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					                         Ohio Rural Community Conference
                               August 24 & 25, 2010
          Sponsorship and Exhibit Opportunities
Ohio RCAP provides assistance to over two hundred small rural communities in Ohio and wants to expand that assistance with a
two-day conference that is designed to provide rural communities with an agenda of current topics that affect us all.

Ohio Rural Community Assistance Program (Ohio RCAP) is hosting a Rural Community Conference and needs your support. The
success of the conference will be impacted by the support we receive from each of you – ‘our sponsors and exhibitors’. Become a
valued friend of this conference by supporting it financially. The conference will be held at the Hilton at Easton in Columbus
August 24th and 25th 2010.

The conference will start with a general session on the first morning with high ranking state and federal officials. Governor
Strickland and the Under Secretary of Agriculture have been invited. In addition, Senator Sherrod Brown has been invited to
deliver the luncheon address.

In the afternoon and the next morning three simultaneous tracks will be held covering topics affecting rural communities. Sessions
will focus upon infrastructure issues, community and economic development concerns and assistance, leadership development,
and updates on state and federal legislation and regulations. Time has also been set aside to meet with state and federal legislative
staff. (See agenda on reverse)

The evening of the 24th will consist of hors d'oeuvres and a cash bar along with plenty of time for socializing, networking, and
visiting exhibits. Wednesday includes a breakfast buffet, an awards luncheon, and a session to meet representatives of state
agencies and funders to answer community specific questions on their programs, procedures, and funding.

Nearly 4,000 invitations are being sent to rural communities in Ohio.

Sponsors and Exhibitors of the conference will help Ohio RCAP develop quality educational programs; recognize excellence in
small communities; and provide a relaxed, informal atmosphere to facilitate peer-to-peer networking.

We invite you to be a sponsor or consider exhibiting at this first ever conference for Rural Communities in Ohio. Sponsorship
levels are listed on the enclosed form. Sponsors will be recognized in ways that allow conference attendees to recognize and
appreciate your generous contribution.

What recognition do sponsors receive?
                                                                                *EARLY BIRD SPONSORS
     Sponsors will be listed in the conference’s printed material *        will also receive recognition in conference brochure
                                                                                being mailed to 4,000 invitees in late June.
     Sponsors will be listed on Ohio RCAP’s Conference web page *                  Forms and payment need received by
      Sponsors will be posted on signage at the Conference                                JUNE 10, 2010
                                                                                               to be included.
      Distinctive name badges recognizing your contribution
For those interested in exhibiting, the hours that the exhibits will be open are from 1:30 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. on August 24th and
9:00 a.m. until noon on August 25th. The exhibit cost includes one registration for the conference. Registration includes 2 lunches,
reception (2 drink tickets), and breakfast buffet. Additional registrations are available for other booth attendants. All Exhibitors
will need to sign the Exhibitor’s agreement located within this packet.

An agenda for the conference follows:

                                            SCHEDULE OF EVENTS
              TUESDAY, August 24th                                          WEDNESDAY, August 25th
  8:00 AM - 5:00 PM                Registration
                                                                   7:30 AM – 1:00 PM                Registration

  9:00 AM – 12:00 PM               Exhibit Setup                   7:30AM – 8:30 AM                 Breakfast Buffet

  10:00 AM – 11:45 AM              General Session                 8:30 AM – 12:00 PM               SESSIONS
  12:00 PM – 1:30 PM               Luncheon                                                         Economic Devt.
  1:45 PM – 5:15 PM                SESSIONS                                                         Leadership
                                   Economic Devt.                  9:00 AM – 12:00 PM               Exhibits Open
                                                                   12:15 PM – 2:15 PM               Awards Luncheon
  1:30 PM – 8:30 PM                Exhibits Open
                                                                   2:30 PM – 5:00 PM                SESSIONS
  6:00 PM – 8:30 PM                Networking                                                       Resource Roundup

About RCAP……..
The Rural Community Assistance Program (RCAP) is a national, non-profit organization
incorporated in 1972 that provides technical assistance to help solve water and wastewater problems. RCAP has field staff in
all 50 states and Puerto Rico and has been assisting small, rural communities for over 30 years. Ohio RCAP is located
within the Great Lakes Region, which consists of six other states including Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, West
Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Many services are provided in the areas of Program Planning, Facility Development, Operation and Maintenance,
Management and Finance, and Trainings designed to build communities technical, managerial, and financial capacity.
Within the last decade Ohio alone has leveraged over 350 million in funding for small communities.

More information is available at our website: WSOS Community Action Commission Inc. is the
Administering Agency for Ohio RCAP.

                                          Thank you for your time and generosity.
                                  Ohio Rural Community Conference
                                        August 24 & 25, 2010
                             EXHIBITOR OPPORTUNITIES
Please print
Company Name     
City                                                              State                              Zip 
Individual Responsible for Exhibit:  
Signature (I have read and agree to Exhibitor Contract Terms)  

Tel #                                                             Fax #  
Company Website  
Exhibitor Pricing (includes full conference registration for Individual Responsible for Exhibit)  
Prior to July 31st                                                                                        $800                  $  
After July 31st                                                                                           $850                  $  
Additional Booth Attendant(s)  ‐    $125 / day  or $240 for both days                                circle one or both (meals will be provided per day indicated) 

Name 1:                                                                                           Tues.    Wed.               $  
Name 2:                                                                                           Tues.    Wed.   $  
Total Exhibitor Amount                                                                                                         $    
        Purchase Order #              Check #                 Make checks payable to  WSOS Community Action Commission Inc. 
                                                                  Send form and payment to: 
                                                            WSOS Community Action Commission Inc. 
                                                                  c/o Ohio RCAP Conference 
                                                                          PO Box 590 
                                                                     Fremont Ohio 43420 
              Exhibitors will be able to purchase tickets in advance for the cash bar on the evening of the 24th should
               you wish to treat your clients. Contact Tom Fishbaugh @ 419/332-2032 or
                                          for more information and logistics regarding this.
                                          Ohio Rural Community Conference
                                              Small Towns, Big Futures
                                             CONFERENCE EXHIBITOR CONTRACT    
                                                 TERMS AND CONDITIONS  

    1. We hereby contract to participate in the Exhibit Expo on Tuesday Wednesday, August 24th and 25th, 2010, at the Ohio 
       Rural Community Conference being held by Ohio RCAP (Administered by WSOS CAC., Inc.) and agree to pay the 
       designated registration of $800.00 prior to July 31st and $850 after July31st for a 6’ draped and skirted table and two 
       chairs to be located in the main hallway of all the conference rooms. The registration fee includes one full conference 
       registration and admission to all conference activities for the responsible person.  
     2.    Additional personnel participating in the exhibit will be charged a registration fee of $240 for both days or $125 per day 
           (if only attending one day) and must register as additional exhibit booth attendants prior to the conference so name 
           badges are available. To preregister additional personnel for the full conference, use an “Attendee Registration Form”, 
           which will be available on‐line ( late June.     
    3. Only exhibitors who have completed the proper forms and paid their exhibitor fee will be permitted to exhibit.  
          We agree to all the terms of the “Liability & Responsibility Clause”, which is part of this contract.  
                                            LIABILITY AND RESPONSIBILITY CLAUSE  

    1. In signing this exhibitor’s contract, the exhibitor agrees to assume the entire responsibility and liability for losses, 
       damages, and claims arising out of loss or damage to the exhibitor’s displays, equipment and all other property brought 
       upon the premises of and shall indemnify and hold harmless Ohio RCAP/WSOS Community Action Commission Inc.., the 
       Hilton at Easton, and the agents, servants, and employees of each organization for any and all such losses, damages, and 
    2. The exhibitor also agrees that Ohio RCAP/ WSOS Community Action Commission Inc., The Hilton at Easton  will not be 
       responsible for any injury, loss or damage that may occur to the exhibitor, the exhibitor’s employees or property, or to 
       any other person prior, during, and subsequent to the period covered by the Exhibitor Contract; provided said injury, 
       loss or damage is not caused by the willful negligence or wrongful act of an employee of  Ohio RCAP / WSOS Community 
       Action Commission, Inc., The Hilton at Easton  and agrees to expressly release Ohio RCAP/ WSOS Community Action 
       Commission, Inc., The Hilton at Easton  of such liabilities and to indemnify the  Ohio RCAP/ WSOS Community Action 
       Commission, Inc., The Hilton at Easton against any and all claims for such injury, loss or damage.  
    3. It is mutually agreed that it is the duty of each exhibitor to install his/her exhibit in the assigned exhibit  
       booth prior to 10:00 AM on Tuesday, August 24, 2010; and not to dismantle the exhibit before 12:00 PM on Wednesday, 
       August 25, 2010.  
       By signing the Exhibitor Contract, I agree to above Terms and Conditions and Liability and Responsibility Clause.  

        _______________________________________                                             __________________
         Name & Company                                                                     Date
                       Ohio Rural Community Conference
                             August 24 & 25, 2010
   Yes I want to be a sponsor of the Ohio Rural Community Conference and help Small Towns have Big Futures.

   Please print
    Company Name
    City                                                       State                    Zip
    Contact Name
    Telephone                                               Fax
    Company Website

        Overall Conference Sponsorships                                             fill in amount below

         GOLD                                         $1000 and Higher $

         SILVER                                             $500 - $1000 $

         BRONZE                                              $250 - $500 $

The following forms of payment are acceptable: Check (payable to: WSOS Community Action Commission Inc.) or
Purchase Order

Sponsorship of individual events such as breaks, lunches, breakfast, etc. are available by contacting: John Rauch @
740-989-0596 or

Sponsors will be able to purchase tickets in advance for the cash bar on the evening of the 24th should you wish to treat
your clients. Also contact John about this procedure.

                                       Send this completed form with payment to:
                                       WSOS Community Action Commission
                                              c/o Ohio RCAP Conference
                                                      PO Box 590
                                                 Fremont, Ohio 43420

The deadline for sponsorships is July 31, 2010; keep in mind that the Early Bird deadline is June 10, 2010.

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