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March 24, 2009 08:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

eMarketing Leader eWayDirect Acquires Catamount Group
The Catamount Group of Bethel, Connecticut, joins the eWayDirect family SOUTHPORT, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--eWayDirect, a leading online marketing service provider since 2000, announced today the acquisition of The Catamount Group of Bethel, CT. Founded in 1998, The Catamount Group focuses its business on helping companies acquire new customers along with generating additional revenue from existing ones. Throughout the past year, The Catamount Group has been successfully offering eWayDirect’s powerful email, website reengagement, social networking, widget, and search marketing products and services to its customers through a special partnership with eWayDirect. The acquisition of the company solidifies and augments that partnership. “We are really excited about having The Catamount Group join the eWayDirect family,” says Neil Rosen, president and CEO of eWayDirect. “The group’s unique expertise includes both understanding our products and services and understanding the business models, opportunities, and challenges of our partners who are traditional marketing service providers. This acquisition gives us an even greater ability to provide marketleading support to our current and future partners.” Tina MacNicholl, founder and CEO of the Catamount Group, agrees. “The experience of working with eWayDirect over the past year,” she says, “has really shown us how the synergies between the two companies create opportunities for all of our partners and customers to expand their businesses and exceed their growth objectives by integrating online and offline strategies. I am anxious to work with every one of our partners to help them successfully build their businesses using our combined products and services.” The strength of Catamount’s customer acquisition expertise, added to the power of eWayDirect’s emarketing tool suite and interactive experience, will enable eWayDirect to provide a complete outsourced interactive solution to traditional marketing service providers looking to successfully compete online against any other providers. MacNicholl will continue to run the Catamount division of eWayDirect and will be working with her team to help current and future eWayDirect partners take the eWayDirect suite of products and services directly to their customers. About the Companies: eWayDirect: eWayDirect, Inc., is a Connecticut-based emarketing company offering world-class email marketing, both SEO and PPC search marketing, website reengagement, social networks, and widgets, all on a single integrated platform. Its web-based Priority Email tool guarantees 100% inbox deliverability, 100% of the time; the website reengagement process increases sales; and the social networking

application is a powerful customer acquisition tool —and all of them are part of the platform, offered at no extra cost. Learn more about eWayDirect at http://www.ewaydirect.com. The Catamount Group: The Catamount Group is a direct-response media company driven by a team of marketing experts skilled in connecting businesses with unique opportunities and new customers. The company’s expertise covers a full range of both online and offline services to assist marketing partners in successfully expanding their product/service offerings. Learn more about The Catamount Group at http://www.catamountgroup.net. Contacts Press Contact: Belinda Banks, SSPR 609-750-9110, Belinda@sspr.com

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