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Commercial Co Broker Agreement document sample

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									                       Property Name

                      APPLICATION EXHIBITS

1.   Loan Request Summary.

2.   Current Resumes for the sponsor, and each principal of the sponsor.

3.   Organizational documents creating Mortgagor Entity, if applicable.

4.   Verification of Social Security Number or Employer Identification Number.

5.   Property Capital Needs Assessment: Physical Inspection Report, detailed list and
     cost estimates for critical and non-critical repairs and improvements, and estimate
     for Replacement Reserve Deposits. (To be ordered by Broker)

6.   Complete Appraisal with supporting documents. (To be completed by Broker)

7.   A current Phase I Environmental Site Assessment. (To be ordered by Broker)

8.   Evidence of permissive zoning.

9.   Area map showing location.

10   Photographs of building.

11   Updated Title Commitment

12   Balance sheets and Operating statements of the Mortgagor for the past 3 years
     and YTD.

13   "As Built" Survey.

14   If low-income housing tax credits are part of financing, provide copy of certification.

15   Certification approving release of banking and credit information.

16   Financial statements and Credit reports of the Principals.

17   Certified statement by mortgagor listing all outstanding obligations on project;
     VOM - Verification of Mortgage

18   Current rent roll; Rent Roll Certification

19   Management Agreement and Resume of Management Company.

20   Extended Use Agreement

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