Time of Your Life by kristinatodd


									Kristina Johnson HR 190 Dr. Scott 5/4/06 Group Project Time of Your Life: The Characters In the pilot episode, we will have five primary characters. Each will be introduced into their respective roles during the pilot, and then their individual stories will be elaborated on in separate episodes. In this fashion we will come to know each character intimately; we will discover their strengths, weaknesses and passions. The Ryan sisters are an integral part of the pilot episode. They are quite opposite both in appearance and attitude. The eldest of the two is Becky, a senior at Liberty High and a leader in most respects. She will be played by an easily lovable, blonde actress. Becky is not only gorgeous, but popular. She dates the most popular guy in school (Zach Samson) and leads the ideal life of most high school girls. While she conforms to the cheerleader stereotype, Becky is a leader of her social group and is very involved in extracurricular activities. Becky has never had a real problem in her life until the fall of her senior year, when she develops alopecia. She has to learn a completely new way of life as she is rejected by not only her boyfriend, but her entire social group. Rather than the girl on the pedestal, she is now considered a garden-variety freak. As the series unfolds, we begin to see Becky understand people in a new light. She goes from living a superficial life to losing everything that mattered to her- her beauty, her popular boyfriend, her social status- and then finding herself. Allison Ryan is Becky’s younger sister. To most people, that is all she has ever been. Allison is a spunky, freckled redhead who has been tired of living in her sister’s shadow for quite some time, but never really knew how to overcome it. Becky is a sophomore and also a leader of the Ribbon Alliance. With her sister’s newfound unpopularity, Allison’s suddenly finding herself in a place she’s never been before. She has to decide if it’s more important to help her, or if she’d rather be popular. Allison is a sweet and caring girl, but she definitely has a second child complex. It wasn’t just that Becky was always perfect, but Becky was always healthy. Allison is living with cystic fibrosis, a hard blow for a teenager. While she’s had it for years, most people don’t cystic fibrosis don’t live past thirty and she is upset that the ‘best years of her life’ aren’t everything she was told they’d be. With the discovery of Becky’s alopecia, Allison finally gets the chance to show everyone that she isn’t just Becky’s little sister- she is a leader in her own right. Zach Samson is Becky’s boyfriend in the pilot episode. The perfect duo has dated since their sophomore year of high school. Zach is the star football quarterback of their school. After a heavy make-out session leads to the discovery of Becky’s alopecia, he quickly dumps her out of disgust. Zach is a cute but superficial jock, and a bully to the underclassmen who don’t fit the norm. He is the seemingly two-dimensional that most people had to deal with in high school, the one that doesn’t care who you are or what is wrong with you- as long as you’re different he has something to attack. While at the beginning of the episode he seems like a caring boyfriend, he quickly dumps Becky when

he discovers her alopecia. Zach’s cockiness and shallowness are the driving forces behind his bullying. When he discovers Becky now qualifies as a freak in his mind, he turns on his own girlfriend of the last two years. While her rather shallow, popular friends may have dumped her anyway, he is definitely a driving force in taking away everything Becky valued. He discovers the alopecia, he dumps her, he turns her friends against her, and then he bullies her. Molly Dean is the president and a co-founder of the Ribbon Alliance. Now a senior, Molly was diagnosed with leukemia a few years before the pilot takes place. She is now in chemotherapy, leaving her hairless. Her body has been desiccated by her illness, leaving her feeling unattractive and somewhat bitter towards people who do not understand her illness. She has thrown herself into her work to take her mind off her problems. When Becky enters the group for the first time, we see Molly’s violent reaction to her seemingly frivolous grief. While Molly initially rejects Becky because she one was one of the people that made life miserable for members of the Alliance. Molly has a hard time understanding why Becky is so upset about just losing her hair when Becky’s life could be in danger like her own. Becky feels as if she’s lost everything, but all Molly can see is that Becky’s two-faced friends betrayed her, her boyfriend dumped her, and her hair fell out- none of which is permanent or lifethreatening. Throughout the series and even a little in the pilot, we will see Molly begin to understand that in Becky’s mind, she really has lost everything. Molly will allow Becky to become a member of the Alliance, but she has to overcome her own bitterness towards Becky’s old crew before she can accept Becky. Greg Wilson is the mediator in the Rainbow Alliance. He is a handsome junior with multiple sclerosis, leaving him unable to walk at times and in need of a wheelchair. Greg is an all-around good guy, who could be very popular if the jocks didn’t bully him. Greg is well-liked by the ladies and will become a possible love interest for the main female characters. When Becky feels rejected by the Alliance, he is the one that convinces Alliance members that Becky belongs. He has had a crush on Becky for a very long time, so in later episodes we may choose to develop this into something more than just a crush. Greg’s character is not very well-defined in this episode, which will leave room for expansion in later episodes. Greg is a Ferris Beuhler-type, while he doesn’t pull the pranks Ferris was popular for; he is a charmer and knows how to talk people into seeing his point of view. Greg is the guy that stands up for what is right when he doesn’t agree with how people are being treated. Because of this particular trait, he will give several inspiring speeches this semester. Greg is the sort of person everyone wants to be on the inside, but few are able to accomplish.

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