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									   Show Jumping
Sponsorship Proposal

  For Carly Devine

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                                What is Show Jumping?
Show jumping is a unique sport with the combination of horse and rider, where woman is equal
to man in the execution. The horse has the muscles, the rider has the control. The Olympic
sport of Grand Prix Show Jumping is best described as a cross between the excitement of
Thoroughbred racing and the sheer daring of the downhill slalom. The rules of the game are
simple: jump an obstacle course of fences without knocking down a rail and within the time
allowed to return for the jump off round- the sport’s version of sudden death overtime. In the
jump off, speed and carefulness are of the essence, the horse and rider with the fastest time
and fewest faults is the winner.

Show jumping spans history, speaks all languages and transcends age and gender with a
contagious spirit. It is family oriented. It instills dedication, courage, confidence and
commitment. There is no sport equal to this unity between horse and rider. Show jumping
events occur every week, last up to five days, and circuits can continue up to seven weeks. It is
the number one equestrian sport in the US. The industry impacts $31 billion on the US
economy, with more than 3.5 million people participating in the sport.

                                    Why Sponsor Me?
Sponsorship is a vital part of my success, just as in many other top level sports, competitors
need financial support to compete at the highest levels, especially in show jumping due to its
high costs and expenses. Financial or product support will allow me to compete at more shows
and travel to more prestigious events nationally and internationally without the worry of
expense. The more experience I am able to get, the greater the chances of reaching my dreams
and goals.

Below is an estimate for some of the costs incurred.

Monthly horse care (per horse):
Board- $500
Feed- $100
Bedding- $100
Training- $600
Total- $1450

Show costs (weekly per horse):
Travel- $1000 (average, depends on distance, fuel, hotel rooms, etc)
Coaching- $500
Stalls, entries- $2000
Total- $3500

Other (annual per horse):
Farrier: $2000
Veterinarian: $1500
Insurance: $5000
Total: $8500

Equipment and Supplies:
These can be constantly occurring costs when something new is necessary or needs replacing,
including but not limited to: saddles, bridles, girth, halters, horse and rider boots, blankets,
show clothes, gloves, helmets, and more. These costs can reach up to $10,000 a year.

    “Believe that your goal is attainable, commit yourself to it, though
     barriers may stand in your way, remember…you are meant to be
                         whatever you dream of becoming.”

                                  Benefits to Sponsor
As a sponsor, you will receive many benefits from being associated with a well respected and
successful rider through company exposure to the world of horse showing. These benefits

      Sponsor logos displayed
          o Show coolers, show pads, competition clothes,
               training saddle pads, training clothes, jackets, horse
               bonnets, stall fronts, trailer, truck
      Recognition in interviews, media coverage and print ads
      Notification of events and their advertising opportunities for the sponsor (company
       name on a Grand Prix jump, listing in prize book, banners in arena, etc)
      The possibility of incorporating sponsor name into horse name (i.e. “[Your Name] Royal
      Reaching new markets through exposure at events and affiliation with rider
      Hospitality opportunities at major events

                                    About the Rider

                                      Age: 22 DOB: 8/12/86

Although riding is my passion, I also ski, surf, and race motocross, as well as painting and
graphic design. Off the horses, I swim and exercise/lift to stay in top condition for competition.

I am currently attending Colorado School of Mines seeking a dual degree with a Bachelors of
Science in Economics and Mining Engineering, and a minor in Humanitarian Studies and

Riding Accomplishments
I have been riding for 9 years now, and competed in
my first Grand Prix in 2004. Over the last few years, I
have had top 5 finishes nationally in both hunters
and jumpers for USEF and PHR, as well as Zone 8 Year
End Champion and Reserve Champion in both the
Open and A/O Jumpers in 2007 and 2008.

My accomplishments for 2008 include:
Reserve Champion Jr/AO National Western Stock Show
Reserve Champion 1.25m High Prairie Spring Preview
Reserve Champion 1.30m High Prairie Spring Classic
Champion High A/O Jumpers at the Colorado Classic I
10th in the $25,000 Colorado Classic Grand Prix
6th in the $5,000 Colorado Horse Park High Jr/AO Classic
7th in the Estes Park $25,000 Grand Prix
Reserve Champion High Jr/AO High Prairie Fall Classic
Circuit Champion High Prairie Fall Shows Jr/AO Jumpers
Level 7
Circuit Champion High Prairie Fall Shows Mini Prix
2nd and 3rd in the $7500 High Prairie Mini Prix Fall
2nd and 4th $7500 High Prairie Mini Prix Fall Classic
4th and 6th in the High Prairie $1500 High Jr/AO Classic
8th in the American Royal $5000 Jr/AO Classic
4th and 9th in the $10,000 Mile High Grand Prix
Champion in Show for Champions Jr/AO Jumpers
4th and 10th in the $5000 Top of the Rockies

2008 Year End Awards:
PHR Zone 8- Champion Amateur Owner Jumpers
             3rd Place Amateur Owner Jumpers
              Champion High Point Jumper
              Reserve Champion High Point Jumper
PHR National- 4th Place Amateur Owner Jumpers
               9th Place Amateur Owner Jumpers
               11th Place High Point Jumper
CHJA- Reserve Champion Amateur Owner Jumpers
      5th Place Amateur Owner Jumper
      5th Place Open Jumper

*Notes: Champions and Reserves are determined by the highest amount of points accumulated
by a rider in a division at a single show. Year end awards are the total of points in one division
accumulated over an entire show year. Zone 8 is compromised of CO, NM, AZ, UT. PHR is the
Performance Horse Registry and CHJA is the Colorado Hunter Jumper Association.

“My goal is to compete in the World Cup, my dream is the Olympics.”

I currently have two horses that I will be competing in $25,000 Grand Prixs and High AO classes,
and will be moving up to larger classes, such as $30,000 and $50,000 Grand Prixs.

2009 Schedule
I will compete at the National Western Stock Show, the Arizona Winter Circuit, and hopefully do
more out of state horse shows, but much of that will depend on support from my sponsors!

  For Updates on schedule and results
         please visit my website.

Thank you for your consideration and
    I look forward to a successful
 Partnership between myself and your
               company!   ¤ 303-562-8865 (c) ¤ 303-993-3877 (h)


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