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Communication Skills for Healthcare Professionals by xpb20778


Communication Skills for Healthcare Professionals document sample

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									                                               SPEAKING FOR SUCCESS

                                     WHEN: April 6, 2007          7:00 – 9:00 a.m.
                                     WHERE: 1025 Orr-Major
                                     AUDIENCE: Clinical & Basic Science Faculty, SOM
                                     GUEST PRESENTER:

                                     Paul Casella, MFA

                                     Office of Faculty Affairs and Development,
                                     Carver College of Medicine, University of Iowa
                                     Consultant to the faculty of the Carver College of Medicine,
                                     University of Iowa
                                     Health Care Communications Group (Founding Member)
                                     Co-Authored Writing, Speaking and Communication Skills for
        Healthcare Professionals (2001)


This course reviews how adults learn as a means to examine the effective
delivery techniques you can use to engage scientific and clinical peer
audiences. Provides practical information on how to deliver powerful oral
presentations in the classroom, the conference room, the auditorium, and at
the regional or national meeting.

Includes a discussion of voice, inflection, body language, techniques to
stimulate interest and involvement, and strategies to help facilitate audience
recall of the message. Addresses how to prepare for a presentation, how to
manage anxiety, and how to design and use visual aids effectively.


        How adults learn
        Delivery skills
        Preparation
        Visual Aids


   1. To list four different ways adults learn and describe how to address each type in teaching
      and presenting situations
   2. To name four delivery techniques that make effective spoken presentations and that allow
      speakers to gain and maintain audience interest
   3. To describe three steps in preparing thoroughly for a speaking engagement
   4. To name three principles of effective visual aid design and use

Sponsored by:
University of Kansas School of Medicine & Continuing Education
     C M E Credit is available – Registration is on-site. Speakers have nothing to

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