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									SAMPLE LETTER - General Prospecting Letter

December 15, 2003


Now is the time to gain the competitive edge in commercial real estate … by joining the
Building Owners and Managers Association of Suburban Chicago. BOMA/Suburban Chicago brings you
services that keep you on the cutting edge of the commercial real estate industry. In the past year our
members have had an opportunity to …

         …lunch with Political Analyst Paul Green;
         …learn about the crucial role of teamwork in building management;
         …hear about slip, trip and fall investigations;
         …explore the economic outlook for our industry; and more!

BOMA/Suburban Chicago is your source for current education needs, as well as the four nationally
recognized BOMI Institute designations: the Real Property Administrator™, the Facilities Management
Administrator™, the Systems Maintenance Technician™, and the Systems Maintenance Administrator™.

In affiliation with BOMA International, BOMA/Suburban Chicago is connected to a federation of 100 North
American and nine overseas associations whose members own or manage over 9 billion square feet of
commercial office space with over $100 billion of marketplace value.

Perhaps you’ve had doubts about the value of association membership. We’ve included “10 Myths of
Association Membership” which answers some of the most common misconceptions.

Over the past two years, BOMA/Suburban Chicago has established five Security Alert Networks. In separate
geographic areas, these Networks meet quarterly to hear new information and exchange ideas on security
issues affecting commercial office properties.

We would like to welcome you as a member to BOMA/Suburban Chicago. To get that process started,
simply fill out the information request and send it back to us at the address below or fax it to (847) 995-0971.
If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at (847) 995-0970 or check the Internet at Join the organization that has earned the reputation as the Cornerstone of
the Commercial Real Estate Industry!

Very truly yours,

Linda M. Hallberg
Membership Development

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