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					TA1 Parent-Tutor-Dialogue
        21 April 2010
…our unique brand of
Holistic Excellence.
Temasek Excellence is about
greatness in intellect,
character and leadership.
Towards Temasek Excellence
  Going Beyond Basics, Beyond Boundaries and Beyond Self
     Beyond Basics
                  Core Curriculum

                Exposure to Breadth
    Language Arts, Mother Tongue, Fundamental
  Humanities, Funmdamental Sciences, Fundamental

  Special Programmes
   MEP, LEP and HAP

Development of soft skills
 Effective Communication
    Time Management
   People Management
    Beyond Basics
     Celebrating our 2009 ‘A’ level results

Out of 10 students who
  scored 7 distinctions
   8 are TA students
Of the TA students who
       offered 4 H2
     1 in 3 obtained
 distinctions for all 4 H2
% of Distinction/Merit in
       H3 subjects
  Academic Curriculum
              Our Project Work achievements

         2009 Project Work
99% of our TA students scored Distinctions
       Beyond Self
                        Temasek Academy Stewardship Programme

Community Involvement Programme for both TA Year
1 and Year 2 students.
      Through Service Learning Methodology in TA1 and
                           Experiential Learning in TA2

     1-day Overseas CIP to Tg Balai Trip for TA2 students

 Conducted during Weeks 9 & 10 of Term 1

Understanding the needs of surrounding and suggest useful
                    initiatives to meet the needs of others.
       Beyond Self
          Overview of Character and leadership development
                                4-year Leadership Roadmap

          Phase 1
Basic Character Development

  TA Stewardship Programme
      Personality profiling
Beyond Self
 Overview of Character and leadership development
                       4-year Leadership Roadmap

                                        Phase 2
                                  Specific Leadership

                             Outward Bound Singapore
                                 (End of the Year)
                            Leading the juniors through
                                  TA Orientation
                                Leadership Seminars
                               Community Attachment
                             Induction into the Mazarin
Beyond Self
 Overview of Character and leadership development
                       4-year Leadership Roadmap
                  Phase 3
    Overseas Outward Bound Experience
            Applied Leadership
              CCA Leadership
             Students’ Council
     The Mazarin Innovation Workshop
            Overseas Outreach
     Beyond Self
              Leadership outcomes for TA students

   More than 50% of our first 3 cohorts of TA
    students assumed leadership positions in TJC

   More than 25% of our graduating batch of
     students assume vice-chairperson and
      chairperson positions of college CCAs

TA students started leading their peers and seniors
              in CCAs from       Year 2.
TA Ambassadors
       TA Open House, 17 April 2010
Progress Report
Interpretation of the report
Academic Curriculum
                                Progress Report

        1 – Exceeding Expectations
         2 - Meeting Expectations
          3 – Below Expectations

Civic and Subject Tutor’s Comments
     Academic Curriculum
                          Academic Characteristic Traits

                  Academic Ability:
ability to understand and apply concepts correctly;
knowledge of current issues related to the subject;
                quality of assignments;
          ability to defend ideas objectively

      Linguistic/ Communication Skills:
             communication of ideas;
  fluency and confidence in speech and writing;
             awareness of audience;
                presentation skills
   Academic Characteristic Traits
    Academic Curriculum
                        Academic Characteristic Traits

                    Thinking Skills:
           analytical and reasoning skills;
               ability to evaluate ideas;
 ability to adopt multiple; perspectives on issues;
         creativity and originality of thought

             Academic Motivation:
               intellectual curiosity;
consistency in improving on academic performance;
Academic Curriculum
         Academic Characteristic Traits

   Academic Self-discipline:
           alertness in class;
       ability to meet deadlines;
         punctuality for class;
          taking pride in work
Academic Curriculum
           Support for the weaker students

     Closer monitoring
   Individual Consultation
      Make up lessons
     Academic Curriculum
                       Stretching the Able

An opportunity to be selected for our stretch

               TA Unbound!
Stretching theTA Unbound_Humanities
                Conferences and competitions
                     NUS Political Science Society
                Model United Nations Conferences
                         National Economics quiz
                NUS Geography Schools Challenge
           Commonwealth essay writing competition
                   Commonwealth Youth Summit
                        Creative Arts Programme

                    Overseas Humanities trips
         Stretching theTA Unbound_Humanities

Inaugural Humanities Trip for TA2
        Vietnam in 2009

  The National School in
 Hue which Ho Chi Minh
attended as a child; statue
      Ho Chi Minh in
Stretching theTA Unbound_Maths and Sciences

                      Represent college for national
                      and international

                            Participate in research
                            and projects associated
                            with the maths and
    Stretching theTA Unbound_Maths and Sciences
       Evanston Township High School

         Advance Placement classes like Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics

Inaugural Maths and Science Trip for TA2 to
             Chicago in 2009
       Academic Curriculum
                                 Assessment Framework

Subjects (40% Final Examination +
  60% Coursework )
• Coursework Includes:
   – 20% Mid-Year Assessment
   – 30% Assignments/Projects (both
     individual and group)
   – 10% Class Participation

Inter-disciplinary Electives ( 100%
   Coursework done during the
   elective )

The final mark would be converted
  into a grade.
      Academic Curriculum
                            Assessment Framework

The Grade Point for each grade is as follows:

      Grade   Grade Point         Grade Descriptor

       A          5                  Excellent
        B         4                 Very Good
       C          3                    Good
       D          2                  Average
        E         1                     Fair
        F         0                    Poor

  GPA = Cumulative Grade Point / No of Subjects Taken
             Academic Curriculum
                                         Assessment Framework

Students are required to fulfill BOTH criteria A and B:

•       Criteria A:
    –      Core GPA ≥ 2.0 – Core GPA indicates the Grade Point
           Average of the core subjects, which include Language Arts or
           English Language, Higher Mother Tongue, Fundamental
           Humanities, Fundamental Mathematics and Fundamental

•       Criteria B:
    –      Overall GPA ≥ 2.0 – Overall GPA indicates the Grade Point
           Average of all the subjects taken. (including Inter-disciplinary
           Electives )
Upcoming Highlights
Upcoming Highlights
                              Term 2

     Greater involvement in PDP

              College Day
               (15 May)

      Inter-Disciplinary Electives
            (Week 9 & 10)

Academic Consolidation and Enrichment
         (31 May to 1 June)
        First 3 days of June Holidays
Upcoming Highlights
                  Going Beyond Term 2

    Mid-Year Assessment
    First week of Term 3
       (28 June to 2 July)

   End of Year Assessment
           Term 4
    Parental Engagement

   28 July – Parents Tutor Dialogue
Mid Year Report base on June Common Test

September – Meet the Parents Session
          Subject Combination
Other Administrative Matters
     Other Administrative matters
                           Driving into the College

• Please enter by the ‘Library gate’
• Best to arrive before 7.10am to avoid peak
• Consider 2nd U turn if ‘heavy traffic’ outside
• For your child’s safety and avoid being
  ‘penalized’ with a traffic offence, do not
  drop off on the main road
            Driving into the matters
         Other Administrative
                 CollegeDriving into the College

                           • Please allow our car park
y Gate                       marshals to assist you on the

                           • Traffic can be heavy
                             perpetuated with buses
                             ferrying our 200+ scholars
       Driving into the matters
    Other Administrative
            CollegeDriving into the College

 At end of a school day (before 6pm)

Please enter by the main gate and turn left
       to wait at Library gate car park

No need to exchange for a ‘Visitor pass’ if
              waiting in car
   Driving into the matters
Other Administrative
        CollegeDriving into the College

             During exams

 please enter College only after paper is

Entry into College maybe restricted when
   warranted to safeguard our students’
        Other Administrative matters
                                  During peak PDP period

                          Usual period:
 Main gate: 6.30am – 8pm daily (7am -7pm on school holidays)
Library gate: 6.30am -7.30am daily ( except Wed 6.30 – 8.10 am)
              PE gate (turnstile): 7am -7.30pm daily

 *Students are encouraged to leave by the main gate from 7pm
     onwards or leave as a group if leaving by the PE gate.

              Peak PDP Period (April/May)
        Revised schedule College Gate will be locked
                         Weekdays – 9pm
                         Saturdays – 4pm
     In Conclusion

• Please encourage your child:
  – Be proactive in their learning, always ask
    tutors when in doubt
  – Consolidate all resource materials
  – Always keep pace with learning
Thank you.

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