Global Warming Rough Draft by kristinatodd


									Kristina Johnson Global Warming: Biological Consequences This paper intends to explain why global warming is not a natural part of the climate cycle and the consequences of this change. It will outline problems existing in the environment due to human action and attempt to show the truly destructive influence we have had on the biosphere. 1.) the Earth does have natural climate cycles, but this process is being speeded up by human interference; average temperature change, effects on natural cycle explained 2.) global warming’s effect on the ocean; raising surface temps resulting in larger and more destructive storms, ocean’s pH significantly raised due to feedback in carbon cycle, loss of ocean species 3.) effect on terrestrial species; destruction of species’ required environment, melting ice caps raising sea levels, mass extinction theory 4.) opposing argument 1: this is a natural change caused by natural cycles, not human interference; the spikes in the last 100 years are a normal part of the climate cycle as it moves further and further out of the last Ice Age 5.) opposing argument 2: any effects caused by global warming will be negligible; species die-off is typical with climate change and not something we should be concerned about. 6.) Opposing argument 3: we cannot take any measures to stop global warming, if it exists, and therefore should not be concerned. We should continue our lives as we did before, rather than trying ecofriendly options beneficial to the environment. 7.) Conclusion: There are significant biological effects due to global warming that was caused by human action; warming has been increasing at an exponential rate since the beginning of the industrial period, when more and more carbon was introduced into the carbon cycle. As a result, pH levels are raising in the soil and water. Most species can only survive at very narrow pH ranges. Therefore, we must take some action to prevent any further damage and correct the existing damage or temperatures will continue to rise resulting in huge, destructive changes in weather patterns, ocean currents, etc. We have lost a significant number of species since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, and if we continue to pollute and feed the carbon cycle excessive amounts of carbon, a mass extinction is viable. It is important for individuals, corporations and governments to each do their part to heal the environment.

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