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									                       EXHIBIT “A” – SCOPE OF WORK
                            INTERIOR CLEANING
                      New Commercial Construction Cleaning

It is understood and agreed that the scope of work to be performed by this Subcontractor
shall be in accordance with plans, specifications, applicable codes and regulations and
shall include, without being limited to, the following:

   1.     This subcontract specifically includes but is not limited to all labor, materials,
          installation, equipment, and supervision necessary to perform all operations in
          connection with all Interior Construction Cleaning.

   2.     Cleaning shall be done in two (2) phases which shall include “Rough Clean”
          and “Final Clean”.

   3.     Rough Clean Phase. This phase shall consist of cleaning the entire building.
          A rough clean shall include, but not be limited to, the cleaning of:

          A.          Windows and glass doors (both inside and out).
          B.          Window/door frames and tracks.
          C.          All doors and trim ensuring freedom from dirt and dust.
          D.          All cabinet surfaces to be free of dust, dirt, debris, labels and
                      masking (both inside and out). The drawers shall be removed and
                      cleaned (both top and bottom). Toe kicks shall be cleaned and
          E.          All fixtures, hardware and appliances (if installed) to be free of
                      dust, dirt, labels, masking and fingerprints.
          F.          Bath accessories, sinks, tubs, toilets, mirrors, mirrored doors,
                      marble panels and shower/tub doors are to be free of labels, dirt,
                      debris, oils and fingerprints.
          G.          All marble vanity tops shall be free of dust, dirt, debris, oils,
                      fingerprints and all labels with the exception of the customer-care
                      label which is to remain clean and intact.
          H.          All interior surfaces shall be free of dust, dirt and debris.
          I.          Floors shall be free of dirt and debris. Floor coverings shall be
                      installed prior to final clean.
          J.          Exterior doors shall be dusted and/or washed to be free of dust.

4.   Final Clean Phase. This phase shall consist of cleaning/recleaning all items
     identified under Paragraph 3 above with the addition of, but not limited to, the
     following items:
     A.          All appliances not previously installed shall be free of packaging
                 labels, dirt and debris.
     B.          All carpeting shall be vacuumed to be free of all dirt and debris.
     C.          All ceramic tile and vinyl floor covering shall be cleaned and freed
                 from manufacturing labels, scuffmarks and foreign substances.
     D.          All decorator light fixtures shall be cleaned to be free of all dust
                 and labels.
     E.          All windows and mirrors shall be cleaned and free of dust.
     F.          All windows and sliding glass door tracks are to be cleaned and
                 free of dust and debris.
     G.          All baseboards to be swept.

5.   Re-clean Phase. This phase is Optional. A price will be provided upon
     request, unless otherwise specified by builder to include in Base Price.

6.   Any information, warranties and/or manuals encountered during cleaning
     shall be stored in a common area.

7.   Any surplus flooring materials shall be rolled up and placed in a corner of the

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