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									                                                                                                                     April 30, 2007
                                                                                                                            No. 139

                                                                   TONIGHT– 6:00 PM - COURTROOM
Graduates: Wherever you are studying for the bar, you may
access our workshops and assistance, here, in-person, or via       Please join us for a panel discussion of pending legislation to
the blog -- . You may visit the       streamline the Illinois Criminal Code -- the first revision in
blog now for interviews with recent grads about the bar. You       more than 45 years. A panel of experts will discuss the effort
may start working on the multiple choice questions by going        to reduce the 300,000-word code by one-third and turn it into
to and for $26, you may practice these ques-         a document that is much easier for everyone to understand.
tions. Keep receipts of all bar related expenses in case an em-    Unconstitutional provisions and confused organization of the
ployer reimburses you or you can claim tax benefits. The first     current Criminal Code have created massive headaches for
workshop is May 30, about 1:30 pm, after the BarBri lecture is     judges, prosecutors and defense attorneys and have resulted in
completed. Recent grads will discuss their bar prep experi-        lengthy and costly appeals of criminal cases.
                                                                   The panelists will include:
2Ls: if you plan to take the MPRE (ethics) exam in August,
note the July 3 registration date – go to to         •   St. Clair County State’s Attorney Robert Haida
register. If you did not complete the character and fitness        •   John Rekowski, Public Defender, Madison County
registration as a 1L, you cannot register in Illinois until win-   •   Kathryn Saltmarsh, Co-director of the CLEAR Initiative
ter of your 3L year. However, you should download the              •   William A. Schroeder, Professor, SIU School of Law
forms this summer – go to browse – and gather the informa-
tion and complete the form by hand. Completing the form is         For additional information about the background and work of
time-consuming; if you begin this summer, you will save            the CLEAR Commission, visit
many headaches next winter.
                                                                   LAW LIBRARY ANNOUNCEMENT

                                                                   Hear ye, hear ye! As the library’s way of trying to ease the
JOSEPH BARYLAK FELLOWS                                             burden of finals just a tad, effective Tuesday, May 1, 2007
                                                                   through Friday, May 11, 2007, the food ban shall be lifted in
Congratulations to David Benney, Jennifer Dohrn, Deana             the law library! Light snacks (cookies, candy, crackers, etc.)
Hammel, Jennifer Kelly, and Laura Veerman, who are this            will be permitted.
year’s Joseph Bartylak Fellows.
                                                                    The law library only asks that you clean up after yourself and
Each student will intern with a public interest law office this    that you do not eat near or over library materials and equip-
summer, and each student receive a $2,000 stipend to help          ment, since no one wants to use a book filled with crumbs and
them meet some of their living expenses.                           we don’t want the law library to look like a pig-sty or your
                                                                   freshman year dorm room-some of you know what we
These fellowships are made possible through a gift of funds        mean. So, enjoy a candy bar while you are studying for con-
from a class action suit that was settled in the U.S. District     tracts or a cookie while you are reviewing your outline for
Court for the Southern District of Illinois.                       trusts & estates!

                                                                   We hope this reprieve will make your exams a bit more bear-
                                                                   able. Good luck on your finals and congratulations 3Ls!!

             For more information about the School of Law, visit our website at
LAW SCHOOL DEMOCRATS– NEW OFFICERS                                    FACULTY NEWS

Congratulation to all of the new officers in the Law School           Associate Professor Tom Britton was recently elected to serve
Democrats! The following is the Executive Board for the               a three year term on the SIUC Graduate Council. He replaces
2007-2008 academic year:                                              Associate Professor Rudasill who represented the School of
                                                                      Law on the Council for the past six years.
President: Greg Odom
Vice-President: Jessica Reese
Treasurer: Carrie Slinkard
                                                                      ENVIRONMENTAL LAW SOCIETY PROJECTS
Secretary: Carmen Filosa
3L Representative: Andy Fisk
                                                                      On Saturday, April 21, in honor of Earth
2L Representative: Josh Wiederholt
                                                                      Day, John Persell and Carmen Filosa of
                                                                      the Environmental Law Society gathered
Thanks to all of the outgoing officers for all of your hard
                                                                      several large bags of trash from the
work. Congratulations on graduating and good luck with all
                                                                      woods near the patio outside the law
of your future endeavors!
                                                                      school. ELS members Jamie McCarthy, Kristen Johnson, Kyla
                                                                      Barber, and Wade Shimer, assisted by fellow law students
                                                                      Amber Jeralds and Luke DeSmet, planted flowers around the
                                                                      Additionally, on Monday and Tuesday, April 23 and 24, the
                The Law and Medicine Society would like to
                                                                      ELS held a bake sale in the formal lounge, raising money to
                take this opportunity to remind everyone that
                                                                      purchase carbon dioxide credits on the Chicago market.
                uncontrolled high blood pressure is a leading
                                                                      Thank you to everyone who bought cookies and other treats.
cause of heart disease, heart attacks, heart failure, kidney fail-
ure, vision problems, and stroke.
                                                                      Jamie McCarthy was ELS president this year. Kristin Johnson
                                                                      was recently elected to be president for the upcoming year.
In an effort to raise awareness about high blood pressure and
provide a service to the law school community, the Law and
Medicine Society is providing free blood pressure screening
for students, staff, and faculty during finals week.
                                                                     SPORTS LAW SOCIETY’S GOLF SCRAMBLE WINNERS
We will be in the lounge at the following times:
                                                                                   Sports Law Society wants to congratulate Matt
Tuesday, May 1st from 1100 - 1pm                                                   Hodge and Josh Gilson for winning the Spring
Thursday, May 3rd from 1100 - 1pm                                                  Golf Scramble at Hickory Ridge.
Friday, May 4th from 1100 - 1pm
                                                                     Special congratulations go out to Josh Gilson for making a
A risk factor for high blood pressure, that some of you may          Hole- in-One on the 17th hole of the tournament...we expect
currently be experiencing, is stress. People who are stressed        this to be the first of many for him!
for long periods of time (such as two weeks) produce a hor-
mone called cortisol. Cortisol increases blood pressure and
causes the body to retain fluids. This place more stress on
body and, specifically, your heart.                                  LETTER OF THE LAW– LAST ISSUE OF SEMESTER

So take a break, or take a walk, RELAX. All of this will help        This is the last Letter of the Law of the academic year. We
reduce your stress levels.                                           will resume publication at the beginning of the fall semester.

With the hope of reducing blood pressure through stress re-
lief, the person with the highest blood pressure will receive a
20 dollar gift certificate to the Egyptian Day Spa. Good luck
on your finals and stay healthy!

-Andrew R. Roszak, President

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