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					                             THERESA ELIZABETH BATHORY


Experienced with fifteen years of success in web development, design, standards and marketing in
both corporate and entrepreneurial environments. My abilities include Information Design and
Usability Specialist with a strong focus on Accessibility, Management and personnel skills with
Customer and Vendor Relations, Project Coordination, and Internet Technologies. I have
extremely strong skills in personnel, organization, advertising, graphic arts, project conception,
design, and execution.

                                PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

CATALYST STUDIO INC. SUGAR LAND, TX                                        JUL 2007 – OCT 2009
Web Development and Design
Web Site and Application Development and Design.

   Created project scopes and bids for various web sites and applications.
   Implemented and trained employees in code and design standards in accordance to the W3C,
    Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act, along with Usability guidelines.
   Created databases and set up Content Management Systems (CRMs) for our clients.
   Developed CRMs using Drupal, Joomla, and Typolight.
   Responsible for Module assessment and testing for CRMs.
   Created logo and branding designs along with guiding standards for proper design.
   Created design templates for Drupal and Typolight.
   Lead in marketing strategies for our customers including social networking campaigns.
   Created and monitored Google analytics and campaigns.
   Trained employees in CSS, and XHTML standards
   Flash programming and design.
   Coded using XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery PHP and SQL.
   Web site designs and coded sites in accordance to standards set by the W3C and Section 508
    of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

WEBXITES LLC. HOUSTON, TX                                                  FEB 2006 – FEB 2007
Design Manger
Managed the Graphical Design Department.

   Brought the department back into delivering projects on time and kept it there.
   Wrote project procedures and design standards for the department.
   Insured design quality and standards according to the W3C, Section 508 of the Americans with
    Disabilities Act, and Usability guidelines.
   Assigned and scheduled projects to designers and updated project status at each milestone.
   Over saw logo design and branding designs and trained designers in the subject.
   Trained designers in PhotoShop CS2, Illustrator, CSS, and XHTML
   Flash programming and design.
   Worked with Marketing in the creation of CTAs (Call to Actions) and other graphical marketing
    design elements.
   Managed all company printed marketing materials and brochures including magazine
    advertisements layout & design.
   Worked with my Director in procedures for the rest of the Production Department, including
    Account Executives, Site Coders, and Marketing.
   Interviewed and made hiring decisions.
   Created web site designs and coded when necessary.
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Web Design & Graphics
Contract Web Design and Marketing for Various Fortune 500 Corporations & Customers.

   Consultation and Design of Internet sites.
   Contract work coding Flash tutorials for major corporations (Shlumberger, Pennzoil, etc.).
   Logo design and branding.
   Flash MX programming and design.
   Internet marketing and promotions.
   Customer Service, inquiries, and negotiations.
   Creation of printed marketing materials and brochures.
   Coded using XHTML, CSS and Accessibility and Usability Standards.
   Poster and special promotions creation.
   Publicist Work.

DIAMOND JIMM’S (NIGHT CLUB), HOUSTON, TX                                  JUL 2002 – FEB 2003
Director of Media and Marketing/Manager/Bartender
Responsible for all marketing and advertising and for managing the employees and the day-to-day
operations of the club.

   Brought the club out of near bankruptcy and closing and into a profitable position in only three
    months time and without the benefit of an advertising budget.
   Implemented and lead weekly management and employee meetings. Increased management
    and employee productivity through organization and procedural processes.
   Lead in the creation of the procedural manual for staff and management.
   Opened the club and insured everything was ready for operations.
   Acted as liaison between the owner and managers and the employees and handled personnel
   Created and maintained the website and through persistent use of the internet, targeted our
    customer base through the use of free listings on high traffic websites, newsgroups, Yahoo
    groups, and chat groups. With the result of increasing our head count and our own web site’s
   Planned and executed events to draw customers and create awareness, and ingratiate
    ourselves, in the community. Procured sponsors and coordinated with vendors and community
    advertisers for free publicity and products. All the while increasing our networking sources in
    the media and community outlets.
   Implemented branding, and insured it’s consistency, through out all advertising and marketing
   Designed all printed advertisements. Created all the graphics and wrote copy for all
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UBSW ENERGY/ENRON NETWORKS, HOUSTON, TX                                       JUL 2000 – SEPT 2002
Sr. Specialist Web Developer
Lead the in the assessment of the scope of projects. Researched for best technology solutions and
defined project scopes. Set standards for all elements having to do with project design from the
front-end aspect, which included functionality and usability to code formatting and graphic creation.
Insured design integrity and consistency through out the development cycles.

   Actualized the conception, recommendations, specification, and design of the East Power
    Intranet and for supporting the Gas Intranet resulting in an increase of efficiency of 95%.
   Worked closely with the C# and ASP coders to insure coding standards, design integrity and
    consistency, and usability of the Intranet.
   Wrote coding specifications and was responsible for insurance of coding specifications and
    formatting consistency.
   Assured usability issues and functionality of site layouts and navigation.
   Lead the development for all user interfaces of all in-house programs. Worked with the
    programmers and wrote specifications for front-end design of applications.
   Designed Graphical User Interface for applications, their navigation, and functionality. Created
    Graphics for User interface of applications.
   Responsible for researching and investigated new technologies and applications to be
    considered for The Power and Gas Intranets. Wrote reports on findings of research and
    presented them for consideration or dismissal.
   Created the “Three Week Weather Forecast” Flash application. Application displayed
    temperatures and forecasts for 32 cities from four different sources in real time. Accessed
    through a graphical interface.
   Created the “Nuclear Information” Flash application. Displayed real-time current information as
    to the status, outages and maintenance of each region and individual plant. Along with the
    owner and electric utility information associated with each plant and historical information.
    Utilizing a graphical interface.
   Created the “Hydro Electric” Flash application. Displayed real-time current information as to
    the current flow rates, outages, output, and overall status of each hydroelectric plant along with
    historical information. All in an interactive graphical interface.
   Developed a full-featured chat module specifically for technical analysis, in Flash. (Chat server
    also developed in house)
   Facilitated the move from Enron Corp to UBSW Energy. Inventoried all applications, files, data,
    and technology for transfer to UBSW Energy. Insured licenses for software were transferred.


INFRASTRUCTURE ASSOCIATES, HOUSTON, TX                                              JAN – JUN 2000
Manager of Internet Services
Created and managed the Internet Services Department.

STRATEGIC NETWORK CONSULTING, INC., HOUSTON, TX                                          1997 – 2000
Head of Graphics and Lead Web Designer
In charge of all design elements and user interfaces in e-commerce sites.

LANTEL COMMUNICATION, INC., HOUSTON, TX                                                  1994 – 1997
Company Superintendent / Head of Web Development.
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PRE – 1994

      Company Superintendent for Da-tel
      Counselor for the South Plains AIDS Resource Center, in Lubbock TX
      Company Superintendent for Kan-Do Maintenance
      Network Services for Pennzoil
      Office Manager for Farm Credit Banks
      Assistant Manager for Wild Pair

                                       TECHNICAL SKILLS

Experienced with Windows and Macintosh operating systems, Office 95 through 2007, HTML,
DHTML, XHTML, CSS, Accessibility Standards, Usability Standards, SEO/SEM, ActionScript,
JavaScript, jQuery, XML, PHP, SQL, Photoshop 4 through CS4, Illustrator 7 through CS4,
Dreamweaver 2.0 through Dreamweaver CS4, Homesite, Drupal, TypoLight, Joomla, Flash 3
through Flash CS4, Fireworks 2 through Fireworks CS4, PaintShop Pro, Freehand 8 through 10,
CorelDraw 3 through 8, and other applications.

                                   PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT

Member of NAPP (National Association of             E-commerce: An Introduction.
PhotoShop Professionals)                            The JavaScript Object Model.
Construx Software Builders                          Advance Web Authoring: SSI.
Connect Learning, LLC                               Advance Web Authoring: CGI and PERL.
CBT System Courses certifications                   Advance Web Authoring: JavaScript.
New Horizons                                        Advance Web Authoring: Java.
Texas School of Bartending
                                                    Beginning, intermediate, and advanced
Certifications:                                     Photoshop.
                                                    Beginning, intermediate, and advanced
PhotoShop CS2 Power Work Shop                       Illustrator.
Ace Programming for the Twenty-First                Beginning, intermediate, and advanced Corel
Century                                             Draw.
Beginning, intermediate and advanced                Beginning, intermediate, and advanced
ActionScripting for Flash.                          PageMaker
Completion of advance Flash lab.                    Beginning, intermediate, and advanced
Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission                 HTML.

Internet Security: An Overview.                     Novell Introduction to Networking.
Getting Started with JavaScript.                    Novell Networking Technologies.


For privacy reasons I have not listed any references here on online resume. References are
available upon request.

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