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									                                                           City of Atlantic Beach
                                      Annual Contract: Sulfur Dioxide For Wastewater Treatment Plants
                                                                June 25, 2008

BID 0708-10                                                                                            3:00 PM

                                                                                 Brenntag Mid-South

              Required Documents
Submission in Triplicate - All Documents                                    X

Document Requirements Checklist                                             X

Insurance Certificate
References - Three (3)                                                      X
Business Tax Receipt (formerly known as
Occupational License)
List of Drivers with Commercial Drivers
Certification of Driver's Training for Process
Safety Mgmnt, FDOT Shipping & Handling of
Sulfur Dioxide, & Respiratory Protection
Last Two Years of OSHA 200 Logs
Documentation of Security Program
Bid Bond                                                                   N/A

Acknowledgment of Any Addenda                                              N/A

Drug Free Workplace                                                         X

Public Entity Crimes Statement                                              X

W-9 Form                                                                    X

                        Item                          Unit Price   Estimated Quantity              Total Annual Cost

                                                       $850.00              25                        $21,250.00
Sulfur Dioxide, Liquid in 1-Ton Containers

                                                       $850.00                                        $21,250.00
Total Annual Cost For All Items

                               Award of Bid based on Department Analysis and Commission Approval

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