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Bankruptcy Paralegal Cover Letter - PDF by xoa46601

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Bankruptcy Paralegal Cover Letter document sample

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									       Prestigious mid-size law firm seeks a corporate bankruptcy paralegal with a minimum of
3 years of experience. Under attorney supervision, the paralegal will complete legal work that
requires knowledge of legal concepts and procedures, as well as organizational, time management
and language skills to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other judiciary
employees, legal professionals, court staff, and clients. Impressive benefits package; salary com-
mensurate with experience.

       • E-filing and service of pleadings in bankruptcy and adversary cases
       • General case management, including calendaring of deadlines and hearing dates
       • Draft correspondence, routine pleadings and notices
       • Prepare hearing agendas and binders
       • Prepare fee applications
       • Prepare and maintain current service lists
       • Assist with document review and production
       • Communicate and interact with clients, co-counsel, opposing counsel, creditors, claims agents
         and court personnel
       • Conduct legal research

       • Strong command of CM-ECF system
       • Knowledge of chambers’ procedures, local rules, and forms in the United States Bankruptcy
         Court for the District of Delaware and with the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure
       • Proficiency in using LexisNexis, Westlaw, Microsoft Office Suite, Word, Excel, PDF, proof-
       • General familiarity with restructuring process and routine motions
       • Highly effective verbal and written communication skills
       • Interpersonal skills necessary to establish and maintain collaborative relationships within the
       • Strong organizational skills, with ability to prioritize and manage numerous projects success-
       • Excellent attention to detail

       Bachelor’s Degree and/or Paralegal Certificate

Qualified candidates should send their resume, cover letter, and salary requirments to

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