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									                                                   Republic of the Philippines
                                                    Department of Education
                                                             Region XII
                                              DIVISION OF SOUTH COTABATO
                                                         City of Koronadal

                                         MONITORING AND EVALUATION TOOL
                                         For the Period Covering _____________
Name of School ___________________________________
Name of School Head ______________________________
Position / Designation______________________________
                                                                                  School Years
                        INDICATORS                                                                           Remarks
                                               2007-2008                            2008-2009    2009-2010
   1.1   Information Dissemination
         1.1.1 Streamers / other public advertisement
         1.1.2 Divi/Dist/Sch Information Action Center
   1.2   Designation of OBE Officer with Division
         OBE Action Center
   1.3   Division/District/Scnool Initiated Strategy for
                Enrolment Advocacy
                1. Hanging of streamers, tarpaulins
                    in conspicuous places containing
                    the slogan "Libre Eskwela, Palista na"
                2. Education Caravan
                3. Media (print and broadcast)
                4. Community immersion (Kumustahan
                    sa Barangay )
                Rigid / Strict Adherence to DepED
                Order No. 29, s. 2009 "No Collection
                1. Conduct close monitoring and
                   supervision of divisions, districts,
                   and schools
                2. Media to drum beat the information
                   on no collection policy
                Family Mapping
                1. Conduct family mapping by barangay
                   and purok
                2. Analyze / Interpret data
                Caring Stakeholders
                1. Network with stakeholders for
                    possible assistance to deserving
                    and indigent pupils
                2. Enrolment may be conducted at
                    the purok / barangay
                    - identify enrolment centers at
                      the purok level / barangay
                Batang Espesyal, Sagipin at Alagaan
                1. Conduct divisional / regional
                    competition for children with
                    special needs
                Sharing is Caring
                1. Solicit old bags, uniforms, shoes and
                    other materials from the more
                    affluent pupils and share it to less
                    priveleged pupils
                Responsible Parenthood
                1. Conduct conferences / symposia
                    on effective and responsible
                Child Friendly School System
                1. Maintain / Sustain a clean and
                    friendly school environment
                2. Maintain open communication lines
                    with pupils, parents, teachers and
                    school officials
                3. Expand implementation of the program
                Education Week
                                                                       School Years
                       INDICATORS                                                                 Remarks
                                                           2007-2008     2008-2009    2009-2010
              1. Organize education week
              2. Recognize and award stakeholders
              1. Pupils / Students to convince a friend
                  or neighbor who do not go to school
                  to enroll
              Transferee-Friendly School
              1. Accept transferees even without
                  requirements upon enrolment
              2. Completion of requirements may be
                  done before the end of the school year
              Feeding Program
              1. Maximize the use of "Gulayan sa
                  Paaralan" to augment feeding
              Project Zero Dropout
              1. Continuous provision of school
              2. Utiliize mobile teachers to catch
                  pupils / students who are dropping out
              3. Strengthen guidance program
              4. Avoid excessive contributions
              5. Implement fully the Drop-Out Reduction
                 Program (DORP)
        1.3.1 School / Family Mappping
        1.3.2 Advance Enrolment
        1.3.3 Adopt a Pupil
        1.3.4 Search for Most Prepared School
        1.3.5 Home Visitation
        1.3.6 School-Based In-Service Training (INSET)
        1.3.7 School-Based Learning Acrion Cell (LAC)
  1.4   Compliance with DepEd Order No. 19, s.2008
        1.4.1 Schools adapting NO COLLECTION
        1.4.2 Number of schools being released with
              cash advances by Division Office
        1.4.3 Total PTA Fees collected for the year
        1.4.4 Special Education Fund
  1.5   School Readiness Assessment for Grade 1
  2.1   Availability of Data for District / School
        for Elementary
        2.1.1 Percentage of Grade 1 Pupils w/ ECD
        2.1.2 Promotion Rate
        2.1.3 Graduation Rate
        2.1.4 Repetition Rate
        2.1.5 Failure Rate
        2.1.6 Dropout Rate
        2.1.7 Achievement Rate (NAT Results)
               2.1.7a English
               2.1.7b Filipino
               2.1.7c Science
               2.1.7d Math
               2.1.7e HEKASI
  2.2   Availability of Data for Secondary
        2.2.1 Promotion Rate
        2.2.2 Graduation Rate
        2.2.3 Repetition Rate
        2.2.4 Failure Rate
        2.2.5 Dropout Rate
        2.2.6 Achievement Rate (NAT Results)
               2.1.6a English
               2.1.6b Filipino
               2.1.6c Science
               2.1.6d Math
               2.1.6e Araling Panlipunan
  2.3   Alternative Learning System (ALS)
        2.3.1 Conduct and completion of Basic
               Literacy Classes / LGU's /Mobile / IP's/
                                                                         School Years
                       INDICATORS                                                                   Remarks
                                                             2007-2008     2008-2009    2009-2010
               District ALS Coordinators (DALSC)
        2.3.2 Conduct of Accreditation and Equivalency
               A & E Classes
        2.3.3 Conduct of locally initiated ALS classes
               funded by LGU's and NGO's
        2.3.4 Division initiated ALS programs and
        2.3.5 Balik Paaralan para sa Out of School
               Youth and Adults (BPOSA)
        2.3.6 Passers of A&E and PEPT
  2.4   Health and Nutrition Services
        2.4.1 HERO / E-UMDC Activities
      Number of private health and
                         nutrition professional partners
                         mobilized (MDs, DMDs,, PHNs,
                         RMTs, Optometist, etc)
      Number of schools adopted by
                         individual health professionals/
        2.4.2 Supplemental Feeding Activities
      Number of schools conducting
                         feeding sourced from canteen
      Number of schools conducting
                         feeding sourced from school
                         gardens and other income
                         generating projects
        2.4.3 Division Intitiated Health and Nutrition
               H & N Projects
      Number of division / district /
                         schools initiated health and
                         nutrition projects in cooperation
                         and collaboration with:
                         - LGUs
                         - NGOs
                         - Other GOs
                         - Private (Organization, Health
                           Professionals, Individuals)
        2.4.4 Other Indicators for Health Personnel
  2.5   ALIVE Program / Madrasah Education
        2.5.1 Number of organized classes
        2.5.2 Number of learners
        2.5.3 Availability of Learning Materials
  3.1  2007-2008 Division Education Development
       Plan (DEDP) or any Division Improvement Plan for
       SY 2008-2009
  3.2 Division and District Supervisory Plan for
  3.3 Elementary/Secondary School Supervisory Plan
  3.4 SBM Implementation
       3.4.1 No. of Elementary Schools with SIP / AIP
               categorized from Levels 1, 2 to 3
       3.4.2 No. of High Schools with SIP / AIP
               categorized from Levels 1, 2 to 3
  3.5 Effective utilization of MOOE & SBM Grants
       based on SIP to be reflected in the Cash Book
  3.6 Division-led INSET based on English
       Proficiency Test and Training Needs Analysis (TNA)
  3.7 Test Development Program / Conduct of Action
       Research and any other TNA by Division
  3.8 Test Item Bank
  3.9 Multi-Grade Classes
       3.9.1 No. of Multi-Grade Classes
       3.9.2 No. of Teachers who had undergone
               Multi-Grade Training
  3.10 Philippine Informal Reading Inventory (Phil-IRI)
       3.10.1 Presence of Functional Reading Program
               both Filipino and English
                                                                         School Years
                       INDICATORS                                                                   Remarks
                                                             2007-2008     2008-2009    2009-2010
  3.11 Model of Excellence
       3.11.1 No. of Schools Implementing the MOE
       3.11.2 No. of Schools Implementing the Strategies
       3.12.1 No. of Trainings Conducted
       3.12.2 No. of Trained Teachers
       3.12.3 No. Teachers Utilizing the Modules
  3.13 Technical - Vocational
       3.14 List of Courses Offered
       3.15 Areas of Specialization of Teachers
              Handling Tech-Voc Subjects
  3.14 Technology & Livelihood Education (TLE)
       3.15 Availability of Functional Canteen
       3.16 Conduct of INSET Training
       3.17 Organization of STEP
       3.18 Activities Conducted by STEP
  4.1   No. of schools with MOOE being released by
        the Division
        4.1.1. Elementary
        4.1.2 Secondary
  4.2   Release of Teachers' Benefits
        4.2.1 Clothing allowance
        4.2.2 Performance Incentive Bonus
        4.2.3 Step Increment
        4.2.4 Loyalty bonuses and others
        4.2.5 Chalk allowances
        4.2.6 Hazard / Hardship Allowances
        4.2.7 Salary Differential
  4.3   Conduct of Division-Initiated Staff Development
        Program for Non-teaching personnel
  4.4   Availment and utilization of Gender and
        Development Fund
        4.4.1 No. of personnel / teachers /officials who
                 availed of this fund
  4.5   School Health and Nutrition allocated funds
  4.6   Utlilization of MOOE as to instructional
        materials and other curriculum references/
  4.7   Utilization of MOOE as to office supplies
        and others
  4.8   Dissemination of budget related information
        to the field (financial statements, etc.)
  4.9   No. of teachers / officials who availed of
        Division INSET funds
  5.1   Organized a functional / updated District / School
        Grievance Committee
  5.2   Complaints / Cases handled / solved at
        School / District Level
  5.3   Prompt and organized Ranking Procedures
        5.3.1 Organized Ranking Committee for
        5.3.2 Prompt and Organized Teacher
               Promotion Plan (T-I, T-II, T-III)
        5.3.3 Prompt and Organized Ranking for
               Teacher Applicants (RQA)
  5.5   Prompt and Organized Procedure of Salary
        Adjustment / Differentials and Step Increments/
        Hazard Pay / Travel Allowances for Health
        and Non-Teaching Personnel
  5.6   Prompt Filling-up of vacant items
        (Supervising and Administrative)
  5.7   Organized, Prompt, Systematic Ranking
        Procedure - Perpetual Ranking
  5.8   Division Reward System Plan as Award for
        Most Outstanding School / Teacher / Non-
        Teaching Personnel / Student / PTA
  6.0   Division Scholarship and Professional
                                                                           School Years
                       INDICATORS                                                                     Remarks
                                                               2007-2008     2008-2009    2009-2010
        Development Plan
  6.1   Has a regular Division/District/School Bulletin /
        Newsletter and Radio Program
  6.2   Has a functional Division/Municipal Federated
        PTA with Financial Statement
  6.3   Has a functional Local School Board
        (Minutes of meeting with Financial Statement
  6.4   Involvement of Other Civic Organizations
        (NGOs and GOs) with programs and other
        documents / Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)
  6.5   Has a functional Teacher Welfare Program
        (Reclassification / Upgrading / Conversion)
  6.6   ADOPT-A-SCHOOL (No. of schools with
        Adopt-a-School Plan)
  6.7   Women's Health Program
  6.8   Others (Provision for Functional Library)

  7.1   Number of School Sites with the following documents
        7.1.1 Titled
        7.1.2 Surveyed
        7.1.3 Proclaimed
        7.1.4 Donated
        7.1.5 Purchased
        7.1.6 Under Usufruct Contract
  7.2   Number of School Buildings used as:
        7.2    Instructional Purposes
        7.3    Non-Instructional Purposes
  7.3   Number of School Buildings:
        7.3.1 Needs repair / rehabilitation
        7.3.2 To be demolished / condemned
  7.4   Number of existing school furniture
        7.4.1 Serviceable
        7.4.2 Condemnable
  7.5   Availability of Water Supply
        7.5.1 With available water supply (pls specify)
        7.5.2 Without water supply
  7.6   Availability of Electrical Supply
        7.6.1 With available electrical supply (pls specify)
        7.6.2 Without electrical supply
  7.7   Availability of ICT Equipment
        7.7.1 No. of computers used for administrative
        7.7.2 No. of computers for academics purposes
  7.8   Availability of Internet Connection
        7.8.1 With internet connection (please specify
               the type of connection)
        7.8.2 Without internet connection
  8.1   Participation in Academic Competitions
        8.1.1 Quiz Bee
        8.1.2 Damath
        8.1.3 Science Fair & Quiz
        8.1.4 Math Olympics
        8.1.5 Essay Contests
        8.1.6 Rizal Festival
        8.1.7 Population Quiz
        8.1.8 STEP
        8.1.9 Campus Journalism / Press Conference
        8.1.10 Others (please specify)

  8.2   Participation in Literary, Cultural & Musical Comp
        8.2.1 NAMCYA
        8.2.2 Festival of Traditional Music
        8.2.3 Music Competitions
        8.2.4 Poster Making Contests
        8.2.5 Others (please specify)
                                                         School Years
                        INDICATORS                                                       Remarks
                                             2007-2008     2008-2009     2009-2010

  8.3   Participation in Sports Activities
        8.3.1 District Meet
        8.3.2 Zone Meet
        8.3.3 Provincial Meet
        8.3.4 Regional Meet
        8.3.5 Palarong Pambansa
                Others (please specify)


  Submitted by:                                          Noted by:

  __________________________________                     _____________________________________
  Printed Name & Signature of School Head                       CRISPIN A. SOLIVEN, JR.
                                                         OIC-Assistant Schools Division Superintendent

  __________________________________                     _____________________________________
                Date                                              ADELFA N. ESPARTERO
                                                           Assistant Schools Division Superintendent

                                                          RAPHAEL C. FONTANILLA, Ph. D., CESO VI
                                                               Schools Division Superintendent

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