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					12- Wednesday, December 1, 2010                                      

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                                                                                                                                                         432 Sandwich St.

 City of Refuge upgrade and renovate gym and fitness centre
By Darren Breckles                                                                                                   well as flag football.        out here and through our
                                                                                                                     They also have plans for      doors. When they see
    Justin Fournier and                                                                                              an outdoor ice rink.          what we have to offer
Mike Stiller have been                                                                                               They have a great facili-     here the place sells
hard at work transform-                                                                                              ty in a former bingo hall     itself,” said Fournier.
ing a couple of the back                                                                                             that is spacious enough         The centre is also home
rooms at the City of                                                                                                 for all of the activities     to      the    Sunparlour
refuge youth centre into                                                                                             that they envision but        Pregnancy        Resource
a fully equipped fitness                                                                                             because they are in a         Centre and White Forest
centre and gymnasium                                                                                                 remote location, they are     Kung-Fu. Riley encour-
for a program they are                                                                                               trying to get the word out    ages people of all ages to
calling COR fitness.                                                                                                 to residents. The gymna-      come and check out the
  Paul Riley started the                                                                                             sium is available for         facility.
City of Refuge teen cen-                                                                                             birthday parties, bridge        “I want people to know,
tre about two years ago.                                                                                             clubs or any other pur-       adults, families, parents,
They have been at their                                                                                              pose.                         that they are welcome to
present location on                                                                                                    “Its out of the way here,   come in here anytime.
Renaud Street just off                                                                                               people don’t know             Just walk through. I love
Alma for eight months.                                                    RTT Photo by Darren Breckles               where it is. So raising       when people are nosy
  The centre was started    Justin Fournier and Mike Stiller in the City of Refuge teen centre gym and fitness       awareness is our biggest      because they want to
by Riley to provide “ a     centre that they have been hard at work upgrading and renovating.                        campaign over the next        know is this place ok to
home away from home”                                                                                                 three months. We are          send my friends, my kids
for teenagers.              been involved with COR        packages and gym mem-         the gymnasium. Right         just trying to get people     to,” said Riley.
   “I always found that     for around two months.        bership fees that are         now floor hockey is on a
the youth have things to    Riley initially contacted     extremely affordable at       drop-in basis. Pick up
do up until about 13        them to do personal           $25 per month for stu-        games take place from 2
years old, travel, sports   training for clients but      dents, $30 for adults and     p.m. –5 p.m. on
other things. There is a    they wanted to be more        $80 for a family regard-      Saturday. Basketball is
gap between about 13        involved and have lent        less of size. Fitness         on Sunday from 2 p.m.
and 19 and then we          their services to COR fit-    classes include Zumba,        –4 p.m. It is only $5 for
expect them to be           ness full-time.               belly dancing, boot           either activity. They            Dr. S. Gill, Dr. M. Jammu & Associates
adults. So I wanted to        They have completely        camps, Yoga, Pilates,         will be- setting up intra-               1468 Front Rd., LaSalle
be a place that they can    revamped and renovated        boxing and sport condi-       mural leagues for hock-                        519-734-1300
come—a walk in place,       the gym and fitness area      tioning and intramural        ey and basketball as                     New Patients Welcome
that’s key—and just be      as well as transforming a     sports.
teenagers. Give them        storage room into a 40          “We are trying to utilize
events, give them things    by 40 foot gymnasium          the space in as many
they can get into from      and arcade with seven         ways as possible and
drama clubs to sports to    games. They dry walled,       bring in as many types of
counseling and the fit-     painted, and put in a         people as possible. In
ness centre,” said Riley.   brand new wood floor          this backroom for exam-
  The COR Teen centre       suitable for sports activi-   ple, we are putting a tan-
program is from 3 p.m.      ties.    The facility is      ning bed in there which
to 7 p.m., Monday to        bright clean and spa-         people will have access
Friday while COR fit-       cious.                        to six days a week. On
ness is open 9am -9pm.        “There have been a lot      Monday we are bringing
These are the critical      of 14 hour days, seven        in the barber that cut
hours after school lets     days a week to get done       Mike’s and my hair, the
out but before parents      the things we have,” said     day a lot of barbershops
get home from work          Fournier                      are closed. It will be the
when many teens poten-          Fournier and Stiller      only ‘urban style’ bar-
tially get into trouble     stress that COR fitness is    bershop in town” said
out of boredom.             for all age groups, not       Fournier.
   Fournier and Stiller,    just teens. It is a com-        On top of all this, they
who are both certified      munity centre.       They     have activities like floor
fitness trainers, have      offer personal training       hockey and basketball in

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