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									                      LUBBOCK COUNTY BOARD OF JUDGES

This questionnaire must be submitted by applicants for consideration of judicial
appointments by the Lubbock County Board of Judges. The form is intended to be
completed using a word processing application. Please save the completed document
to your hard drive or network, then print, sign the last page and submit to the Lubbock
County Human Resources Department, along with your resume.

Home Address:                                                 City:
County:                                      Home Phone:
Work Phone:                                  Cell Phone:
Email Address:                                                Court Sought: Associate Judge
State Bar Number:                                             Date of Admission:

1. Employment Information
Employer                          Employer’s Address                  Present Job Title:


Summary of Job Duties:

2. Education/Training
   Type of School         Name and Location of School           Year                Field of Study
High School
Law School

3. Courts of Admission
List all federal or state courts in which you have been admitted to    Admission Date        Good Standing?

4. Military Service
Are you or have your ever been a member of the Armed Force of the United States:   Yes     No
            Branch                       Dates of Service                  Type of Discharge
5. Employment History
            Employer                          Position                 Dates                Location

6. Professional Memberships (include any offices you have held, chairmanships
held, and memberships on committees)
     Organization                Title/Position               Organization                Title/Position

7. Volunteer Participation
     Organization                Title/Position               Organization                Title/Position

8. Other Public Service
Do you currently serve, or have you served, on any local, state, or federal government board, commission,
or committee or in any elected or appointed office?                            Yes     No
                 Entity                            Position                   Dates         Comp/Reim?

9. Legal Training
Describe your legal education, including activities and honors.

10. Law Practice
Describe the nature of your law practice experience after your graduation from law school. Include for
each form or other entity, the entity’s name, your area of practice, your length of practice, your length of
tenure, the names of supervising attorneys and your reasons for leaving.

11. Specialization
If ever certified as a specialist by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, indicate the specialty and the
date of your certification.                                                                    (Date)

Have you ever applied for and failed to obtain board certification in any specialty?       Yes       No
  If yes, please provide details:

12. Areas of Practice
With respect to the last ten (10) years, estimate the following:
On a monthly basis, approximately how frequently have you appeared in court or other forums in trials or
hearings on contested matters? If the frequency of your appearance in court has varied during this period,
please explain such variance and provide relevant dates. Describe briefly the nature of your
appearances. If you were a judge during this period, please so state and do not answer this question for
the period of your judgeship.                                                             (Time Period)
13. Appearances
While in private practice, what percentage of these appearances was in:
       %      Federal Court
       %      State Courts of Record
       %      Administrative Hearings
       %      Arbitration
While in private practice, what percentage of your litigation was in:
       %      Domestic Relations/Family Law
       %      General Civil
       %      Criminal
       %      Probate
       %      Personal Injury (Plaintiff)
       %      Personal Injury (Defendant)
       %      Other:
While in private practice, what percentage of your court appearances was:
      % Jury vs.                                              % Non-Jury
      % District Court vs.                                    % County Court (if state court)
      % Lead Counsel vs.                                      % Second Chair
      % Other:

14. Trials
State the approximate number of cases in courts of record you have tried to verdict and whether they
were jury or non-jury trials.
        Jury Trials                                                Non-Jury Trials
Describe five (5) of the most significant litigated matters that you personally handled and give the
citations, if the cases were reported. Give a capsule summary of the substance of each case and a
succinct statement of what you believe to be the particular significance of the case. Identify the party or
parties whom you represented; describe in detail the nature of your participation in the litigation and the
final disposition in the case.

(If you are an incumbent judge for more than five (5) years, describe five of the most significant cases
tried in your court. If you are an incumbent judge for less than five (5) years, you may describe either
cases you tried as an attorney or cases tried before you as a judge, or a combination of both).

15. Elective Offices Sought
List all elective and political offices held or sought previously. Include opponents’ names, election dates
and results.

16. Political Activities
Describe any other political activities (i.e. campaign manager, fundraiser, treasurer, poll watcher, etc) in
which you have actively participated in the past ten (10) years.

17. Other Occupations
Have you even been or are you now engaged in any occupation, business or profession other than the
practice of law or holding judicial or other public offices?          Yes        No
If yes, please describe details, including dates:
18. Arrests
Have you been arrested, charged, or held by federal, state or other law enforcement authorities for
violation of any federal law or regulation, state law or regulation, county or municipal law, regulation or
ordinance? (Do not include traffic violations).                                 Yes        No
If yes, please provide details:

19. Tax Liens
Has a tax lien ever been filed against you or your spouse, or have you or your spouse, or companies in
which you or your spouse has been a principal, filed for bankruptcy?         Yes       No
If yes, please provide details:

20. Financial Information
Have you filed federal income tax returns for the past five (5) years?     Yes        No
   If no, please provide details:
Are you, your spouse, or any company in which you have a material interest currently delinquent in any
local, state or federal taxes?                                             Yes        No
   If yes, please provide details:
Have you ever defaulted on a personal, business or student loan?          Yes        No
   If yes, please provide details:
Have you ever been delinquent in child support payments?                  Yes        No
   If yes, please provide details:

20. Suits/Disciplinary Proceedings
Have you ever been sued by a client?                                         Yes        No
  If yes, please provide details:
Have you ever been a party in any other legal proceeding not listed previously?     Yes      No
  If yes, please provide details. Do not list proceedings in which you were merely a guardian ad litem or
  stakeholder. Include all legal proceedings in which you were a party in interest, were named as a co-
  conspirator or a co-respondent, and any grand jury investigation in which you figured as a subject.

Have you ever been disciplined, reprimanded, or cited for a breach of ethics or for unprofessional conduct
by a court, administrative agency, bar association, disciplinary or grievance committee, or other
professional group?                                                            Yes      No
    If yes, please provide details:
Has your conduct as an attorney or judge ever become the subject of sanctions, disapproval or criticism
in any written order or opinion of a court?                                    Yes      No
    If yes, please provide details:
Have you ever been fined by a regulatory agency?                               Yes      No
    If yes, please provide details:

21. Publications
Cite any legal articles, books or other published legal writings you have authored.

22. Judicial Supervision (for current or previous judges)
List the names and locations of any presiding judge, local administrative judge, regional administrative
judge, and/or chief justice under whom you have served as a judge.

23. Negative Impacts
Is there anything in your background that could reflect poorly on the judiciary and/or negatively impact the
confidence of the public in the courts of Texas?                               Yes       No
If yes, please provide details:
24. Current on requirements
Are you current on all Supreme Court of Texas licensing fees, State Bar dues, and lawyers occupation
tax?                                                                         Yes       No
Have you ever been overdue on any of these?                                  Yes       No
   If yes, please provide details:
Are you current on Continuing Legal Education?                               Yes       No
Have you had any non-compliance in the past?                                 Yes       No
   If yes, please provide details:
Please list all Continuing Legal Education courses that you have taken in the past two years, including the
dates of each course:

25. Charitable/Non-profit Representation
Have you represented any charitable or non-profit organizations?               Yes        No
  If yes, please list them and indicate if you were paid for your services:

26. Mediator
Please describe any experience you may have had as a mediator or arbitrator.

27. Pro bono work
Please describe any pro bono work you have done, including the following:
     The average number of hours per year you have donated to pro bono legal work over the past
       five (5) years;
     Whether the work was for individuals or an organization;
     The nature of the work.

(If you are an active judge, please describe use the last five (5) years of your private practice).

28. Bar Exams
Have you ever failed any bar exams in any state?                              Yes        No
  If yes, please provide details:

29. Discrimination
Have you ever been a member of a discriminatory organization or participated in the creation of policies
that may be discriminatory?                                              Yes        No
   If yes, please provide details:

30. Honors/Award
Please list any honors or awards you have received (excluding those listed in Question #8).

31. Other information
Please add any further information that you feel is relevant to this appointment.

32. Judicial Conduct (current or recent judges only)
Have you been the subject of any investigation or proceeding involving your conduct as a judge?
                                                                          Yes       No
  If yes, please provide details:
33. References
         Name                    Employer               City           Telephone          Relationship
                                                                       -   -
                                                                       -   -
                                                                       -   -
                                                                       -   -

34. Certification of Qualification for Office
I am a citizen of the United States and Texas.                                Yes     No
I am at least twenty-five (25) years of age.                                  Yes      No
I have resided in Lubbock County for at least two years prior to election or appointment.
                                                                             Yes      No
I have been a licensed attorney in Texas who has practiced law or served as a judge of a court in Texas,
or both combined, for the four years preceding election or appointment.       Yes     No

        Notes: A resume must be attached to this questionnaire to be considered

        Any information provided on this questionnaire or any attachment may be
        subject to the Texas Public Information Act.

I hereby certify that the foregoing and any attached statement are true, accurate
and complete. I agree that any misstatements, misrepresentation, or omission of
fact may result in my disqualification for appointment. I assign and hereby give
the Lubbock County Board of Judges, or their designee, full authority to conduct
background investigations pertinent to this application. I specifically authorize
the Lubbock County Sheriff to conduct a background investigation and to
disclose those results of that investigation to the Board of Judges or their
authorized representative.

                                                Applicant Signature            Date

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