6 Steps of Closing the sale by leader6


									When it comes to closing a sale do you really know how to
  close? Do you freeze up afraid to close or don't know what
to say? Do you know how and when to close a sale or even if
 the prospect is interested in the Insurance Program? Well,
           Lets analyze six ways to overcome these common
                  Challenges and Increase your closing ratio.
1.Your Attitude makes a huge
 Before going to any appointment get yourself in the right
  frame of mind. Go in with the attitude that you will close
  the sale.
 When you are driving to an a appointment do not listen to
  the radio, instead imagine your self filling out the
  application and picking up the check. When you arrive at
  the appointment sit in your car for a few minutes, close
  your eyes and visualize every thing happening just as you
  want it to. Picture the prospect approving the contract,
  giving you the check and shaking hands and smiling.
 If your attitude going in is negative you might as well get
  back in your car and go home.
2. Ask the why’s
 "Closing is the process of helping people makes decisions that
  are good for them"
 Closing a sale begins when you qualify the prospect. Make sure
  you are qualifying every prospect thoroughly. Determine their
  emotional wants and their motives. Ask the client:
 “Why am I here Mr. client? Or.. What are you are trying to
  accomplish by allowing me to come into to your home and help
  you apply for Life Insurance?
 It's at this stage the prospect will tell you their hot buttons and
  give you the road map to close them. Also they will become
  comfortable with you and by showing an interest in their needs
  you will set your self apart from all the other agents.
 Start filling out the Financial Survey and determine the budget.
3. ABC - Always be Closing

 Be prepared to close the sale at any time. Be ready to close
  when you walk in the door. The sales process doesn't have
  to continue through all the steps. You can close a sale at
  any time after asking the why and filling out the suvey.
 I have seen many Agents with a prospect who is ready to
  buy, money in hand, waving it in the air, however, the
  salesperson stops them and says wait, I haven't finished my
  presentation yet, let me tell you how great I am.
 They've been taught to go through all the steps so they
  keep talking and many times talk themselves out of a sale.
 At any point during the sales process the prospect is ready
  to buy...close the sale.
4. How to Recognize Buying Signs

 Buyers will often give you signs they want what you're selling. These
    signs can either be verbal or visual. Let's start with the verbal.
   A buyer may start asking more questions. They nod their head in
    agreement. They require more in depth information. They start talking
    about how things will be when they own the product.
   Some visual signs to watch for are a smile, a raising of the eyebrows or
    moving closer to you so they can see better. If it's a couple they may
    show more affection or they may look at each other in a certain way.
   When you have memorized your presentation you can be more aware
    of these buying signs and your closing ratio will increase dramatically.
   When you know what you are going to say and don't need to think
    about it, your sales will increase dramatically because you can sit back
    and watch their body language and buying signals and you'll know
    when they're ready to buy.
5. How to Make the Decision to Close the

 When you have qualified the prospect properly, the
  buying signs are there and you know they want to buy,
  make the decision that the best thing for them is to
 Then focus your attention on talking about the things
  they like or feel are important as you close the sale.
  Put your personal feelings about your product or
  service aside and focus on the buyer.
6.Assume the Sale and seal it.
 If you've done everything right and the buying signs are there, assume the sale
  and begin filling out the Application. Keep moving ahead until they stop you.
  If you did your job and your closing the sale at the right time, they won't stop
 Once you fill out the application and they agreed on the right program, seal the
  sale by saying:
 “ Mr. client, do you feel I have been honest with you and I have helped you pick
  the right program for you and your family? They always say yes.
 Mr. client. Now I must work hard for you and your family and I will do my best
  to get you the best program and deliver a policy to you in 2-4 weeks. I need you
  to promise me and your family something.
 During these 2-4 weeks you promise you will not cancel this application…..
  Look straight in the ye and wait for an answer.
 Once they agree with you and make the promise, shake their hand and say:
 Great! I am Happy know you are a man of integrity and keep your promises and
  truly care about protecting your family!

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