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					                            University College for Women, Koti.
                             B.Com (Computers) IV Semester
                             BANKING LAW AND PRACTICE

Paper Code No: 401                                                       Duration: 2hr 30mts
Instruction: 4ppw                                                        Marks: 50

Objectives : To introduce lo the students the concepts of Banking Law

Unit I : Banker and Customer: Definition-relationship between banker and
          customer-special types of banker's customers- customers deposit account-dormant account-
          insurance of bank deposit-Passbook/Bank statement-its features-legal position of entries in the

Unit II : Negotiable Instrument Act 1881: The negotiable instruments-types and
           features of cheques-classification and characteristics of cheques-crossing of cheques-types of
           crossing-Endorsement -types and essential features of endorsement-forged endorsement-
           payments of cheques.

Unit III : Liabilities of Paving Banker: Liabilities of paying banker -consequences of wrongful
          dishonor- collection of cheques-liabilities of collecting banker-statutory protection to collecting

Unit IV : Loans and Advances: Lending policies-procedure for appraisal of credit Proposal.

Unit V : Modes Of Creating Charge: Pledge-Hypothecation-Lien-Assignment-
          Mortgage-precautions to be taken while advancing loans against goods-Life insurance policies-
          Stock exchange securities-Fixed deposit receipt-book debts-real estates-supply of bills,

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1. Sundharam &Varsheney:Banking Theory Law & Practice. Sultan Chand & Sons New Dellii.
2. Tannan’s: Banking Law and Practice in India.
3. Maheshwari and Paul.R.R.: Banking Theory Law & Practice,Kalyani Publishers, New Deihi.
4. Dr.K.N.Prasad &T.Chandradass: Banking and Financial Svstems.Sultan Chand Sons

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