in the exhibition. A
large number of Chefs of many five star hotels and housewives participated in cashew based
recipe contest organized on the occasion.

                                   2. BASIC INFRASTRUCTURE

While the State scores high on socio-economic indices, continuous infrastructural development is
paramount to Goa‟s sustained growth. Attracting private investments in key infrastructure
projects is of vital importance. The Chamber , through this Committee , actively seeks
improvement in key infrastructural areas like road network , inland water transport , augmentation
of facilities at Dabolim Airport and Mormugao Port and quicker implementation of Mopa Airport
Project , power and water supply , sewage and waste management system etc.

Goa – Belgaum 4-Lane Highway

A letter dated 25 JUN was addressed by the President to Mr T R Balu, Hon‟ble Union Minister for
Surface Transport, regarding the proposed Goa – Belgaum 4-Lane Highway and requesting him to
consider a similar connection to Hubli thus linking Goa to the Golden Quadrilateral which will help
boost Goa‟s trade with neighbouring states as well.

Ferry across Zuari

A letter dated 23 JUN was addressed by the President to the Chief Minister with a suggestion to
introduce a ferry across the Zuari from Agassaim to Cortalim in order to avoid extra mileage to route
heavy vehicles via Borim bridge. In case the Govt is not in a position to spare a ferry for the purpose,
it was suggested that a private party is willing to provide the service.

Ro-Ro Vessel for transporting heavy vehicles across the river Zuari
A letter dated 15 NOV was addressed by the Director General to the Minister of Transport proposing
that a ferry be started across the Zuari River at Cortalim/Agassaim. This would ease the traffic
congestion on the Panaji – Ponda – Margao roads and also the Ponda – Vasco roads via Loutolim -
Rassaim – Cortalim. This ferry service could be a Roll-on - Roll - off vessel and could be started on
priority so that it could provide service to the transporters and the trade and industry.

Letters Dec 05/ Mar 06 were addressed to Mr. R Dhavlikar, Minister for PWD and to Mr.P S Reddy,
Director of Industries were forwarded on the following issues:

1. The minimum height clearance of 14 ft. should be ensured on the national highway and on all roads
leading to and inside the industrial areas. The approach roads and roads in industrial areas should be
broad enough (with no sharp bends) to cater for container traffic on open trailers. All bridges / culverts
on the roads mentioned have to be capable of carrying the load of these heavy vehicles (42 tons).
2. Upgradation of roads leading to all Industrial Estates and within the Industrial Estates.
3. A Roll On – Roll Off Ferry service at Cortalim / Agassaim OR repair the Zuari Bridge to permit
heavy container traffic OR building of a new Zuari Bridge.
4. Completion of the Pilar By-pass.
5. Improvement of the condition of NH 4 after Mollem (to Karnataka).
6. Construction of a bridge at Talpona and Galgibaga.
7. Four lane highway from Airport to MPT to be completed.
8. South Goa beach belt (from Bogmalo to Cavelossim through Colva) - all roads leading to five star
hotels to be broadened.

Development / completion of the above mentioned roads/bridges will be a boost to industrial
development and economy of the State.

Shifting of Regional Inspectorial Organisation( RIO)
of Central Electricity Authority

A letter dated 02 JAN was addressed by the Director General to the Power Minister in pursuance to
the Union Minister of Power‟s letter No. A-60016/4/2003-Admn. dated 02/11/2005, that the RIO
office is likely to be shifted from Goa to Mumbai. This will cause a lot of inconvenience to
the industrial units in Goa. The Chamber requested him to use his good offices and retain the
RIO office in Goa. If it is not possible to retain the RIO office , he was asked to request the
Central Electricity Authority to delegate the requisite powers to some designated officials of the
Goa State Electricity Department for carrying out the mandatory installation certification.

                                      3. CONSUMER AFFAIRS

In an increasingly complex consumer society , it is necessary to arm the consumers with the
analytical tools to make informed choices and know how to buy best and seek most effectively
the redressal of their grievances in the event of defective goods, deficient services and
restrictive and unfair trade practices. This Committee strives to educate the consumers through
regular awareness programmes and make them aware of their rights and responsibilities as
well informed consumers.

The National Consumers Rights Day
The Chamber in association with Dept. of Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs celebrated the National
Consumers Rights Day on 20th December by organizing a talk on VAT. The programme was inaugurated
by Mr. Amit Yadav , Commssioner of Commercial Taxes and Justice C. K. Mahajan , President State
Commission ,Dispute Redressal Court was guest of honour. Guest speakers were Mr. A.T.Kamat , Ex ST
Commissioner , Mr.Vallabh Kamat , Addl. Commissioner – CT and Mr. Sandip Bhandare.

                                          4. EDUCATION
Knowledge and intellectual capital can be a powerful lever for Goa‟s development. Given the
State‟s small size , these can be drivers of the Goan economy. A key input for these is quality
education. The Chamber‟s Education Committee seeks to develop an industry vision and a
coherent set of long term policies to realize a knowledge driven economy for Goa.

Career Guidance for Teachers

The Education Committee arranged a program on “Career Guidance for Teachers” on 15th April 2005.

The Education Committee organized a presentation on E-learning solutions by Mr. Sharadkumar
Tekalkote, of Liqwid Krystal, Bangalore, on 13 DEC 05. Liqwid Krystal is an IT global company with
a special focus on solutions across the human capital cycle. They have developed cost efficient , web
based e-learning solutions which make learning easier and also fun for students.

The Chamber in collaboration with SHIKSHA , a not-for-profit initiative of Confederation of
Indian Industries and Knowledge Initiative Trust organized an orientation workshop on
computer aided educational tools for School Teachers on 18 January 2006 at the GCCI
Convention Hall. The purpose behind the workshop was to spread the effective use of
computers in the Education System of modern times , thus making the teaching and learning
process more interesting and useful. SHIKSHA has developed CDs containing contents on
Mathematics , Science and Geography. The teachers were imparted both intensive and extensive
training on the use of the technology in creating resource and reference material, in making
presentations, examination and evaluation sheets and many such teaching aids based on the

The presentation was made by Mr. Narinder Bhatia of CII and nearly seventy teachers from
37 schools participated in the workshop which proved to be immensely useful as expressed by
the participating teachers.

Goa Knowledge Commission

A two-hour discussion/meeting was held with the Goa Knowledge Commission and various Members
of the Industry, on 9th March 2006, at the GCCI Conference Room. The Goa Knowledge Commission
is keen to develop an understanding on :
    1.     Industrial estates
    2.     Possible internship programmes for students in various industries
    3.     Research partnerships
    4.     Short term courses for managers
    5.     Partnerships between education and industrial estates.

This Chamber initiative has as its focus the general as well as structural unemployment
present in the State. This programme enables those who have been unable to complete or take
further education to gain new , competitive and marketable skills. This programme fashioned on
German system of vocational training , also enables those wishing to learn new skill sets which
help employability.

Scooter / motorcycle Repair Course
The Closing Ceremony of the scooter/motorcycle repair courses for Honda and Bicholim was held on
27 JAN at Bicholim. Canara Bank sponsored Toolkits for the trainees who successfully completed the
course. Mr. M V M Desai, Chief Manager, Canara Bank, Mapusa Branch was Chief Guest at the
function. Mr. Desai gave the successful trainees a toolkit and a certificate from GIVE. He also
informed the students about the various schemes offered by the bank to needy students such as these.
Mr. Aleixo da Costa, State Director, Directorate of Craftsmen Training, in his address, encouraged the
students and informed them about the various facilities available to them from the Government if they
want to set up their own workshop/garages.
The toolkits provided to the trainees was one of the steps taken by GIVE so that the trainees can start
something on their own.

                                            6. INDUSTRY

The Industry Committee aims to enhance and utilize the strengths of the State to aid the
Government , industry and participants in the State‟s economic development towards sustainable
industrial growth. Practical needs of today are sought to be balanced with those of the future. This
Committee examines industrial issues and concerns and works towards harmonising of growth and
development. It achieves this by sensitizing those inside industry, and outside it , to policy changes,
and by bringing together Government and industry delegations.

Implementation of the directions of Apex Court
with respect to Hazardous Wastes
A letter dated 28 JAN was addressed to Dr. N P S Varde, Director/Jt. Secretary, Department of
Science, Technology and Environment, giving Chamber‟s views on disposal of Hazardous wastes of
Goa, that Goa has to develop its own engineered land fill site as very soon the volume of solid waste
would cross the level of 20,000 tonnes per year.

Categorization of Industries
A letter dated 10 OCT was addressed to the Director of Industries informing him that the Goa State
Pollution Control Board has circulated a list of industries which have been categorized under
RED , ORANGE and GREEN categories. It had been decided that various industry associations
should sit together and deliberate on the categorization of industries so as to evolve a
common response to this process. Accordingly, a meeting was convened wherein Mr. Manguirish
Pai Raiker , Treasurer GCCI , Mr. Keshav Kamat, President GSIA, Mr. A S Kamath of Goa Cashew
Mfrs Association, Dr Govind Kamat of Nursing Homes Association, Mr Joglekar of GSPCB and Mr.
Arun Naik of GPMA got together on Friday 14th October at the Chamber‟s Conference Room and
discussed the proposed Notification on the categorization of industries. GSPCB finalized the
categorization of industries after taking into considerations the inputs from industry.
Members‟ Views on Govt Schemes
Notifications of the ten schemes that the Government of Goa has formulated were forwarded to
members on Dec 05 requesting them to send in their views and suggestions on each scheme.

                        7. INVESTMENT FACILITATION CENTRE (IFC)
It is the Chamber‟s view that investors, especially from outside the State, have difficulty in
coordinating all clearances required to set up new industries. This becomes more complex when the
investor does not have an established office in Goa. To facilitate all new investors, the Chamber has
established the Investment Facilitation Centre. This Centre provides assistance , advice and
guidance to investors.
Ever since the withdrawal of tax benefits which Goa enjoyed for some time , the State seems to
be missing out on new investment opportunities. The formation of an Investment Promotion Board
and establishment of SEZs are seen as vehicles to attract fresh investments in Goa.

Symposium on SEZ
The Chamber in association with Diocesan Service Centre for Social Action organized a symposium
on SEZ at Don Bosco Auditorium , Panaji. The Symposium was inaugurated by Mr. Luizinho
Faleiro , Hon. Industries Minister. Speakers at the symposium included Mr. J. K. Dadoo , Prof.
Nandkumar Kamat of Goa University .Mr. Girish Keni , Chairman , IFC emphasized Chamber‟s
insistence on smaller product specific SEZs and non-polluting industries matching local skill sets.

                                8. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY

This Committee focuses on working in close association with the Industry on all issues and matters
concerning the IT Industry in Goa. Dedicated to work towards the promotion of Goa as an ideal IT
Desitnation and development of Goan IT industry , it has been promoting an enabling framework for
private sector participation in the development of IT infrastructure in Goa.

Notifications under IT Policy

A letter dated 15 JUN was addressed to Mr. Dayanand Narvekar, Minister for IT forwarding a
Memorandum on IT issues pertaining to Goa with a request to arrange to publish the Notifications
required to make the IT incentives available to the IT fraternity.

The President met the Minister of IT on 20 JUN. He was requested to reduce the Central Sales Tax rate
and to issue a notification amending the Goa Stamp Duty Act for availing the Stamp Duty exemption
as well as reimbursement of stamp duty already paid by IT industry.

A letter dated 22 JUN was addressed by the President to the Ministry of IT and Communication
regarding Amendment in Notification No. 25-2002-Cus dt. 1/3/2002 on import of Capital Goods for
IT/Electronic goods with a request to modify the notification to allow the import of parts for machine
listed at sr. no. 11, 29, 51, 57 & 63 without payment of customs duty.

A number of problems , listed below , faced by IT Units in Goa were put up to the Minister for IT .
   1. Poor quality of power
   2. Free import of used computers
   3. Maintenance of STPI Complex
   4. Implementation of IT Policy
   5. Inspection by Labour Inspectors
   6. Delay in processing the documents

SEZ for Information Technology

Letter dated 05 SEPT was addressed by the President to Minister of IT informing him that Chamber
has been promoting and supporting the establishment of SEZs in Goa for the last 5 years and has
organized many workshops / seminars to educate the Goan public on this issue. The Chamber
requested him to explore the possibility of establishing an IT specific SEZ at Verna. However, in the
event of the Government not being in favour of establishing the SEZ themselves, he was requested to
facilitate allotment of 10 lakh sq. mtrs. area to the Chamber, as the Taipei World Trade Centre was
very keen on extending mutual co-operation with the Chamber for establishing an IT SEZ in Goa.

HR Connect
The Chamber organized, for the second successive year “HR CONNECT 2005” at the International
Center-Goa, Dona Paula, from 22-24h June 2005. This year companies like Iflex Solutions and L&T
Infotech from Mumbai, ThoughtWorks from Bangalore, and D-Link (I) Ltd, Inforeach Technologies
and Emerging Technologies from Goa participated in HR Connect. Hundreds of students from RIT,
GEC, PCCE, Chowgule‟s and Goa University gathered together at the ICG to take part in these tests
and interviews. A large number of students obtained placements at this meet.

                                           9. IR & HRD
This committee sensitizes industry and economic stakeholders on policy changes, analyses impacts and
works in close harmony with industry.

World Occupational Health Day
A symposium on Workplace Intervention for Prevention of HIV/AIDS was organized in collaboration
with the Green Triangle Society and in technical collaboration with Goa State AIDS Control Society
and the International Labour Organisation for the observance of Occupational Health Day on 09 JUL
at the GCCI Convention Hall. The Symposium was chaired by Ms Debashree Mukherjee, IAS,
Secretary Health. Mr. Pratapsing Rane, Hon‟ble Chief Minister of Goa was the Chief Guest at the
Valedictory Function. The Chief Minister also released a book on “HIV/AIDS at Workplace” on the
Presentations and Speeches were made by Dr J J Dias, Goa State AIDS Control Society; Dr G V
Prabhu, Goa Shipyard; Dr A V Salelkar, Director, Health Services; Dr Jagdish Kakodkar, Associate
Professor, PSM, Goa Medical College on the current HIV/AIDS scenario in Goa.

Committee‟s Recommendations
The Committee met on 27 June to discuss various IR & HR related issues and made following
recommendations to the Government..

Goa to be declared a „Bandh Free‟ State. This idea was muted to attract investments in Goa by
stressing on the excellent IR prevalent in the State.
Shops and Establishment Registration - Consolidation and computerization of forms , besides making
these forms available in downloadable format to be available on relevant department‟s website.

Single Inspecting Authority – At present various departments of State Government conduct their own
independent inspections. This causes lot of inconvenience to the establishments. There should be a
single inspecting authority which should inspect all the requirements of the State Government.
Various returns and maintenance of multiple registers is also a big constraint. Returns and registers
Should be consolidated into a single return and single register for better compliance.

ESI Hospitals – Most ESI hospitals suffer from shortage of doctors , other medical staff and
medicines need immediate attention. Central Government assistance should be availed for upgrading
these hospitals urgently.

Meeting with Asst. Labour Commissioner
A joint meeting of members of this Committee with IR & HR Managers of various mining companies
and Asst. Commissioner Labour ( Central ) and Labour Inspector was held on 15th July to discuss
complaints of harassment against the officials of labour department. At the meeting it was
emphasized that the role of Government officials should be to act as facilitators and to promote
ideal work environment and mutual cooperation among industry and various Government departments.

                        10. LOGISTICS & SUPPLY CHAIN COMMITTEE

With liberalization of imports , rationalization / simplification of taxes and duties and development of
IT, the volumes of goods and services have increased tremendously and this provides a great
opportunity for expanding Logistics services in Goa. The Committee seeks to provide proper
direction to this sector.

GCCI‟s initiatives on Logistics

The Chairman of MPT arranged a meeting for the Chamber‟s representatives to interact with the officials
of the South Western Railway, the Konkan Railway and the CONCOR, on 21st March 2005 wherein it
was felt that there could be an increase in container traffic through Mormugao Port if there was a rail
service available from the ICD Desur to Mormugao Port..

The Logistics Committee of the GCCI organised a program on “Documentation of EXIM” in June
2005 wherein stress was laid upon its needs and requirements to understand the procedures.

A letter dated 15 SEPT was addressed to Hon‟ble Minister of State for Civil Aviation inviting his
attention to the Airport Authority of India who has started the transshipment of International Cargo
(other than Air India) at Mumbai with effect from July 2005. However, the Airport Authority of India
has been taking 4 to 5 days to ensure onward dispatch of International Cargo to Goa. This is against
the time of two days when the previous private handlers were responsible for the same. These delays
are not acceptable to the trade and industry. The idea of paying higher tariffs to transport the goods by
air is completely defeated with these inordinate delays. He was requested to look into the matter

A letter dated 19 SEPT was addressed to the Director, Tariff Authority for Major Ports, submitting
Chamber‟s comments on Proposal from the Mormugao Port Trust(MOPT) for General Revision of its
Scale of Rates (SOR)
The Logistics Committee of the Chamber called a meeting on 14 MAR 06 of Officials of the South
Western Railways, Container Corporation of India Ltd.(CONCOR), MPT and shipping lines in order
to boost exports using containers through MPT. Mr. P N Shukla, Chief Operations Manager and Mr. A
S Rao, Senior Divisional Operations Manager, both of South Western Railway, Hubli, Mr. Sivarama
Krishan Kota, Joint General Manager, CONCOR, Secunderabad, Mr. Vaiyapuri, and Mr. Y V Dhond
of MPT along with Ms. Meera Kumar, Manager, Aspinwall & Co. Ltd., and members of the Logistics
Committee attended the conference.

At the meeting, South Western Railways and CONCOR have agreed to run a rake initially on a weekly
basis from Desur in Belgaum to MPT, with MPT providing the support services in the Port. This will
help increase exports through the Port and give added business to the shipping lines.

The Logistics Committee addresses the logistics needs and problems of the industry, Trade and
Commerce in Goa. It works towards cutting down costs and time of transportation and addresses all
areas of logistics.

In February 2006 the Collector South Goa was requested that the restrictions on the movement of
heavy vehicle / trailers from 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. in Vasco be lifted in the larger interest of the trade
and industry.

                                     11. MEDICAL COMMITTEE

Health care sector is a sunrise sector in Goa. Though good health care facilities in the private and
public sector have always been available , organized tertiary health care is just developing. This
committee works towards progressively improving health care sector through private public
investments in state-of-art tertiary health care facilities. Growing medical tourism business offers
immense opportunities and it is the endeavor of this Committee to develop Goa as a leading health
care destination.

Mediclaim Scheme
A letter dated 03 MAY was addressed to the Governor of Goa inviting his attention to
the cases under the Mediclaim Scheme from Goa that are still being referred to KLE Hospitals at
Belgaum, despite similar facilities being now available at super specialty hospitals like the
Apollo Victor Hospital in Goa. The Chamber felt that the Health Department should liaise with the
insurance authorities and the local specialty hospitals to work out a scheme so that the cases can be
treated in Goa itself.

Press Conference
Dr Uday Khanolkar, Chairman of the Committee organized a Press Conference on 18 MAR 06 at
4.00 p.m. at Goa Chamber Hall on Pre-marriage HIV Testing in view of the increase in cases of HIV in

Super-specialty Healthcare
Dr Uday Khanolkar, Chairman of the Committee organized a Press Conference on 25 MAR at the
Chamber‟s premises on Super-specialty Healthcare.
                       12. REAL ESTATE & HOUSING CONSTRUCTION

Uniqueness of the settlement pattern in Goa ,lies in a healthy relationship between its towns and
villages, facilitated by traditional transport linkages. In the post liberation period, the substantial
growth in all sectors of economy has led to considerable increase in population which has exerted
unforeseen pressure on land in and around urban and fast growing rural centres. This has caused
overburdening of infrastructure resulting in deterioration of the environment and quality of life. This
Committee attempts to evolve a comprehensive housing and real estate development policy dealing
with an overall perspective of habitat and human settlement scenario for Goa.

Town and Country Planning Board
A letter dated 15 APR was addressed by the Chairman, Real Estate & Housing Construction
Committee to His Excellency Shri S C Jamir, Governor of Goa on the Difficulties experienced by the
Housing Sector. He was requested to streamline the functioning of Town and Country Planning Board
by filling up all the vacant posts and to set up procedures for simple and speedy conversion of
agricultural land , especially for land in Zonal plan.

                                   13. TAX RESEARCH GROUP

This Committee has been a meeting place for tax and law experts, policy makers , representatives
from industry and academia to brainstorm on the direction in which reforms have to be carried out in
taxation. The focus is to make tax laws simple , growth oriented , progressive and easy to comply

Foreign Trade
A letter dated 12 APR was addressed to Mr. Ajay Srivastava, Jt Director General of Foreign Trade
regarding the public notice wherein it was made mandatory for all packaged products which are
subject to the provision of Standards of Weights & Measures (Packaged Commodities ) Rules, 1977 to
affix MRP sticker on all such products imported into India before clearance of Goods from Customs
warehouse. The trade and industry in Goa strongly feel that above condition is causing lot of hardship
specially for traders‟ community in Goa. He was requested to pursue the matter for early withdrawal of
said notification.

Office of the Assistant Drug Controller at Goa
Since there was no positive response from the Central Government as well as the State Government to
amend Rule 43 B of the Drugs Control Act so as to permit import and export of drugs through Goa‟s
Air and Seaport, the Chamber requested the help of DGFT to canvas through the Commerce Ministry
for the changes that need to be done.

C&CE exemptions
A letter dated 05 MAY was addressed by the President to Mr. P Chidambaram, Hon‟ble Minister of
Finance bringing to his attention that with the imminent withdrawal of exemption of the 16% excise
duty on naphtha for generation of power, the tariff will be further beyond sustainable limits for all the
industries, and will adversely affect the economy of the State.
It was requested in public interest, that exemption in the Excise Duty on Naphtha may be continued for
the 48 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant at Sancoale, Goa, beyond 1st July 2005 and till LNG or Gas
supply arrangements are made in Goa.

Import of used computers and computer systems by STPI/ EHTP units.
A letter dated 02 SEPT was addressed to Mr. Ajay Srivastava, Joint Director General of Foreign
Trade, inviting his attention towards import of used computers and computer systems by 100% EOU
like STPI& EHTP and that the Customs authority does not give clearance of the said computers as the
used computers are not allowed to be imported under EOU scheme. He was requested to bring out
necessary amendments under para 6.6.1 of the Handbook of Procedures and also under para 2.33 of the
Foreign Trade Policy to allow import of used computers and computer systems under EOU scheme.

Merchant Overtime Fees
A letter dated 20 SEPT was addressed to the Commissioner of Customs & Central Excise reg.
Merchant Overtime Fees, that considering the difficulty of the trade and industry, he was requested to
look into the matter and instruct the Dy. Commissioner to waive off the Merchant Overtime Fees.

Permission to import raw cashew nuts at Mormugao Port
A letter dated 23 NOV was addressed to the Commissioner of Customs re the representations made
by the Goa Cashew Manufacturer‟s Association to his Office requesting permission to import
raw cashew nuts at Mormugao Port. Subsequently, the Chamber represented the matter to Mr.
Ashish Bahuguna , Jt. Secretary , Plant Protection , Quarantine & Storage , Ministry of Agriculture ,
Govt. of India , New Delhi. According to his response, the Ministry of Agriculture has authorized
the officials of the CIPMC , Goa to issue permits for import of plants and plant materials for


The Chamber has formed a VAT Counseling Centre of leading Chartered Accountants, to go into the
various queries and inputs from Trade and Industry. A consolidated list of the queries was forwarded
to the Commissioner of Commercial Tax for his consideration, on 11 APR.

On 12 APR the President addressed a letter to Mr. L K. Gupta, Director (Sales Tax), Dept. of Revenue
Ministry of Finance, New Delhi requesting him to include Data Cables and Automatic Teller
Machines (ATM) as IT products, under VAT, which have been specifically covered under the rate
leviable @ 4% instead of 12.5%.

A letter dated 18 APR was jointly written by GCCI, CII and GSIA to the Chief Secretary, Ms Kiran
Dhingra informing her that the three associations have individually and collectively spent time
deliberating the operations of the VAT Scheme with the enforcing officers pre and post
implementation of the Scheme . Her attention was drawn to a few points, which need to be resolved to
make VAT quickly acceptable by members of industry. An appointment for a joint meeting was also

The President addressed a letter on 22 APR 05 to the Governor of Goa listing out the Anomalies and
the Administrative Problems encountered in the Goa VAT Act.
A meeting of Representatives of the GCCI, Goa Small Industries Association, Confederation of Indian
Industries, The Goa Cashew Manufacturers Association, Goa Agricultural Produce Marketing
Committee, Goa Bagayatdar Sahakari Kharedi Vikri Saunstha Maryadit and The Chemists &
Druggists Association was held with the Chief Secretary on 20 JUL in response to the invitation from
the Government for discussions on VAT related issues.

VAT Deferment Scheme
A letter dated 08 JUL was addressed to Mr Dharmendra Sharma, Finance Secretary, requesting him
to review the rules under “VAT Deferment -Cum-NPV Compulsory Payment Scheme” and reinstate
the benefit of tax concessions which was based on Capital investment of Companies.

Entry Tax on Vehicles imported by Hospitality Industry
A letter dated 09 NOV was addressed by the Director General to the Commissioner of Commercial
Taxes bringing to his attention that subsequent to implementation of the Goa Value Added Tax
Act 2005 the benefit of concessional entry tax is being denied to importers of motor vehicles
by citing Section 9.2 (vi)(f) of the Goa VAT Act , 2005. Motor vehicles are capital goods for
hospitality industry and import of which is clearly allowed under the EPCG Scheme and are
hence eligible for concessional Entry Tax.

Live Telecast of the Union Budget
A Live Budget Telecast was held at the Chamber on 28 FEB 06 at which industry association
representatives attended.

Pre Budget Memorandum
A letter dated 16 MAR was addressed by the President to the Chief Minister forwarding Chamber‟s
Pre-budget Memorandum for consideration of the Government.

Post Budget Memorandum
Letters dated 27 MAR were addressed by the President to the Chief Minister and the Secretary Finance
forwarding to them the Post Budget Memorandum and explaining the negative impact of some of the
proposals as well as Chamber‟s suggestions.

                                           14. TOURISM

The Committee takes initiatives in exploring new areas in the field of tourism, helps in development
and implementation of various strategies and policies for development of all types of tourism
in Goa.

Goa Public Gambling Act, 1976
A letter dated 04 MAY was addressed by the President to Under Secretary(Home) bringing to his
attention that the Chamber has received representations from various 5 Star hotels in respect of the
amendment to the Principal Notification No.2/1/2001-HD(G) dated 12.02.2004 under the Goa Public
Gambling Act, 1976 that the Government has directed the Hotels to effect payment as per the amended
condition 5(i) although the same is inconsistent with Condition 5(iv). Without prejudice to the above,
the Chamber submitted that there is no nexus between the number of rooms in the Hotel and the
Licence for operation of the Casino. Linking the number of rooms with the Licence fee would be
highly unreasonable and impose heavy additional burden on the Casinos which are already reeling
under exorbitant casino fees. Such an action of the Government needs to be reviewed in the light of
the submissions contained herein.

Goa Tourism Meet – Summertime in Goa
The Chamber in association with Department of Tourism, Government of Goa had organized a two
day exhibition cum seminar on the above topic on 10th & 11th March, at Kala Academy.

The two day event commenced on 10th March, with Mr. Rajeev Talwar, Addnl. Director General,
Tourism inaugurating the exhibition. Mr. S.P. Singh, Regional Director, Tourism , Western Region,
Mr. J. P. Singh, Chief Secretary and Mr. J.K. Dadoo, Development Commissioner were also present on
the occasion.
The seminar „Summertime in Goa‟ was held on the second day. A galaxy of speakers like
Mr. Rajeev Talwar, Mr. Jamshed Daboo, COO, Taj Leisure Hotels, Mr. Lenny Menezes, Country
Manager, Hilton, Mr. Indranil Ray, Sr. GM Sales & Marketing, Go Air, Mr. Rajeev D‟Silva,
Mr. Kavlekar, GM , GTDC made presentations on various aspects of tourism. In his presentation Mr.
Daboo made a very important point that Goa‟s USP is its beaches and one should not try to deviate
from it, but at the same time explore alternative areas like arranging some dance or music festivals, in
its temples etc.

The exhibition was a huge success, with around 25 stalls from various hotels, airlines and tour

                                             15. TRADE

This Committee addresses policy issues to promote an open system of trade, finance, and investment
in which business can flourish and contribute to economic growth, human welfare, and protection of
the environment .

Ban on entry of Heavy Vehicle in Panaji
A letter dated 21 OCT was addressed by the President to the Minister of Transport regarding banning
of heavy vehicles in the city during 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. This has adversely affected the working of
traders and other shopkeepers/businesses in Panaji and many of them have requested us to
take up this issue with the Minister. He was requested to kindly take this matter up with the
traffic department and provide relief to the traders in Panaji.

Supply of free books to students
A letter dated 28 NOV 05 was addressed by the Chairman, Education Committee to Mr. Luizinho
Faleiro, Minister of Education welcoming the Govt decision to implement Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan
Scheme. The Chamber suggested that instead of creating a separate machinery and duplicating
the logistics required for supply of free books to the students, the Government should utilize
the existing network of the booksellers.

Sales of Note Books in Schools
A letter dated 17 MAR was addressed by the Director to the Commissioner of Commercial Taxes on
the issue of sale of notebooks in schools which is being sold at many schools in Goa, sometimes
compulsorily. He was requested to see if the sale of books from Schools can be stopped by
issuing a suitable notice.
Fire Risk / issue of licenses / NOC for Exhibitions & Sales
A letter dated 28 NOV was addressed by the Director General to Mr. P K John, Director of Fire
Services bringing to his notice that there are a large number of exhibitions cum sales being conducted
in Panjim and in other cities in Goa, which can pose a serious fire threat to the city and lead to massive
destructions of goods, structure and also to loss of life. He was requested to send his officials to inspect
the premises in advance be issuing NOC/permission to hold these events.

                                         16. WOMEN'S WING

The Chamber decided to lend its arm to the women entrepreneurs of Goa by starting a Women‟s
Wing , which will help the Goan women to empower themselves through entrepreneurship. The
objective of the Women‟s Wing is to encourage and support entrepreneurship in women and lead
them to financial independence.

An exhibition – Asturi - of articles manufacture by women was organized by Goa Chamber of
Commerce Women‟s Wing on 29th April. This was inaugurated at the hands of Mrs. Vijayalakshmi
Menon, Dy. General Manager, State Bank of India. Besides private entrepreneurs organizations like
GHRSSIDC, NABARD, DRDA, Goa State Aids Control Society participated in the exhibition.


Indo-Japan Chamber of Commerce & Industry
The Goa Chamber has on 05 APR recently joined the membership of the Indo-Japan Chamber of
Commerce & Industry, Chennai. The objective is to facilitate greater economic cooperation between
members of IJCCI and Japanese Businessmen. They have also identified two India-oriented Japanese
Consultants to work on any possible match-making in different sectors of industries and have
constituted a high power screening committee comprising a legal expert, a financial expert, a technical
expert and a retired civil servant of eminence to scrutinize project proposals received from members
interested in expansion or diversification of their industries. Members interested in joint ventures with
Japanese Businessmen may contact the Chamber for possible match-making.

The 6th meeting of the Konkan Railway Users‟ Consultative Committee was held on 07 APR 05 at
Hotel Nanutel, Margao under the Chairmanship of Dr Ketan Gokhale, MD, KRCL. Mr. G S Morajkar,
attended the meeting as the Chamber‟s representative and made suggestions like dropping of entry
service charge of Rs 10/- , Shifting of Panjim Booking office to a more spacious premises , Extension
of shed , need for a Foot Overbridge , Halt for Matsyagandha Express at Tivim station , need of an
Enquiry Counter, retiring room/VIP room and Ladies Toilets at various Stations. The Members of
KRUCC appreciated the above suggestions and promised to take action as early as possible.
Merger of KRC with Indian Railways
A letter dated 10 JUN was addressed by the President to the Hon‟ble Union Minister for Railways
inviting his attention to the proposal to merge the Konkan Railway Corporation with the Indian
Railways. He was requested to kindly intervene in the matter and help in maintaining the
independent identity of Konkan Railway Corporation.

7th DRUCC meeting
A letter dated 09 FEB was addressed by the Director to the Secretary, Divisional Railway Users‟ Committee,
Hubli informing that there is need for Railways to provide enough number of rakes for transportation of Iron
ore on the Bagalkot Sector and on the Hospet Bellary Sector.

State Development Report
The Chamber has been appointed as a Principal Researcher by the Institute for Change
Research on the subject of „ Manufacturing and Value Added Trading‟ for its Project on the State
Development Report.

Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony
The foundation stone of the proposed Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry building at the
Verna Industrial Estate was laid today at the hands of the Chief Minister Shri Pratapsingh
Rane in the presence of the Industries Minister Shri Luizinho Faleiro and the Loutolim MLA
Mr. Aleixo Sequeira and a host of other dignitaries including Mr. Dattaraj Salgaocar , Mr.
Shrinivas Dempo , Mr. Cesar Menezes , Dr. L. U. Joshi and Mr. S.K. Sawhney. The Presidents
and CEOs of major industrial houses in Goa were also present. Mr. Manguirish Pai Raikar
performed the pooja ceremony and compered the event. Father Tony of Verna Parish blessed the site.

Meeting with Smt Sonia Gandhi
A delegation of Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry led by its President Mr. Nitin
Kunkolienker along with Mr. Cesar Menezes - Vice President , Mr. Ralph de Souza – General
Secretary , Mr. Manguirish Pai Raiker – Treasurer and Air Cmde P K Pinto – Director General called
the President of Congress Party and UPA Chairperson Smt. Sonia Gandhi at Raj Bhavan on 23rd
February and discussed issues like Mopa Airport , CRZ Regulation and Wild Life Conservation
Act and its impact on Goan economy and other infrastructural issues. Smt. Gandhi gave them a
patient hearing and has promised to look into the issues raised by the Goa Chamber

Press Release on Communal Violence in the State
A Press Release dated 06 MAR was issued expressing the Chamber‟s concern over the communal
violence in Curchorem and Sarvordem.

National Release of CD on Statutes of India
The Goa Chamber of Commerce & Industry had the national release of its new CD – “Statutes of
India” on 8th February 2006 at the hands of the Union Defence Minister, Shri Pranab Mukherjee at
Mumbai. The function was organized by the Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce, Industry and
Agriculture to present Mr. P G Kakodkar, former Chairman of the State Bank of India and member of
the Managing Committee of GCCI with the “C D Deshmukh Award”. The CD was released by the
Defence Minister in the presence of the Chief Minister of Goa Mr. Pratapsingh Rane. The President of
GCCI Mr. Nitin Kunkolienker and Mr. Manguirish Pai Raikar were also present.

                                         NEW MEMBERS

    40 new members were admitted to the Membership of the Chamber during the year 2005-2006.

                                   MANAGING COMMITTEE

During the period under review 12 meetings of the Managing Committee were held. The Chamber as
usual, issued circulars giving useful information to the members. The Committee solicits the active
cooperation, support and participation by members to enable the Chamber to deal effectively with the
problems of overall development of the Territory. The Committee also wishes to reiterate the
importance of members sending data so that the Chamber can effectively tackle practical difficulties
hampering business and industry in Goa.

The Committee expresses its sense of gratitude to the members of the various Committees and other
members of the Chamber who have extended their cooperation and made valuable suggestions on
various matters. The Committee also wishes to place on record the services rendered by the Director
General and his team who have devotedly worked for the Chamber.

Sr                         CALENDAR OF EVENTS APR 05 – MAR 06                                     Date/Month
 1    Workshop on VAT by Mr. Vallabh Kamat, Addl Sales Tax Commissioner                           02 Apr 05
 2    Jt Meeting with CII and GSIA on VAT                                                         11 Apr 05
 3    Seminar on Exim Policy                                                                      13 Apr 05
 4    Program on Career Guidance for Teachers                                                     15 Apr 05
 5    Workshop on VAT by Mr. Vallabh Kamat, Addl Sales Tax Commissioner                           16 Apr 05
 6    Meeting with Herman Merckx, Consul General of Belgium                                       20 Apr 05
 7    Talk on Effective Life Management by Shri Syamananda Prabhu                                 25 Apr 05
 8    Press Conference on Quality IT Education – Challenges Ahead                                 27 Apr 05
 9    Workshop on Quality IT Education by Prof. D B Pathak, IIT Mumbai                            29 Apr 05
10    Stall Exhibition for Women Entrepreneurs                                                    29 Apr -
                                                                                                  01May 05
11    Meeting with Ms Laura Q Del Rosario, Ambassador of Philippines                              09 May 05
12    Meeting with Dr Pedro Cabral Adão, Consul General of Portugal                               18 May 05
13    Meeting with Mr. P Chidambaram, Hon‟ble Union Minister for Finance                          30 May 05
14    Workshop on “Documentation of EXIM”                                                         04 Jun 05
15    Press Conference with the Dean of Catholic University of Portugal and Interactive Session   07 Jun 05
      on "Business & Educational Opportunities in Portugal"
16    Presentation at Hotel Mandovi on Educational Opportunities in Portugal                      08 Jun 05
17    Catalogue Exhibition of Taiwan Products                                                     11 Jun 05
18    Meeting on "Simplified Exit Scheme 2005" Mr C D Paik, Reg. Dir.WR, Ministry of              13 Jun 05
      Company Affairs and Mr G K Purwar, Registrar of Companies
19    Annual General Meeting of GCCI                                                              17 Jun 05
20    Annual General Meeting of GIVE                                                              21 Jun 05
21    Meeting with Mr. Pratapsing R Rane, Chief Minister, Govt of Goa                             21 Jun 05
22    HR Connect 2005 - Job Fair                                                                  22-24 Jun 05
23    Program on Crusade against Fraud committed on the Investors by the NBFCs                    25 Jun 05
24    Workshop on Business Excellence in collaboration with Indian Jaycees, Zone XI               26 Jun 05
25    Meeting with Mr. P M Mahapatra, Dy. Chairman, Mormugao Port Trust at MPT                    27 Jun 05
26    MC Meeting with Mr. Luizinho Faleiro, Minister for Industries, Govt of Goa                  05 Jul 05
27    Memorial Meeting to late Mr. Pascoal J Menezes                                              08 Jul 05
28    Meeting with Mr Mohd Afzal, Ambassador designate of India to Angola                         09 Jul 05
29    Symposium on Workplace Intervention for Prevention of HIV/AIDS                              09 Jul 05
30    Combined meeting of Mine Owners/IR & HR Managers with Labour Commissioner                   15 Jul 05
      Officials (Central and Central Governmentl)
31    Meeting with the Office Bearers of the Bombay Industries Association                        19 Jul 05
32    Talk on “Possibilities for IT & IT Enabled Services in Goa…. Why USA & China are in awe     22 Jul 05
      of Bangalore?” by Dr. Samir Kelekar
33    Seminar on „Healthcare: The Goan Scenario‟                                                  30 Jul 05
34    Blood Donation Camp                                                                         30 Jul 05
35    Talk on Goa VAT Act - A Critical Analysis by Mr. P. C. Joshi, Advocate                      04 Aug 05
36    Meeting with Mr. Dayanand Narvekar, Hon‟ble Minister of Information Technology              05 Aug 05
37    Workshop on „Dynamics of Effective Communications and Human Relations Skills‟ by Mr.        02-03 Sept 05
      Yorrick Pinto of YGP Speakers Academy, Mumbai
38    Meeting with Ms Busi Kuzwayo, S.African Consul General                                      03 Sept 05
39    Talk on Matter, Space & Time by Dr. Jean Audouze, Astro-physicist and UNESCO Kalinga        12 Sept 05
      Award Winner
40    Awareness Program on “Exports for Beginners” by Mr.D Brar, Jt.Dir General FIEO              22 Sept 05
41   Seminar on Radio Frequency Identification by Prof. Sridhar Iyer                          23 Sept 05
42   Conference with 12 Ambassadors of Latin American & Caribbean countries                   07 Oct 05
43   Seminar on Industrial Development in Goa: Growth, Policy issues & Future Directions      18 Oct 05
44   Workshop on Value Based Supervision by Odette Mascarenhas                                11 Nov 05
45   Workshop on Fringe Benefit Tax(FBT) by Mr. Anil Sathe CA                                 12 Nov 05
46   Talk on Introduction to Data Warehousing by Dr. Naveen Prakash                           18 Nov 05
47   Seminar on “ECGC Policies” by Mr Shivaji Narvekar, Branch Mgr, ECGC (Thane)              25 Nov 05
48   Meeting with Mr. Sudhir Mannie, Trade Representative and Mr. Mathew Sangma, Advisor,     30 Nov 05
     Bs Development, of the South African Consul General
49   Presentation on E-learning solutions by Mr. Sharadkumar Tekalkote, Bangalore             13 Dec 05
50   Presentation on Project Evaluation at ICG made by Mr. Mark Rodrigues to 40 CAGs from     15 Dec 05
     26 countries
51   Talk on VAT – Broad Concept by Mr.A.T.Kamat – Ex ST Commissioner , Mr.Vallabh            20 Dec 05
     Kamat – Addl. Commissioner – CT and Mr. Sandip Bhandare – Chairman TRG , Chief
     Guest Mr. Amit Yadav at Chamber‟s Convention Hall. Programme in association with Dept.
     of Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs.
52   WTO Outreach Workshop in association with AEDR & British High Commission                 22-23 Dec 05
53   Visit of Mr. Vishnu N Hade, High Commissioner Designate to Botswana                      24 Dec 05
54   Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony of the new Chamber Building at Verna                    11 Jan 06
55   Workshop on computer aided educational tools for School Teachers                         18 Jan 06
56   Seminar on Enhancing Job Skills by Mr. Basil d‟Cunha                                     21 Jan 06
57   Open House with Mr. Rakesh Sharma, IRS, Chief Commissioner of Customs & Central          23 Jan 06
58   GIVE Closing Ceremony                                                                    27 Jan 06
59   Talk by Mr. Y S Malik, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Company Affairs on the Ministry‟s    01 Feb 06
     MCA-21 Project: e-filing of documents
60   Seminar on Service Tax & CENVAT Credit Rules, 2004 by Mr. V. Shridharan                  04 Feb 06
61   Release of CD on “Statutes of India” at the hands of the Union Defence Minister,         08 Feb 06
     Shri Pranab Mukherjee at Mumbai
62   Meeting with Smt Sonia Gandhi in Goa                                                     23 Feb 06
63   Goa Agenda: Incubation Centers- Challenges for Replicating Successes                     24-25 Feb 06
64   Live Telecast of the Union Budget                                                        28 Feb 06
65   Talk on Union Budget 2006-2007 by Mr. Rajan Vora and Mr. A.R. Krishnan                   03 Mar 06
66   Meeting with Mr. Daniel Zonshine, Consul General of Israel                               07 Mar 06
67   Exporters‟Meet with Mr S Sandhu,IAS, Zonal Joint DGFT & Mr A N Mishra, Jt DGFT           10 Mar 06
68   Goa Tourism Meet and Cashew Mahotsav at Kala Academy                                     10-11 Mar 06
69   Meeting with Mr. A Ramesh Kumar, Chief General Manager, SBI, Mumbai                      14 Mar 06
70   Press Conference Implementation of IT Policy and Pre-marriage HIV Testing                18 Mar 06
71   Press Conference on Super Specialty Healthcare in Goa                                    25 Mar 06

The Goa Chamber of Commerce & Industry, originally known as “Associacao Comercial da India Portuguesa” dates back to
1908 and is one of the oldest Chambers of Commerce in the India.

Ever since its formation in 1908, the Chamber played a very important role in the development of the State, actively handling
various issues, concerning Trade and Commerce. The Chamber led from the front in times of great stress when we went
through two world wars and the years of great political strife that culminated in the economic blockade imposed on Goa in
the 1950s in a futile attempt to oust the Portuguese. Finally, Goa was liberated in 1961. On June 12, 1962, a new
constitution was adopted and the name of the institution was changed to „Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry‟. There
was a consensus among the members of the Chamber to give the honour of Presidentship to stalwarts who had shaped
Goa‟s economy. All of them maintained the prestige of the office of the President by their initiative and experience, placing
the Chamber on the all India map.

Today, the Chamber is the apex body for trade, commerce and industry, in Goa, with its own premises and Secretariat. It
has a membership which includes small, medium and large houses, service, and trading establishments and other
professional members.

The Chamber has always tried its best to find solutions to the problems faced by its members, which were critical and difficult
in the post-liberation period, when, a 500 year tradition of Latin culture and ethos, in form of business practice, administration
and dispensation of law, had to be changed, to the Anglo-Saxon system prevalent in India. During the past decades, the
Chamber, has had to brace itself for new challenges emerging out of globalization and liberalization.
                           FOR THE TERM 2003-2006

                              Mr Nitin Kunkolienker

Mr Dattaraj V Salgaocar                               Mr Cesar Menezes
First Vice President                                  Second Vice President

Mr Ralph de Souza                                     Mr. Manguirish N Pai Raiker
Hon.Secretary                                         Hon.Treasurer

Mr Ganesh Daivajna                                    Mr Shanu A Pai Panandiker

Mr Shrinivas V Dempo                                  Mr Datta D Naik

Mr Sandeep P Verenkar                                 Mr Blaise Costabir

Mr Sandip Bhandare                                    Mr. P G Kakodkar

Mr Jaywant L Chowgule                                 Mr Manoj Caculo

                                 Director General
                          Air Cmde P K Pinto AVSM(Retd)

                                   R S Kamat

Sr #                    Name of the Committee                                   Representative
1    Advisory Committee attached to SISI, Margao                          Mr S A Pai Panandiker
2    Airport Facilitation at Dabolim                                      Mr Nitin Kunkolienker
                                                                          Alt: Mr Mark Rodrigues
3     Advisory Committee of the College of Engineering,Goa                Mr Nitin Kunkolienker
4     Board of Studies in Undergraduate course in Commerce                Mr Ganesh Daivajna
5     Board of Technical Education                                        Mr Sandeep Verenker
6     Board of Apprenticeship Training                                    Mr Prashant Nayak
7     Central Consumer Protection Council                                 Mr Manoj Caculo
8     Consumer Protection Council, Goa                                    Mr Vinayak Mordekar
9     Central Warehousing Advisory Committee                              Mr Sandeep Sood
10    College Development Committee                                       Mr Blaise Costabir
11    Committee for declaration of Rivers Mandovi and Zuari and           Mr Aires Lima Pereira
      Cumbarjua Canal as National Waterways
12    Committee for fixation of Minimum Wages in any Shop or              Mr Manguirish Pai Raiker
      Commercial Establishment                                            Alt: Adv. M S Bandodkar
13    Committee for fixation of Minimum Wages in Employment               Mr Manguirish Pai Raiker
      in cotton fibre, thread yarn spinning and weaving including         Alt: Adv. M S Bandodkar
      handloom weaving
14    Committee on fixation of Minimum Wages in respect of                Mr Manguirish Pai Raiker
      employment in units engaged in the mfr., assembling of electronic   Alt: Adv M S Bandodkar
      goods and components and their distribution & sale
15    Committee under Hazardous Waste (Management and                     Mr. Nitin Kunkolienker
      Handling) Rules to identify permanent site, prepare
      EIA Report and appoint Agency to carry out activities
16    Customs & Central Excise - RAC for Service Tax Sector               Mr Sandip Bhandare
                                                                          Alt: Mr. Santosh Kenkre
17    Customs & Central Excise-RAC for Organised and Small Scale          Mr. Sandip Bhandare
      Sector                                                              Alt: Mr.Parimal Kulkarni
18    Customs Advisory Committee                                          Mr Shrinivas Dempo
                                                                          Alt: Mr Nitin Kunkolienker
19    Public Grievance Committee – C & CE                                 Mr. Nitin Kunkolienker
                                                                          Alt: Mr. C M Gaunekar
20    District Crisis Group                                               Mr R G Dhume
                                                                          Alt:Mr M Durairaj
21    District of Consumer Protection Council, South Goa                  Mr. Vinay M Mordekar
22    District of Consumer Protection Council, North Goa                  Mr Ramesh Pankar
23    Divisional Railway Users‟ Consultative Committee                    Mr. Ganesh Daivajna
24    EDC Board - Vice Chairman                                           Mr Nitin Kunkolienker
25    Entertainment Society of Goa - Governing Body/General               Mr. Manguirish Pai Raiker
26    GOA – IDC Board                                                     Mr Nitin Kunkolienker
27    Goa Labour Welfare Board                                            Mr Manguirish Pai Raiker
                                                                          Alt: Adv M S Bandodkar
28    Goa Institute of Management Governing Board                         Mr Nitin Kunkolienker
29    Goa State Council for Vocational Training                           Mr. Blaise Costabir
30   Goa State Pollution Control Board                          Mr Nitin Kunkolienker
31   High Power Working Group on Tourism                        Mr Ralph de Souza
32   HRD Foundation                                             Mr Blaise Costabir
33   IFFI Committee Special Invitee                             Mr. Manguirish Pai Raiker
34   Indian Airlines Regional Advisory Committee                Mr Nitin Kunkolienker
35   Industrial Development Board                               Mr Nitin Kunkolienker
36   Industrial Cluster Development Scheme                      Mr Manguirish Pai Raiker
37   Infotech Corporation of Goa Ltd.                           Mr Sandeep Verenkar
38   Konkan Railway Users‟ Consultative Committee               Mr Gangaram S Morajkar
39   Local Advisory Committee for Electronic Test &             Mr Deepak Chodankar
     Development Centre                                         Alt: Mr P Deshpande, D-Link
40   Local Committee for ESI                                    Mr. Manguirish Pai Raiker
41   Minimum Wages Advisory Board                               Adv. M S Bandodkar
42   Monitoring Committee                                       Mr P Natesan, VMSB
43   MPT- Port Operations Group                                 Capt Bruno V D‟Souza
44   NSIC Local Acceptance Committee                            Mr Sandip Bhandare
                                                                Alt: Mr Santosh Kenkre
45   Planning Board                                             Mr Nitin Kunkolienker
46   Port Level Working Group                                   Mr. Sameer Amonkar
47   Post Forum                                                 Mr Ramesh Pankar
48   Postal Advisory Committee(Goa)                             Mr Ramesh Pankar
49   Power Advisory Committee                                   Mr Mark Rodrigues
                                                                Alt: Mr M Durairaj
50   Prime Minister‟s Rozgar Yojna                              Mr Gangaram S Morajkar
51   Public Grievance Committee                                 Mr Nitin Kunkolienker
52   RAC - Export Credit Guarantee Corporation                  Mr Blaise Costabir
53   RAC for Workers‟ Education Centre, Ponda                   Adv M S Bandodkar
54   Rajya Sainik Board                                         Director General
55   Rate Contract Committee                                    Mr Manguirish Pai Raiker
56   Regional Committee for EPF in Goa                          Mr Blaise Costabir
57   Regional Direct Taxes Advisory Committee                   Mr Ganesh Daivajna
58   Regional Consultative Committee on Agriculture and Rural   Mr R S Kamat
59   Sales Tax Advisory Committee                               Mr Manguirish Pai Raiker
60   Standing Committee of ITI                                  Mr Blaise Costabir
61   Standing Committee on Montreal Protocol Implementation-    Mr Mahesh Patil
62   State Advisory Board for Child Labour                      Adv M S Bandodkar
63   State Co-ordination Committee for the purpose of           Mr Manguirish Pai Raiker
           deliberations on the Persons with disabilities
64   State Labour Advisory Board                                Adv. Girish Sardessai
65   Steering Committee for new International Airport at Mopa   Mr Mark Rodrigues
                                                                Alt: Mr Ralph de Souza
66   S L C for processing cases within the CRZ                  Mr Dattaraj V Salgaocar
                                                                Alt: Mr Nitin Kunkolienker
67   S L C for Standardisation & Quality Systems                Mr Kevin Barretto
                                                                Alt: Mr Nitin Kunkolienker
68   S L C under Goa State Investment Subsidy Scheme   Mr Blaise Costabir
                                                       Alt: Mr Ganesh Daivajna
69   Tool Room & Training Centre                       Mr Anil Anant Kamat
70   Town & Country Planning Board                     Mr. Mark Rodrigues
                                                       Alt: Mr Nitin Kunkolienker
71   Watch Dog Panel for Custom House                  Mr Shrinivas V Dempo
                                                       Alt: Mr Nitin Kunkolienker
72   Zonal Railway Users‟ Consultative Committee       Mr Gangaram S Morajkar
                        COMMITTEES FOR THE TERM 2003-2006

                          1. AGRICULTURE & FISHERIES DEVELOPMENT

Mr Joseph D‟Souza
D‟Souza Biotech

Dr Ajit Shirodkar                            Dr Sangam Kurade
Ravimangal Agropro Combine                   Zuari Food & Farms P Ltd.

Mr Manjunath Hegde                           Mr Miguel Braganza
Salgaocar’s Madhuvan Farm                    Horticulturist

Mr S S P Tendulkar,                          Dr V S Korikanthimath
MD Horticulture Corporation                  Director, ICAR

Shri S C Verenkar                            Mr R G Joshi
Director, Fisheries, Govt of Goa             Director, Agriculture, Govt of Goa

                                      2. BASIC INFRASTRUCTURE

Mr Mark Rodrigues,
Crystal Island Park Pvt Ltd

Mr. Sandeep Verenkar                         Mr. Joseph de Souza
Anant Infotech Pvt Ltd.                      De Souza Biotech

Mr. Ernest Dias                              Mr. Chandrakant Sangawar
Kuoni Travel (I) Ltd.                        Majorda Beach Resort

Mr. George Varkey                            Ms Meera Kumar
Porvorim                                     Aspinwall & Co.Ltd.

Mr. H L Kulkarni
                            3. CONSUMER AFFAIRS

Chairman                                      Co-Chairman
Mr G S Morajkar                               Mr Vinayak Mordekar
Gansham Traders                               Vivek Trading Corporation

Mr Ramesh G Pankar                            Mr Nitin J Maganlal
Shanu Pankar                                  Magsons Supercentre

Mr Madhukar R Mallya                          Mr Harish L Melwani
Emco Goa Pvt Ltd.                             H L Nathurmal

Mr. N B Narvekar                              Mr. N M Naik
Director, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs   Controller, Legal Metrology Dept.,

Mr. S N Tripathi                              Mr. D A Hawaldar
Director, Food & Drugs Administration         Director, Municipal Administration
                                          4. EDUCATION

Mr Blaise Costabir
GMI Zarhak Moulders Pvt Ltd.

                         Members/ Invitees
Mr Sandeep Verenkar                           Mr. P Sridhar
Anant Electronics                             CEO, Control Net India Ltd

Mr Alan Rocha, Asst Professor                 Mr. Rashid Kukkadi
TTTI, Extn Centre, Porvorim                   Vice President, Control Net India Ltd.

Dr R P Adgaonkar                            Dr Meenacshi Martins Shukla
Principal, Padre Conceição College of Engg. Psychiatrist

Prof Newman Fernandes                         Prof V Shiv Kumar
Principal, St Xavier’s College                Director, Centre for Latin American Studies

Mr Aleixo D‟Costa                             Mr M A Sundaram
Director, Directorate of Craftsmen Training   Professor

                                              Mrs Ranjana Kakodkar
                                              Director, Pragati Vocational Assessment Ctr

Mr Gurudas Kamat
Anubhav Films


Mr Pravin Zantye                         Mr Pandurang Phaldessai
Narayan Ganesh Prabhu Zantye & Co.       Member Secretary, Kala Academy

Mr Rajesh Kenkre                         Mr Sandip Bhandari
Architect                                Chartered Accountant

Mr Raghunath Dhume                       Mr Shailesh Borkar

Mr Manguirish Pai Raiker                 Mr Raghunath Dhume
S R Consultancy Services

Mr Zilu Harmalkar                        Mr Mayendra Alvares
                                  6. FOOD PROCESSING


Dr Sangam Kurade                                 Mr. R F Ivo da Costa Azaredo
Zuari Foods & Farms Pvt Ltd.                     Costa & Co.Pvt.Ltd.

Mr. A S Kamath                                   Mr. Joseph D‟Souza
Ajanta Industries                                D’Souza Biotech

Mr. Govind Desai                                 Mr. N Poojary
Cotyar Beverages                                 Goan Bounty

Mr. Datta D Naik                                 Mr. Suresh Zantye
New Millennium Bakers                            Narayan Ganesh Prabhu Zantye & Co

Dr Shrikant Naik                                 Mr. Nikhil Desai
MD, Goa State Co-op. Milk Producers Union Ltd.   MD, Sanjivani Sahakar Sakhar Karkana

Mr. Mario Valadares                              Mr. Regan Hendricks
Royal Foods                                      Rhea Distilleries
                                          7. GIVE

Chairman                                  Vice-Chairman
Nitin Kunkolienker                        Blaise Costabir

Immediate Past Chairman
Dattaraj V Salgaocar


Cdr R S Singh                             Mr. G B Halkar
MD Western India Shipyard Ltd.            V M Salgaocar & Bro P Ltd.

Aleixo da Costa                           Mr. A E Barreto
Asst Director, Craftsmen Training         V M Salgaocar & Bro P Ltd.

Mr. R Yaduvanshi                          Mrs Lalita Joshi, Principal
Secretary, Labour                         MES College of Arts & Commerce

Mr. S A Deshprabhu
Commissioner, Labour
                                          8. INDUSTRY

Mr Shanu Pai Panandiker
Marpol Pvt.Ltd.


Mr Blaise Costabir                         Mr T C Bhandari
GMI Zarhak Moulders Pvt Ltd                Bharat Conductors Pvt Ltd.

Mr S S Prabhudesai                         Mr K G S Raman
Chief Inspector of Factories               Director – SISI

Mr A M Gude                                Mr A D Naik
V M Salgaocar & Bro Pvt Ltd.               General Manager, Goa IDC

Mr Dilip Kunkolienker                      Mr Sandeep P Verenkar
GM, Unichem Laboratories Ltd.              Anant Electronics

The Director of Industries & Mines
                                           Fr Romualdo D‟Souza
Mr Vincent Jayaraj                         Director, Goa Institute of Management
Sales Manager, Jet Airways (I) Ltd.
                                          9. I R & HRD

Chairman                                          Co-Chairmen
Mr Manguirish N Pai Raiker                        Adv. M S Bandodkar
S R Consultancy Services
                                                  Mr G B Halkar
                                                  V M Salgaocar & Bro Ltd.

Mr D P Sinha                                      Mr B T Boke
Chowgule & Co                                     V S Dempo & Co.Pvt.Ltd.

Mr George Ninan, MRF,                             Mr M D Phal
Plant Human Resource Manager                      Sesa Goa Ltd.

Mr Y R Vishwanath,                                Mr Arvind Cordeiro
Sesa Goa Ltd.                                     DGM-IR, Zuari Industries Ltd.

Mr. Roy de Barros                                 Mr. Ramesh Patil
Pentair Water India P Ltd.,                       Betts India Pvt. Ltd.

Mr Allwyn Crasto,                                 Mr R P Rataboli
Ciba Speciality Chemicals India Ltd.              Consultant

Mr. S A Deshprabhu                                Mr Ananth Prabhu
The Commissioner, Labour                          Automobile Corporation of Goa Ltd.,

                                                  Mr. Cyril Pereira
                                                  Cyratron Techmation & Oilex Systems
                              10. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY

Chairman                                   Co-Chairman
Mr Sandeep P Verenkar                      Mr P Sridhar
Anant Electronics                          ControlNet India Pvt Ltd.


Mr Deepak Chodankar                        Mr Govindraj Dempo
D-Link (I) Ltd.                            Dempo Group of Companies

Mr Rajeev Pilgaocar                        Mr Niraj Naik
Quartet Enterprise                         Aprant Infomedia

Prof Anil Seth                             Mr K D Kulkarni,
Dept of Computer Science & Technology      ControlNet India Pvt Ltd,

Mr Albert Gouveia, Scientist               Prof V V Kamat
Head, Information Technology Group, NIO    Dept of Computer Science & Technology

Mr A V Palekar,
MD, Info Tech Corporation of Goa Ltd.      Mr. Hanumath Rao
                                           National Informatics Centre
Prof Vithal Sukthankar
Goa Institute of Management
                        11. INVESTMENT FACILITATION CENTRE

             Chairman                   Co-Chairman
Mr Girish Keni                          Mr Sandip Bhandari
Chartered Accountant                    Chartered Accountant

Mr Datta D Naik                       Mr Sadashiv V Shet
Kashinath Damodar Naik

Mr Sandip Jacques                       Mr Santosh R Kenkre
MD, Goa-IDC                             Chartered Accountant

Mrs Doris D‟Souza                       Adv. Ajit Rajaram Kantak
DGM & Officer-in-Charge, RBI            G M S Contoco & Bros.

Mr S I Kazi                             Mr A V Palekar
Tricom Technology & Consultancy Group   MD, Info Tech Corporation of Goa Ltd.

Mr Prakash Shetty                       Adv. Sanjay Usgaocar
Tohfa Gift Centre                       Advocate
                                       12. LOGISTICS

Chairman                                        Co-Chairman

Mr. Jaywant Chowgule                            Mr. Dattaprasad Bhonsle
Chowgule Brothers Pvt Ltd.                      Ciba Specialty Chemicals (I) Ltd.

                                                Ms Meera Kumar
Mr. Sachindra Sirdesai                          Aspinwall & Co.Ltd.
Madaus Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd.
                                                Mr. R S Sawant
Mr. C M Gaunekar                                Dy Commissioner of Customs
D-Link India Ltd.
                                                Mr. Mohan Banaulikar
Mr. Jayram Dialani                              Banaulikar Clearing & Forwarding Agency
Vijay Marine Services
                                                Capt A P Mascarenhas
Mr. Melvin D‟Silva                              Captain of Ports
Station Manager, Indian Airlines
                         13. PROGRAM CO-ORDINATION COMMITTEE

Mr Manguirish Pai Raiker
S R Consultancy Services

Mr Manoj Caculo                             Mr Deepak Chodankar
Caculo Motors Pvt Ltd.                      Open Link Network Ltd.

Mr Harish D Rajani                          Mr Sandip Bhandari
Damodar Mangalji & Co. Ltd                  Chartered Accountant

Mr Rohan Khaunte                            Mr Mark Rodrigues
Shiv Samarth Motors                         Zuari Tigers Aqua Pvt Ltd

Mr Sandeep P Verenkar                       Mr Narcinva Damodar Naik
Anant Electronics                           Narcinva Damodar Naik

Mr Rahul D Naik                             Mr Girish Keni
Director, Sitara Motors Pvt Ltd.            Chartered Accountant

Blaise Costabir                             Joseph de Souza
GMI-Zarhak Moulders Pvt Ltd.,               De Souza Biotech
                         14. REAL ESTATE & HOUSING CONSTRUCTION


Mr. Datta Naik
Commonwealth Developers

Mr. Dattaprasad Kamat                  Mr. Joe Mathias
Kamat Constructions Pvt Ltd.           Mathias Constructions

Mr Sandesh Naik                             Mr. Anil Counto
Nanu Enterprises                            Alcon Constructions

Mr Raj Amonkar                              Mr. Dinar Kamat Tarcar
Cosmos Technologies Pvt Ltd.,               President, Goa Chamber of Housing Industry

Mr Tulio D‟Souza                            Dr S P Deshpande
                                            EDP Consultants
Mr Inacio Coutinho
President, Indian Institute of Architects
                                 15. TAX RESEARCH GROUP

Chairman                                   Co-Chairman
Mr Sandip Bhandare                         Mr Santosh R Kenkre
Chartered Accountant                       Chartered Accountant

Mr Ganesh Daivajna                         Mr Girish Keni
Chartered Accountant                       Chartered Accountant

Mr P K Mukherjee                           Mr G Balasubramanian
Sesa Goa Ltd.                              V S Dempo & Co Pvt Ltd.

Mr S Bhardwaj                              Mr M K Kavlekar
Ciba Speciality Chemicals (I) Ltd.         V M Salgaocar & Bro Pvt Ltd.

Mr Sadashiv V Shet                         Dr A B Prasad
Company Secretary                          V S Dempo & Co.Pvt Ltd.

Mr K G Prabhu                              Mr. R K Pikale, FCA
D-Link (I) Ltd                             Chartered Accountant

Mr Parimal G Kulkarni                      Vishnudas Parsekar
Andrew Telecommunication (I) Pvt Ltd.      D-Link (I) Ltd

Mr. A E Barreto                            Mr C M Gaunekar
V M Salgaocar & Bro. Pvt. Ltd.             D-Link (I) Ltd.

Mr. Prashant Mallya                        Mr Joseph M Lopes
GKB Ophthalmics Ltd.                       Zuari Industries Ltd.

Mr. Shivram Bhat                           Mr Y N Upadhyaya
Phil Corporation Ltd                       Chartered Accountant

Mr V Vijay Shankar                         Mr Vinay Singhal
Zuari Industries Ltd.                      IFB Industries Ltd.

Mr Satish R Dhume                          Mr Silverio Dias
Satish Dhume & Co.                         Chartered Accountant
                                 16. TOURISM

Chairman                                   Co-Chairman
Mr Ralph de Souza                          Mr. Gaurish Dhond
The De Souza Group                         Dhond Hotels


Mr. N Suryanarayana                        Mr Mahesh Rao
MD - Goa Tourism Development               Hotel Nova Goa
                                           Mr Charles Bonifacio
Mr Rene Mendes                             President, Travel & Tourism Asscn of Goa

Mr Anand Madgavkar                         Mr Norman de Souza
Emerald Cruises                            The De Souza Group

Mr Ernest Dias                             Mr Xavier Furtado
Kuoni Travel (I) Ltd.                      Holiday Inn Resort Goa

Mr Mark Rodrigues                          Mr. Sandeep Jacques
Crystal Island Park Pvt Ltd                Director, Tourism

Mr. Jagdish Wagh                           Mr. U D Kamat

Mr. A K Wahal,
MD Goa Forest Dev Corporation Ltd.
                            PAST PRESIDENTS

Name                                            Term
Luis Guilherme Dias *                 Jan 1908- Dec 1912
Vicente Salvador de Andrade *         Jan 1913- Dec 1914
Dr Pedro Xavier Gonsalves *           Jan 1915- Dec 1916
Luis Guilherme Dias *                 Jan 1917- Dec 1918
Manuel Lopes Monteiro *               Jan 1919- Dec 1920
Francisco Xavier Sales de Andrade *   Jan 1921- Dec 1922
Vasco Freire Temudo *                 Jan 1923- Dec 1924
Bento Miguel Fernandes *              Jan 1925- Dec 1926
Jose Caetano Jorge *                  Jan 1927- Dec 1928
Antonio Augusto Vieira Lisboa *       Jan 1928- Dec 1930
Joaquim Santana Velho *               Jan 1931- Dec 1932
Pedro Sebastiao de Figueiredo *       Jan 1933- Dec 1934
Narcinva Damodar Naique *             Jan 1935- Dec 1936
Cristovam Fernandes *                 Jan 1937- Dec 1938
Heitor Joao Peres *                   Jan 1939- Dec 1940
Madeva Sinai B Caculo *               Jan 1941- Dec 1946
Vassantrao S Dempo *                  Jan 1947- Dec 1948
Esvontrao Bolvonta Rao *              Jan 1949- Dec 1952
Jose Antonio de Gouveia *             Jan 1953- Dec 1962
Madev Sinai Talaulicar *              Jan 1963- Dec 1964
Panduranga S Timblo *                 Jan 1965- Dec 1968
Vishwasrao Dattaji Chowgule           Jan 1969- Dec 1972
Vassantrao S Dempo *                  Jan 1973- Dec 1976
Vasudeo M Salgaocar *                 Jan 1977- Dec 1978
Bhagwant K Naik *                     Jan 1979- Dec 1980
Vasudeva V Dempo *                    Jan 1981- Dec 1984
Yeshwantrao D Chowgule *              Jan 1985- Mar 1989
Prabhakar S Angle *                   Apr 1989-May 1991
Ramnath G Kare                        May1991-June 1995
Dattaraj V Salgaocar                  July 1995-June 2001

* Since deceased
                                 CHAMBER'S VISION & MISSION

At the GCCI we have a vision of a sustainable Goa - a Goa where economy is strong and sustainable. At the
Chamber we need to evolve a strong mission to focus our efforts to work towards our vision of a sustainable
and prosperous Goa. We have a vision of developing Goa's business to enable the building of a sustainable
Goa. For this we will put a thrust on our programs and activities so as to achieve the following:

   To act as a catalyst in developing economy, trade, industry, commerce and the socio-economic conditions
    of Goa and the nation as a whole.
   As a pro-active organization of business, GCCI is committed to spearhead the promotion of a conducive
    environment for Trade, Industry and Commerce.
   Committed to build opinions and suggest pro-active options for enhancing competitiveness of business and
    industry by interacting with policy makers and experts.
   Era 2000 is a millennium that defines change. In a fast changing world, it is essential to upgrade skills on a
    continuous basis and keep forging ahead. GCCI will provide training and education to corporate
    executives, entrepreneurs and those interested in business and industry in a variety of areas.
   Committed to facilitate the unorganized sector of trade & industry as the unorganized sector contributes a
    major share in the industrial growth.
   Committed to help the Government in providing a transparent administrative and tax system. In order to be
    successful in our endeavor we will have to work very closely with the Government, professionals, experts,
    intellectuals and eminent personalities. Similarly, the Chamber shall have close interaction with people
    from industry, trade, businessmen and workers.
                             CHAMBER‟S AIMS AND OBJECTIVES

   To encourage and promote a friendly feeling and unanimity among businessmen and industrialists on all
    subjects involving their common good and in general interests of the State and the country.
   To promote and protect interests of trade, commerce, and industry.
   To collect and circulate information and statistics on various matters of general, commercial and industrial
   To obtain the removal of all acknowledged grievances affecting mercantile and industrial interests, as far
    as possible.
   To deal suitably with legislative and other measures affecting the business and industry.
   To communicate with Government and other public authorities, with similar Associations in other places
    and with individuals on all subjects of general mercantile and industrial interests.
   To arbitrate in the settlement of disputes arising out of commercial transactions.
   To co-operate with any other Association with similar objectives and exchange information.
                                      THE GOAN ECONOMY

Goa was liberated on the 19th December, 1961, from the Portuguese rule. It remained a Union Territory till the
30th of May, 1987 and thereafter became the 25th state of the Indian Union.

The State of Goa covers an area of 3,702 sq.mts. According to the 2001 census, Goa's population stands at 13.44
lakhs with a population density of 363. The decadal growth rate in population has declined from 16.08% during
1981-91 to 14.89% during1991-2001. The sex ratio in terms of number of females per thousand males has been
declining in favour of males and is presently at 960. The State has a literacy rate of around 83% which is one
of the highest in the country. The State has witnessed a steady increase in the urban population from 41.01% in
1991 to 49.77% in 2001, with a decadal growth of 39.42%. The Gross State Domestic Product of the State at
constant prices (1993-94) has registered an annual compound growth rate of 10% during the period 1993-94 to
1999-2000. In 2001-2002, the Gross State Domestic Product has increased to 7172 crores (at current prices)
from Rs.6075 crore in 1998-99 exhibiting an 18% growth.

Before Liberation, Goa's economy was mainly based on Agriculture, Fisheries and to a large extent on the
Mining Industry. After Goa's Liberation, due to various steps taken by the Government, the Industrial scenario,
underwent a vast change.

Goa has come a long way from the Industrial base existing since 1960. Presently, Goa has over 6500 Small
Scale Industrial Units and 148 Medium Scale units employing over 50,000 people. The manufacturing sector
has grown significantly over the past few years. Today it contributes nearly 30% to the State Domestic Product
as compared to 7% in the 1960. In the manufacturing sector, the chemical and chemical products industry is the
largest contributor (41%) to the net value added by the industry to the Goan Economy. The other major
contributors are the food products, beverages, rubber and plastic products. The growth in Industrial activity over
the years is also evident from the increase in the manufacturing index from 133 in 1994-95 to a whopping 305 in

Goa has now emerged as an investment hotspot. Goa tops the lists in terms of Education, Health, Infrastructure
and Investment scenario and featured as the No. 1 state in India in a recent survey conducted by India Today.
Goa has been applauded as the best destination for investment several independent studies including the
McKinsey & CII reports.
                           GOA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY

The Goa Chamber of Commerce & Industry is one of the oldest Chambers of Commerce and Industry
established in 1908 and it has been instrumental in building up the infrastructure for trade and industry in Goa.
The Chamber has over 400 members consisting of traders, manufacturers, small / large / multi-national
industrial units and professionals and is active in rendering help to Goan industries to face the challenges of a
changing and highly competitive market economy by liaisoning with various government departments for
enactment of favorable policies as well as educating its members in various commercial, industrial and other
related legislations and regulations existing in the country.


The Goa Chamber of Commerce & Industry, originally known as “Associação Commercial da India
Portuguesa”, dates back to 1908 and is one the oldest Chambers of Commerce in India.

Ever since its formation, the Chamber has handled various issues concerning trade and commerce. It has been
very active and played a very important role in the development of the State. It has a number of initiatives to its
credit. It led from the front in times of great stress.

In 1911 the Chamber persuaded the Government to initiate the construction of a new jetty near the dock of Nova
Goa, i.e. Panaji, for the loading of cargo. It was at the Chamber‟s initiative that a banking house was started
under the name of Banco da India Portuguesa in 1914.

In 1916, the Chamber catalysed the steamship service between Goa and Portugal to boost trade between the two
countries. In 1929, it persuaded the Government to modernize and expand the dock facilities to keep pace with
the increased traffic. In 1954, when the Govt. of India imposed an economic blockade against Goa, the Chamber
arranged for a Portuguese shipping company to touch Goa directly to minimize hardships to the local
population. Thus it is primarily due to the pioneering efforts of the Chamber that the basic facilities like
banking, mercantile marine services, a communication infrastructure and other amenities necessary for the
smooth functioning of business and industry were developed in Goa.

Goa was liberated in 1961. At that time the Chamber had about 300 members. On June 12, 1962 a new
Constitution was adopted and the name of the Institution was changed to „Goa Chamber of Commerce &
Industry‟. Today, this is the only apex body for trade, commerce and industry in Goa with its own premises and
Secretariat. It has around 450 members which includes small, medium and large scale business houses, service
and trading establishments and professional bodies. It has had the honour of playing host to several important
dignitaries like Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Shri Moraraji Desai, Atal Behari Vajpayee, Dr Manmohan Singh, Dr
Abid Hussain, Dr C Rangarajan, Shri Nani Palkhiwala, Mr Arun Jaitley, to name a few.

Over the last 40 years the Chamber has tried its best to find solutions to the problems faced by the commercial
and industrial community. The Chamber has been successful in delivering the goods and it has done the best
way it could. The successive Managing Committees have taken several important decisions, which have yielded
good results. The initiatives included the setting up of Government Chamber interaction and implementation
group to establish closer interaction with the Government and, Goa Institute of Vocational Education to
introduce German System of Technical Education which was supported by the State Government, Watershed
Management, suggestion for establishment of a Special Economic Zone, offshore banking/financial center and
several other memoranda and representations for the accelerated development for Goa and Master plan for
Tourism, Industrial Policy, Power Policy, Drafting of VAT laws, etc. to name a few.
GCCI has taken a major initiative in the IT Sector with the hosting of "The Goa Agenda", the National Seminars
on IT, with the objective of promoting and projecting Goa at the National level. This is the foundation stone to
hold more such events on industry related matters. The Chamber has also received approval from the Goa
Government to hold IT seminars every month and 50% of the expenses will be funded from the Government.
Responsiveness to members‟ grievances and issues has been a major thrust area for Chamber and almost 85% of
the representations have been addressed.

Over the years, the expectations from the Chamber have increased manifold and we are not restricted to only
Industry & Commerce, but are looking at a broader economic perspective. Thus, we have also restructured the
Secretariat to be leaner, cost effective and more professional in its approach. In future, there will be three
separate cells in the Chamber - the Co-ordination Cell will deal with redressal of members‟ grievances and
administrative matters; Event Management Cell will conduct Workshop, Seminars and continuation Training
programs; and Economic Research cell will deal with indepth economic research pertaining to the Trade and
Industry. The Chamber also has an Investment Facilitation team which furnishes investment related data to the

Tribute to the Past Presidents
The Managing Committee places on record the valuable contribution to the Chamber by the past Presidents,
both to those deceased and those surviving. The solid foundation of the Chamber laid by its founders have been
strengthened by each incoming President and today we have a strong and vibrant Chamber, thanks to their
efforts. The Chamber salutes these eminent leaders.

Benefits to Members:

Membership of GCCI brings many concrete benefits to both individual companies and to the cause of private

GCCI Members can -

 Make invaluable contacts at the GCCI:
 - A meeting place for business people from every corner of Goa, every sector.

   Develop sound public relations:
-   Promoting their company‟s reputation in the regional/national and international forum.

 Avail a single-window information service:
- On policy and practical issues affecting the business and industry

 Act help with their company‟s needs and problems:
- In management and international trade and through the GCCI „Help with Service‟

 Access to essential GCCI publications, conferences, meetings and other information
- For profitable domestic and international trade and investment.

1. Regular Publications
Monthly Bulletin: The Chamber publishes a Bulletin every month which is distributed to its members free of
charge, and also sent on a reciprocal basis to other Chambers of Commerce, government officials and foreign
trade missions in India. It contains information on the working of the Chamber and its activities, useful and
important government notifications and information covering Trade, Consumer Price Index etc. In order to
build opinion, inform and communicate, both the Website and the Chamber‟s Bulletin has been revamped
with gratifying results.

Annual Report: The Chamber publishes an Annual Report which contains useful information regarding
Chamber's activities during the year. The Annual Report of the Chamber also includes a list of Chamber‟s
Committees and a list of Representatives on Government Bodies.

The Chamber publishes important Government Acts and Rules, a Calendar with holidays of Goa state, and
also provides Charter Party holidays of the major ports, on request.

2. Other Publications

The Chamber publishes a Membership Database which provides the name, address, contact person,
telephone numbers and products/services of all its members.

The Chamber periodically publishes an Trade & Commercial Directory of Goa listing various industries,
trade & services in the state along with information on products manufactured / marketed by them.

To facilitate the businessmen, small business enterprises, corporate entities, traders, exporters, SSI
units, professionals, associations, academicians, students, etc. with up to date information of various
business related Acts, Orders, Rules and Regulations, Notifications, and Govt. Schemes, the Chamber
has published a CD on Statutes of India containing over 350 Bare Acts, Rules, Regulations and
Guidelines and related Notifications, Circulars, Forms, etc.

This CD has a database of over 30,000 pages covering all industry related legislations across 16
different categories and will serve as a useful reference guide for all.

3. Special Publication

The Chamber has also brought out a publication entitled „30 Years of Economic Development in Goa 1961-
91‟, tracing the social, economic and industrial progress in Goa over the last three decades after Liberation,
and a publication on 'Retail Opportunities in Goa' giving the recent trends in marketing in Goa.

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