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Large-Scale Retrofit
Rebate Program
A money-saving program for commercial,
institutional and industrial water users
Large-Scale Retrofit Rebate Program
Who is eligible?                                                                  What determines the amount of
                                                                                  the rebate?
All Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional water users served by the San
Antonio Water System are eligible to apply for a rebate.                          The rebate, for up to one-half of the installed cost, is determined
                                                                                  by the actual water savings, the life of the equipment, and the
                                                                                  installed cost.
SAWS is committed to helping your
business save water.                                                              Simple procedures to follow
As a part of that commitment, SAWS is constantly seeking ways to reduce               • Fill out all portions of the attached application.
water consumption by providing economic incentives, in the form of rebates,           • Along with the application, you will need to submit a proposal, such as
to those customers who choose to convert to watersaving equipment and                  an engineer’s report, which details the retrofit project, the expected cost,
practices.                                                                             and the methods used to calculate the water savings associated with the
                                                                                       retrofit. This information can be obtained through a professional water
With Commercial customers accounting for a significant percentageof SAWS’              audit. The cost of such an audit can also be included in the expected
annual water sales, there is great potential for achievement of water savings.         project cost.
Through the SAWS Commercial Large-Scale Retrofit Program, your business               • Submit project proposals to SAWS for approval prior to start of project.
will receive a rebate of up to 50% of the installed cost of new watersaving           • SAWS will conduct inspections prior to approval and following project
equipment. This will reduce water consumption and maintain, or in many                 completion to confirm and review the items presented in your proposal.
situations, actually increase productivity.                                           • Written notification of the project approval will include a contract with
                                                                                        the terms of the rebate.
                                                                                      • Program policies and procedures are subject to change. Please visit the
Examples of equipment changes eligible                                                 SAWS website at for current program information.
for a rebate are:
                                                                                  Terms of the rebate
   • Replacement of water-cooled equipment with new air-cooled equipment
   • Process water reclamation systems                                                • Equipment and projects must remain in use for 10 years or the life of
   • Air conditioning condensate capture and reuse                                      the equipment, whichever is less.
                                                                                      • The water saving project should be in an area that can be submetered
   • Elimination of water intensive phases of industrial processes                      or clearly shown to reduce water consumption.
   • Cooling Tower modifications                                                      • Water use data must be collected before and after the retrofit and must
   • Industrial laundry equipment upgrades                                              be reported to SAWS.
                                                                                      • For five years following implementation, participants are required to
   • Improvements in cleaning processes                                                 submit an annual report on the project to SAWS, including water use
Program goals                                                                          data.
                                                                                      • Projects must meet all federal, state, and local regulatory and permit
The Commercial Large-Scale Retrofit Program offers incentives, in the form
of rebates, for SAWS General Class Customers instituting new water saving         Proposal
processes or installing new water saving equipment.
                                                                                  Please attach a proposal detailing projected water savings, a complete list
The Commercial Large-Scale Retrofit Program is easily adaptable to any            of equipment with material and installation cost, a timeline for the
proposed retrofit project, ranging from dental vacuum conversions to large        project, a conceptual design, and the expected equipment life.
process water reclamation systems with costs in the millions of dollars.
Because of its adaptability, the Commercial Large-Scale Retrofit Program can      Be sure to include
be used as a tool for corporations conducting cost/benefit analysis on proposed
projects.                                                                             • Total estimated cost of equipment for retrofit
                                                                                      • Estimated equipment life
The main goal of the Commercial Large-Scale Retrofit Program is to shorten            • Project start date
the payback period associated with large water saving projects, thus making           • Estimated completion date
their implementation more feasible from an economic standpoint.                       • Specifics on projects at your facility that can be submetered
                                                                                      • Estimated water savings (average gallons per day)
                                                                                      • Savings for each of the first five years
Company Information                                                 Agreement
                                                                    I certify that I meet the program eligibility requirements
Business (dba) Name ____________________________________
                                                                    and that the information I have supplied on this application
Mailing Address ________________________________________            is accurate. I further understand that if SAWS accepts my
City ______________________ State _____ Zip ______________          project, I will receive a letter of acceptance specifying the
                                                                    potential rebate amount, installation deadline, and other
Installation Address _____________________________________          terms, which will become part of the agreement. Any
City ______________________ State _____ Zip ______________          changes to this agreement must be in writing and approved
                                                                    by SAWS. I agree that any installed equipment will remain
Contact Name _________________________________________
                                                                    in use for an agreed upon period of time or I will refund a
Phone ______________________ Fax _____________________
                                                                    prorated amount of incentive dollars to SAWS based on the
SAWS Account Number ___________________________________             actual period of time in which I provided the related water
                                                                    savings. I agree to submit an annual report on the project,
Federal Employer Identification Number ________________________
                                                                    including estimates of water saved, for the next five years.
Brief Description of Equipment Retrofit _________________________



                                                                                           Authorized Signature
          Complete both sides of this simple application
                          and mail to:                                  ________________________________________
            SAWS Conservation Large-Scale Retrofit Program
              P.O. Box 2449, San Antonio, TX 78298-2449                                           Title
                          Fax to: 233-5138
               For more information, please call 233-3659
           or visit our website at:                                     Date

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