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					                                                                     Winter 2010


Our first

                                                           Round Up
gOing LOCaL update
Our Opening hOurs Over the festive periOd:     during office closure times, our Out of hours
fri 24th december 2010         8.30am – 12pm   service will be in operation for emergencies.
Mon 27th – tues 28th december  Closed          Call us on 0800 733 233 and follow the instructions.
Wed 29th – thurs 30th december 10am – 4pm      please be aware that although our Customer
fri 30th december              10am – 12pm     Contact Centre will be open during these hours,
Mon 3rd January                Closed          members of our other teams may not be available.

We would like to wish all our customers Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
CONTENTS                                                                    DrIvINg Our PERFORMANCE
                                                                                                                                                                                 Overall customer
           3       progressing performance                                  In June, a new department           would like reporting to them                                       satisfaction
                   How we’re getting better at monitoring                   was created, called Standards       regularly. If they aren’t happy                                    with equity
                   our performance                                          and Innovation. Since then          with the levels of performance,             4.09%
           4&5     Keeping customers at the heart of our organisation       we have been working hard           they can request explanations                 Current
                   Getting involved, our first customer week and news       to improve the way we               and improvement plans from                  tenant rent
                   from the Customer Panel                                  manage performance, so that         the relevant manager to make
           6&7     going Local                                              we can ensure a consistently        sure we get better in the future.                                       2.83%
                   Our biggest ever customer consultation, and what we’re   high standard of service for        This means that customers are                                              % of
                   doing with your feedback                                 our customers, which keeps          holding us to account on the                                              vacant
           8       gas news
                   Safety improvements and our prize draw
                                                                            getting better.                     areas that are important to them.
                                                                            We’ve been reviewing the            We’ll soon be asking a wider              emergency
           9       repairs news                                             performance indicators (PIs)        group of customers what                repairs completed
                   News from Shropshire and our new awards scheme                                                                                           on time
                                                                            that we use to monitor our          information you would like
           10      Lettings news                                            performance. PIs are measures       to see in future newsletters.                                          99.28
                   The Homeswapper service, our new re-charge policy,       of what is important to us and      We don’t want to blind you                                        routine repairs
                   and our recommend a friend scheme                                                                                                                                completed
                                                                            our customers, making sure          with science, but we do want                                         on time
           11      scheme news                                              we focus our efforts in the right   to give you the information
                   Hawaii fun, staff v residents darts match, and Judy’s    areas, for example Percentage       you want to see, so watch
                   good work in Tanzania                                    of emergency repairs                this space!
           12 & 13 Money wise                                               completed on time, Average                                     On target?           Yes                Nearly                No
                   Information and guidance on money issues, plus our       time taken to re-let empty
                   January prize draw                                       properties and Customer
           14 & 15 Organisation news                                        satisfaction with Equity to          performance forum
                   News from the Board, the TSA, and an interview with      name but a few. Monitoring           We have set up an internal Performance Forum to help drive
                   our new Director                                         these regularly makes sure           service improvements. Each month, performance areas which
                                                                            our attention is kept on these       aren’t hitting target or are deteriorating are chosen. Managers,
           16 & 17 noticeboards
                                                                            key priorities, and that we          along with a representative from the Customer Panel, get
                   Useful information and dates for your diary
                                                                            can take steps to improve our        together to look at how performance can be improved. For
           18      farewell to Jeremy and pam                                                                    example, levels of rent arrears are currently not hitting target
                   We say goodbye to Jeremy and Pam, and find               service if our performance
                                                                                                                 and will be the first topic to go to the Forum. We are confident
                   out what the future has in store for Customer            dips below target.
                                                                                                                 that the Performance Forum will be a key part of driving
                   Involvement                                              We will be working with our          improvement within Equity. We’ll be feeding back some of the
           19      feedback form                                            new Customer Panel (see next         achievements in a future newsletter, so you can see how it is
                   Your chance to tell us what you think                    page) to agree what PIs they         benefitting you.
2                                                                                                                                                                                 3
                                                                                                                                            Figures show year to date performance, as at October 2010.
                                   Customer Panel no longer in the shadows                                                 are you interested in
                                   At the AgM in August, our Shadow Customer Panel
                                                                                                                           getting involved in how
                                   became the Customer Panel, one of only two formal                                       we let our properties?
                                   committees of the Board and therefore part of our                                       We would love to hear from
                                   governance. Bernard Brady was elected as Chair of the                                   you if you would like to help
                                   Customer Panel. The Customer Panel is made up of                                        us improve the way we
                                   tenants and leaseholders, and puts our customers right   Our first ever                 allocate and rent our
                                   at the heart of our business, driving improvements       Customer Week!                 properties, and there are a number
                                   in our services, scrutinising our performance and                                       of ways in which you can get involved:
                                                                                            September saw us launch
                                   helping to make decisions to improve customer
                                                                                            our first ever Customer        •	 Reviewing	policies	and	procedures;	who	gets	priority	etc
                                   services. They have already played a key role in
                                                                                            Week! The events were held     •	 Benchmarking	the	service	we	provide	compared	
                                   scrutinising our performance and signing off our Short
                                                                                            on our sheltered schemes,         to other Housing Associations
                                   Notice Inspection action plan, and we look forward
                                                                                            and included afternoon tea     •	 Inspecting	our	empty	properties	before	re-letting	
                                   to working closely with them in the future to ensure     and cakes, bingo, breakfast       to ensure they meet our standards
                                   further improvements and greater involvement of our      clubs and quizzes. We          •	 Mystery	shopping	
                                   customers.                                               wanted to say thank you to
                                                                                            our customers for taking       If you are interested in getting involved please call
                                                                                            part in our recent going       0800 733 233 and ask for our Lettings Team.
Would you like to join our Customer Panel?                                                  Local roadshow, give
                                                                                            customers an update on        Improving communications
We currently have some vacancies on our Customer Panel, and                                 what we’re doing with their
we’re looking for new members to join. The Customer Panel meets                                                           Would you like to get involved with the way
                                                                                            feedback and how we’re
once a month at our head office in Cheadle Hulme, and we can                                                              Equity communicates with you? We are
                                                                                            using it to produce Local
help with travel expenses. You would be involved in monitoring our                                                        starting a new Customer Communications
                                                                                            Offers which truly meet
                                                                                                                          group, and will be considering our
performance and making decisions which will have an impact on the                           their needs, and to launch
                                                                                                                          newsletters, tenant handbook and other
services you receive.                                                                       our first Annual report for
                                                                                                                          important literature to start with.
                                                                                            customers. We also wanted
More information will be provided in the New Year about joining the
                                                                                            to have some fun! These       We’d love to hear from you if you have
Customer Panel, but if this is something you are interested in and
                                                                                            small events were a pilot,    an interest in communications. Please contact Anna ross,
you would like to find out more, please contact Oriel Camp, Deputy                          and we will consult with      Communications Officer, on 0800 733 233 or
   Director of Standards and Innovation. You can contact Oriel on                           customers on what this        email if you would like
4   0800 733 233 or email                                        might look like next year.    to find out more.                                          5
gOINg LOCAL                                                                             Our L
                                                                                       will e ocal Offers
                                                                                   delive nable u
                                                                                          r          s
                                                                                    that mservices lo to
as you are aware, we recently underwent                                                     e          c
                                                                                     of tha et the needally
our biggest ever customer consultation, the                                                 t
                                                                                     area o particular s
going Local roadshow. Many thanks to all                                               customroup of
of you who took part by attending one of our
22 events or returning your feedback form
through the post. We received 686 feedback
forms in total, which was a great response.
                                                      The Customer Panel will be monitoring our
The point of going Local was to get a much greater    performance and making sure we’re delivering on
understanding of you, our customers, and what is      our Local Offers. We will also make sure that ALL
important to you ahead of us developing our Local     customers are kept up to date with our progress,
Offers. These are our own set of standards, based     and we’ll let you know how you can raise issues
on what you want and need, over and above the         relating to the local offers, including powers of
National Standards set for all Housing Providers by   redress available to you.
our regulator the Tenant Services Authority (TSA).
They will be in the areas of:                         Once we have our Local Offers fully up and
                                                      running, and are monitoring progress with our
•	   Tenant	Involvement	and	Empowerment	              customers, we will look to participate in “peer
•	   Home                                             review” – asking colleagues or customers from
•	   Neighbourhood	and	Community                      other housing organisations to give feedback
•	   Tenancy	(particularly	allocations)               on our services. We have also invited Local
                                                      Authorities and Local Councillors to work with us.
We have looked at the feedback, and have              This will give an objective view of our services,
consulted with a focus group of customers who         and we’ll be able to learn from the good practice
were involved in the early stages of going Local.     of others.
Draft Local Offers will go to our Area Panels in
January, and finally to the Customer Panel for        We’re looking forward to having our Local
approval in early 2011.                               Offers developed and in place by april 2011.

6                                                                                                          7
gAS NEws: IMPrOvINg PErFOrMANCE                                                            rEPAIrS NEws
gas safety improvements                                                                    improving                                       In It Together
recently we have been making improvements to the
                                                               PRiZE DRAw                  repairs in                                      We have recently launched our new
                                                                                                                                           awards scheme, In It Together. These
way we manage gas safety with a focus on how we
complete our gas servicing programme each year.
                                                                                           shropshire                                      awards are intended to encourage and
You might start to notice some differences:                                                We are keen to                                  recognise good performance from
                                                                                           keep improving                                  contractors, which ultimately impacts on
•	 A	Monthly	Prize	Draw	for	tenants	that	allow	first	                                      the repairs service                             you. The awards have been named In It
   time access for their gas service. The winner will                                      that you receive.                               Together to recognise the importance
   receive £75 in vouchers so please make sure you’re                                      In recent months                                of Equity working closely with our main
   at home for your appointment!                                                           we have been                                    contractors, and that we really are in
                                                                                           working closely                                 it together as our systems, teams and
•	 Better	promotion	of	gas	safety	in	schemes                                                                                               relationships both need to be successful
                                                               The winners of the first    with contractors
•	 Sure	will	call	you	the	day	before	your	gas	service	         ever gas prize draw are     to review and                                   in order for us to deliver an excellent
   to remind you to be at home, so please make sure                                        improve their performance. A number of          service to our customers.
                                                               John Murphy and Patricia
   that we have your most up to date phone number.             Hartley of runnymede        changes have been made already and we           The awards are designed to recognise
                                                               Court.                      hope that you have started to notice a better   and reward exceptional performance both
Our new way of working on gas has already shown                                            service.                                        from contractors and from their individual
excellent results, with 100% gas compliance being              “We were over the moon
                                                                                           The next improvement will see Liberty           team members, and we will hold an In
achieved in September for the first time! We are               when we found out we’d
                                                                                           deliver the repairs service in Shropshire       It Together Awards Ceremony where
working hard to keep performance up and we take                won the £75! It’s just in                                                   winners will be awarded by members
our responsibilities for gas seriously.                        good time for Christmas,    directly	to	you	without	the	use	of	a	sub-
                                                                                           contractor. With local operatives dedicated     of the Customer Panel.
                                                               it’s a really good idea.”
If you have any queries about gas safety or have a                                         to the Shropshire area, we expect Liberty to
fault with your heating, please call us on 0800 733                                        deliver a better quality and more effective
233. If you suspect you have a gas leak please call        We ach
the National grid on 0800 111 999.                                ieved
                                                         gas com
                                                                                           We are working closely with Liberty to try
                                                                                           and ensure that the transition is as smooth
                                                                 p                         as possible, however if you experience any
                                                         in septe liance                   problems with repairs being completed,
                                                                                           please ring the Customer Contact Centre on
8                                                                                          0800 733 233.                                                                           9
LETTINgS NEws                                                                                     SCHEME NEws
New recharge policy                                                                               Judy’s good work in a book                                 Hawaiian fun
We have recently introduced a new                                                                 Hallowes Court Scheme Manager Judy                         at Fulstone!
recharge Policy, which means that we can                                                          Simpson has written a book to raise funds                  residents (and Scheme
now pursue costs from those customers                                                             for an orphanage in Mombassa, Kenya.                       Manager Toni roberts)
who neglect or deliberately cause damage                                                          The book is an account of her experience                   at Fulstone Mews had a
to their property. This means we can:                                                             as a volunteer working in Tanzania with                    Hawaiian treat that got
•	 provide	a	fair	service	for	all	our	                                                            people affected by HIv / AIDS.                             the pulses racing! After a
   customers                                                                                                                                                 demonstration of Hawaiian
•	 reduce	what	we	spend	on	repairing	these	                                                       Judy volunteered through a company called Cross
                                                                                                                                                             dancing, they got to join in,
   properties                                                                                     Cultural Solutions who operate in 12 countries. Their
                                                                                                                                                             shaking it to the authentic
•	 let	the	property	faster	after	a	customer	            Are you thinking about                    mission is to learn, exchange ideas and bring different
                                                                                                                                                             music, wearing lei and grass
                                                                                                  cultures together. She chose Tanzania as it’s one of the
   has left                                             moving home?                                                                                         skirts! Toni says “this was
•	 improve	the	appearance	of	our	schemes	                                                         few African countries where many tribes live amicably
                                                        From the end of November 2010,                                                                       part of keeping our residents
   and the quality of life of the customers                                                       together. She says “The Tanzanians are warm and friendly
                                                        Equity is offering the HomeSwapper                                                                   active and moving – and it
   who live there.                                                                                          ”
                                                                                                  by nature. She now sponsors a 14 year old boy in the
                                                        service free to all our customers for a                                                              worked on their lungs as
                                                                                                  Bagamoyo region, and had the unforgettable experience
For more information, please call us on                 12 month trial period.                                                                               they couldn’t stop laughing!”
                                                                                                  of meeting him and his family.
0800 733 233.                                           HomeSwapper is an online national
                                                                                                  Judy’s book is called “Lay Down Your Heart” It costs £5
                                                        mutual exchange website which
                                                                                                  and all the proceeds go to the orphanage. If you would
recommend a friend                                      enables customers to register their
                                                                                                  like a copy, please contact Judy on 01246 415345.
                                                        properties, and provides matches
Our new Recommend a Friend scheme aims to
                                                        who would be interested in swapping
reward tenants for their help.
                                                        homes.	It’s	easy	to	use;	customers	        Darts Match
If you recommend one of our empty properties to a       upload their information and identify
friend or relative and they then move in as an equity   the tenant to swap with, then              Clifford Court, a scheme in Stockport, hosted
tenant, we will send you £50 to spend as you like.      approach Equity.                           a darts match and hotpot supper for staff and
Interested? All you have to do is ask your friend                                                  residents recently. The event was organised
                                                        The site is now the main mutual            by our Technical Officers and raised £45, which
to contact us and mention that they have been
                                                        exchange site in the uK, and is a key      Equity matched, and the funds were donated to
recommeded by you, and we will do the rest.
                                                        tool for ensuring customers have           Help the Heroes, a charity which raises money
Contact us on 0800 733 233 or email                     access to a wide, informed choice of                                                                       to support members of the Armed Forces who
                                                        mobility solutions.                        have been wounded.
10                                                                                                                                                                                    11
Home Contents Insurance
                                         Paying your rent by Direct Debit                                                                are you feeling
Are you covered should the worst
happen in your home? If you had a                                Earlier this year we                                                    the pinch after
flood and or a fire and you lost your
belongings, could you afford
                                                                 introduced Direct
                                                                 Debit as a way to pay                                                   the festive
to replace them?                                                 your rent. We are now
                                                                 improving this service
                                                                                                                                         season? need
There are 2 types of household
insurance;	buildings	insurance	
                                                                 further by moving to
                                                                 Paperless Direct Debit.
                                                                                                                                         help getting rid
and contents insurance. Buildings
insurance covers your house itself,
                                                                 This means that you                                                     of the January
and contents insurance covers your
                                                                 will be able to set up
                                                                 your Direct Debit over                                                  Blues?
belongings. Your buildings insurance                             the phone, with no
is paid by Equity, and covers the cost                           forms to fill in.
associated with rebuilding any part                                                          if your rent account is clear throughout december 2010                                 Do you need help
of your home. However, you should        There are many benefits to paying by Direct         and January 2011, you will be entered into our prize draw                              dealing with Bailiffs?
have your own contents insurance         Debit:                                              on 31st January 2011*
to cover the cost of replacing the       •	 You	don’t	need	to	remember	to	pay	your	rent	                                                                                            Are you having trouble with
contents of your home.                      each month as it will be taken automatically     first prize: the equivalent of your January                                            Bailiffs? Do you need some

Equity has partnered with rSA
                                            from your bank account on a set date             rent! plus 4 runner up prizes of the equivalent                                        help dealing with them? You
                                         •	 You	don’t	need	to	tell	your	bank	if	there	are	                                                                                          can contact us and ask for
(formerly royal & Sun Alliance)                                                              of 1 week’s rent!                                                                      our information sheet which
                                            any changes to your rent or service charge
to provide cost effective home                                                               Make sure you don’t miss out! If you are in arrears                                    contains guidance on what
                                            – we will let you know in advance of any
contents insurance specifically for                                                          with your rent, please get in touch on 0800 733 233                                    to do should the bailiffs call.
                                            changes and alter the amount we take
our tenants. It can be paid weekly,                                                          to make arrangements to clear the debt.
                                         •	 You	are	protected	by	the	Direct	Debit	                                                                                                  Bailiffs are usually the last
monthly or annually and could
                                            guarantee                                        *Where we agree that rent arrears are due entirely to Housing Benefit or               resort for recovering debts.
cost as little as £1.40 per week                                                             Supporting People payment cycles, customers will still be eligible for the draw.
(depending on how much you need          We will be able to take Paperless Direct Debit                                                                                             If you are struggling, we can
                                                                                             Winners will be notified by 4th February 2011.
to insure) with no excess on any         applications from April 2011. You will be able to                                                                                          also provide information on
claim you make. Please contact us        set yours up with a Customer Service Officer,       Please note: The first prize is equivalent to 4 weeks rent, the runner up prizes are   where you can get free and
on 0800 733 233 for more details         a Lettings Officer, a revenue Officer or a Debt
                                                                                             equivalent to 1 weeks rent. This does not mean you will have rent free weeks.          impartial advice.
    about home contents insurance.       Advice Officer. We will be in touch nearer the      The next prize draw will take place on 31st March 2011. To be eligible you need        Call us on 0800 733 233.
12                                                                                           need to have a clear rent account for February 2011 and March 2011.                                                  13
 Bernard Brady joins           We have sign off!                                                            Our new director, andrei szatkowski
 the Board                     We are delighted that the action plan which was put in                       Andrei joined us in November, as our Executive Director of
 As well as being our          place after the Short Notice Inspection in 2009 has been                     Customer Services. He is responsible for Property Services and
 newly elected Chair of the    formally signed off as complete by our regulators, the                       Development, Leasehold Services and Housing Management.
 Customer Panel, Bernard       Tenant Services Authority (TSA).                                             Here, you can find out more about him.
 Brady is also our newest
                               The action plan aimed to address the weaknesses which
 Board Member. Bernard
                               were identified in the inspection and, happily, the TSA
 has been an actively                                                                                       What was your first job in housing?             What are your first priorities and your
                               are particularly pleased with the effectiveness of our
 involved customer for                                                                                      I worked as a receptionist at what was North    overall vision now you’re here?
                               new Customer Panel in their scrutiny role. There are a
 several years as a member                                                                                  British Housing in Manchester (now Places       The first three things I will be concentrating
                               number of ongoing activities which will be continually
 of the Yorkshire and                                                                                       for People). That was some 20 years ago,        on are:
                               reviewed by the Board, and the Customer Panel will also
 Derbyshire Area Panel.                                                                                     and my nine months answering the phones         1. Ensuring we are all delivering excellent
                               be reviewing these activities later this year.
 He wanted to get involved                                                                                  and dealing with customers led to my               customer service
 further to ensure that the    Paul Harvard of the TSA said “I would like to take this                      interest in housing.                            2. Ensuring we have all the correct systems
 views of our customers are    opportunity to thank Equity Housing group’s Board,                                                                              and processes in place to be able to do
 right at the heart of what    executive team and staff for all their hard work in                          Where else have you worked before                  this
 we do, and that customers     completing the work linked to the action plan, and would                     joining Equity?                                 3. Working with everyone to make Equity
 were represented in the       again compliment you all on a significant improvement                        I have worked both for Local Authorities and       a great place to work.
 management structure.         in performance over the last year. ”                                         Housing	Associations;	Salford	Council	and	
 Bernard officially became                                                                                  Oldham Council, and then West Pennine HA,       I will be spending my first few months
 a board member at the                                                                                      Templar HA and Wyre HA, which are all part      fact finding. I want to truly understand the
 AgM in August.               Farewell to Morag White                                                       of the regenda group. Altogether I was with     business and will be taking a “back to the
                              Morag White MBE retired from the                                              regenda for around 12 years, and my last        floor” approach. I’ll be spending time with
                              Board of Management of Equity on                                              position there was regional Director.           lots of members of my team as I feel it’s the
                              5th August, after 22 years. Morag                                                                                             best way to learn what’s happening on the
                              was also the Chair of the North West                                          What made you want to join Equity?              ground.
                              Tenants’ Committee and as a very                                              It was a fantastic opportunity to join Equity
                              involved member of the Board, will                                            at such an exciting time. I am passionate
                              be missed by other Board members,                                             about providing excellent customer service,
                              staff and customers alike. We wish her all    Morag with Chairman Brian       and I’m really looking forward to working
                                                                                Ashfield (left) and Chief
14                            the very best for a happy retirement.        Executive David Fisher (right)   with the Equity team.                                                                       15
                                                                                                                                              cks and Walkabout
                                                                      ild and
                                                        rty, Milnerbu
        We hav e asked our
                             repairs con  tractors Libe
                                          stma s project to g
                                                              ive presents
                                                                       s were
                                                                                                                                       Talkba                                                   Walkabout
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         10th Jan           2011 STATUS survey
                           a one off Chri               . All scheme
        Sure to join us in         shelte red schemes es are:                                                                            Beswick/Gorton
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         11th Jan            We will be underta
                     some of our            winning sch
                                                         em                                                                                                                                                                                                      king our
        residents in         nd the lucky
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         20th Jan           STATUS survey
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              in 2011. This is a
                       hat a                                     ckport
        placed into a                              ee Court, Sto                                                                         Cambridge Gardens                                                                   27th Jan       standardised tena
                           ens, She ffield Jubil Moss, Shropshire                                                                                                                               Walkabout                                   survey which ho
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                nt satisfaction
           Fir View Gard Manchester          Pauls                                                                                       Percyvale/Ribbon Mill
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             24th Feb
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           need to carry ou
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             using providers
            Foxlair C ourt,                                                                                                              Droppingwell Farm Close                                                             24th Feb                        t in order
                         Stockport                         Christmas.
                                                                                                                                                                                                Walkabout                                  to compare their
            Heys Court,                     the run up to                                                                                Aubrey Senior Way                                                                   3rd Mar       satisfaction with
                                     ted in                                                                                                                                                      Talkback
                       l be distribu                                                                                                                             lounge                                                                                      the services they
          Presents wil                                                                                                                   Weavers Court, Communal                                                             15th Mar     are receiving. Lo
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             ok out for more
                                                                                                                                          Portobello, Communal lounge                                                        4th April    information near
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            er the time.
                                                                                                                                          Fife St                                                                             4th April
     Help tomorrow
    2011 Census co ke shape -
                                                              ew schents with
                                                                                                                                          Marlfield Croft
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Talkback sheltered
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              17th May
                                                            n                                                                              Fir View Gardens,                                     Walkabout general let
                                                            for resid disabilities
                    ming to a                                                                                                              Communal lounge                                                                    17th May
    letterbox near y                                                                                                                                                                             Walkabout
                                                            learninig stockport
                    ou                                                                                                                     Piper Court                                                                        13th Sept
      Your 2011 census                                                                                                                                                  rch Hall, Dobbin Hill     Talkback
                                                             opens n
                             questionnaire w
                                                 ill                                              e
                                                                                         ing in th nd                                       Greyfriars, St Gabriels Chu
     arrive in March.
                          The census is un                                 who  were liv       a bra                                                                                   3 233
                                              dertaken                              nts                       en                                                 se call us on 0800 73
     every 10 years by                                                   rt reside                been giv                                 For more details plea
                             the Office for N
                                               ational        Stockpo                H all have                                                                  ice Delivery Officer.
     Statistics and is                                                   d Hulme                                                           and ask for your Serv
                          a “count” of the                    outdate                                                                                                                                                                                          g times
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     tre closin
     population. It’s                         uK                                                                   his
                                                               new hom
                                                                            e.                        , said: “T
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          ontact Cen
                        vital that you co
    your confidentia                        mplete                                      fE xecutive rovide                                                                                                               C
                          l census questio                                  her, Chie              will p                                                                                                                               ll be clo
    the statistics are                       nnaire as         David Fis y development                     for thos
                                                                                                                     e                                                                                                  tact Centre wi              ing
                          used to make de
                                              cisions               h qualit                   odation                 d                                                                                      e the Con                   for train
   about our comm                                               hig                 accomm in Stockport an                                                                                        P lease not            llow ing dates
                                                                                                                                     New website
                         unity. Our area                                                                                                                                                                                                              n
                                            receives            much                     bilities                 artnersh
                                                                                                                              ip                                                                               on the fo                   will be i
   funding from go
                         vernment, base                                     rn ing disa              efits of p homes                                                                             fr om 2-4pm             Hour s service             s,
                                                                 with lea                       ben                                                                                                             ur Out of                 mergencie
                                                                                      he clear
  number of peop                           d on the
                        le living here, fu                                 strates t                      fordable g our             Our brand new website                                           rposes. O                  mes for e
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Farewell to Jeremy and Pam
At the beginning of December, our Tenant Services
Manager Jeremy Bentliff, and our residents’
Involvement Officer Pam Mills left Equity.
Jeremy and Pam both worked for Equity for several
years and are well known and liked by customers,
as well as all the staff. We wish both of them good
luck and all the very best for their future careers.
So what does the future hold for Customer
Involvement? This is a very important area and
we are fully committed to ensuring that all our
customers are kept informed and engaged, and
have an influence on the services we provide.
We are now recruiting a Customer Experience
Manager, who will take the lead on ensuring that
the needs of our customers are met and exceeded,
and that customer involvement is a priority across
the organisation.
In the meantime, if you need to any help or advice
and would normally have spoken to either Jeremy
or Pam, please call our Customer Contact Centre on
0800 733 233, who will be able to put you through
to the best person to help you.

18                                                     19
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         or Braille, please call us free on 0800 733 233

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