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U S Bancorp Fact Sheet December 18 2010 Our strong third quarter 2010 financial performan by fyk11843


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									U.S. Bancorp Fact Sheet                                                                                                     December 18, 2010

Our strong third quarter 2010 financial performance is matched only by our continued focus
on our customers. At U.S. Bank, we build relationships while we help you build your business
and help build our communities.

U.S. Bancorp                                   USB Capital Position                               2010 Third Quarter Statistics
Third Quarter 2010 Earnings                                                              “Well-
                                                                                                  Ranking                U.S. Bank is 5th largest
                                                                          3Q10     Capitalized”
U.S. Bancorp net income of $908 million in                                 USB    Requirements                           U.S. commercial bank
the third quarter of 2010, announced October   Tier 1 Capital Ratio    10.3%            6.0%      Asset size                           $291 billion
20, 2010, was 50.6 percent higher than         Total Risk-based                                   Deposits                             $187 billion
the same quarter of 2009 and 18.5 percent        Capital Ratio         13.3%           10.0%
higher than the previous quarter. Earnings                                                        Loans                                $195 billion
                                               Leverage Ratio           9.0%            5.0%
were driven by record total net revenue of                                                        Customers                            17.2 million
                                               Tier 1 Common
$4.6 billion and lower credit costs.             Equity Ratio            7.6%                     Payment services and
Strong new lending activity of $54.8 billion   Tangible Common                                      merchant processing                International
during the third quarter, included: $12.1        Equity Ratio            6.2%
                                                                                                  Wholesale banking and
billion of new commercial and commercial                                                           trust services                      National
real estate commitments, $18.8 billion of      Recent News Briefs from USB
commercial and commercial real estate                                                             Consumer and
                                               • U.S. Bank NA received an “Outstanding”             business banking and
commitment renewals, $1.4 billion of lines
                                                 rating, the highest possible, in its most          wealth management                  Regional
related to new credit card accounts, and
$22.5 billion of mortgage and other retail       recent Community Reinvestment Act (CRA)          Bank branches                        3,013
originations.                                    examination by the Office of the Comptrol-
                                                 ler of the Currency. U.S. Bank earned an         ATMs                                 5,323
Credit quality continued to show noticeable      overall rating of “Outstanding” for the CRA      NYSE symbol                          USB
improvement this quarter, as net charge-offs     examination covering 2006 through 2008,
                                                                                                  At quarter-end, September 30, 2010
and nonperforming assets declined. Our           as well as ratings of “Outstanding” for each
Company’s capital position remains strong,       of the performance tests — lending, invest-
and growing. Our current capital position        ments and services.
and our ability to generate new capital each                               September 14, 2010     Diversified Revenue Mix
quarter through earnings give us confidence                                                        Revenue by business line 3Q10 YTD
that we can meet or exceed any capital         • U.S. Bank has been designated as an
requirements that may be forthcoming.            approved Cooperative Purchasing supplier
                                                 of information technology and professional
U.S. Bank At A Glance                            services under the U.S. General Services                             27%
                                                 Administration’s (GSA) Schedule 70, a pro-               44%
• Building deeper customer relationships         gram that leverages the buying power of
• Ongoing investment in products                 the federal government to benefit smaller
  and services                                   state and local public entities.
                                                                              October 6, 2010
• Industry-leading performance and
                                                                                                       • Payment Services
  capital generation
                                               What Others Say About USB                               • Wholesale Banking
• Focus on enhancing the customer                                                                      • Wealth Management
  experience                                   First named the “Best Credit Card if You                   & Securities Services
                                               Want Travel Perks” by Kiplinger's Personal              • Consumer Banking
• Diversified mix of businesses                Finance Magazine, U.S. Bank’s FlexPerks
• Investing in technology for future           Visa card program has now won a COLLO-
  capabilities                                 QUY Loyalty Award, which recognizes
                                               outstanding innovation in loyalty marketing.
• Prudent operating principles and             FlexPerks earned top honors in the Loyalty
  risk management                              Innovation in Financial Services category.
U.S. Bancorp                                              Long Term Issuer                      Holding Company –
Business Scope                                            Credit Rating Definitions             Long Term/Senior Debt Ratings: Peer Group
                                                                                                                                                  Ratings as of 12/18/10
                                                          S&P       Moody’s      Fitch   DBRS                                            S&P       Moody’s        Fitch    DBRS
 Regional                                                 AAA       Aaa          AAA     AAA    1    U.S. Bancorp                        A+          Aa3 *-      AA-       AA
 Consumer & Business Banking                              AA+       Aa1          AA+     AAH
 & Wealth Management                                                                            2    JP Morgan Chase & Co.               A+ *-       Aa3 *-      AA-       AH
                                                          AA        Aa2          AA      AA     3    Wells Fargo & Co.                   AA- *-      A1 *-       AA-       AA
                                                          AA-       Aa3          AA-     AAL    4    BB&T Corp.                          A           A2          A+        AH
                                                          A+        A1           A+      AH     5    Bank of America Corp.               A *-        A2 *-       A+ *-     A
                                                          A         A2           A       A      6    PNC Financial Services Group        A           A3          A+        AH
                                                          A-        A3           A-      AL     7    Keycorp                             BBB+        Baa1 *-     A-        BBBH
                                                          BBB+      Baa1         BBB+    BBBH
                                                                                                8    Suntrust Banks, Inc.                BBB         Baa1 *-     BBB+      AL
                                                          BBB       Baa2         BBB     BBB
                                                                                                9    Fifth Third Bancorp                 BBB         Baa1 *-     A-        AL
                                                          BBB-      Baa3         BBB-    BBBL
                                                                                                10   Regions Financial Corp.             BBB- *-     Ba3 *-      BBB- *-   BBBH *-
                                                          BB+       Ba1          BB+     BBH
                                                          BB        Ba2          BB      BB     Holding Company –
                                                          BB-       Ba3          BB-     BBL    Long Term/Senior Debt Ratings: Others
                                                          B+        B1           B+      BH
  Wholesale Banking & Trust Services                                                                                                              Ratings as of 12/18/10
                                                          B         B2           B       B
                                                                                                                                         S&P       Moody’s        Fitch    DBRS
                                                          B-        B3           B-      BL
                                                          CCC+      Caa1         CCC+    CCCH   1    Bank of New York Co., Inc           AA-         Aa2         AA-       AAL
                                                          CCC       Caa2         CCC     CCC    2    Northern Trust Corp.                AA-         A1          AA-       AAL
                                                          CCC-      Caa3         CCC-    CCCL   3    State Street Corp                   A+ *-       A1 *-       A+        AAL
                                                          CC        Ca           CC      CCH    4    Comerica Inc.                       A- *-       A2 *-       A *-      A *-
                                                          C         C            C       CC     5    Citigroup                           A *-        A3 *-       A+ *-     A
                                                          D                      DDD     CCL    6    M&T Bank Corp.                      A- *-       A3 *-       A- *-     AL *-
                                                                                 DD      CH     7    Marshall & Ilsley Corp.             BB+ *+      Baa1 *+     BBB+ *+   BBBH *-
                                                                                 D       C      8    Huntington Bancshares, Inc.         BBB         Baa2 *-     BBB+      BBB *-
                                                                                         CL     9    Zions Bancorp                       BBB- *-     B2 *+       BBB-      BBBL *-
  International                                                                          D
                                                                                                Bank Level –
                                                             Investment grade
                                                                                                Long Term/Senior Debt Ratings: Peer Group
                                                             Below investment grade
                                                                                                                                                  Ratings as of 12/18/10
                                                                                                                                         S&P       Moody’s        Fitch    DBRS

                                                                                                1    U.S. Bank NA                        AA-         Aa2 *-      AA-       AAH
                                                          U.S. Bancorp Ratings                  2    JP Morgan Chase                     AA- *-      Aa1 *-      AA-       AAL
                                                                                                3    Wells Fargo Bank NA                 AA *-       Aa2 *-      AA-       AAH
                                                          S&P          =        A+              4    Bank of America                     A+ *-       Aa3 *-      A+ *-     AH
                                                          Moody’s      =        Aa3             5    BB&T Bank                           A+          A1          A+        AAL
                                                          Fitch        =        AA-             6    PNC Bank (PA)                       A+          A2 *+       A+        AAL
                                                          DBRS         =        AA              7    Keybank NA (OH)                     A-          A3          A-        AL
                                                                                                8    SunTrust Bank                       BBB+        A3          BBB+      A
                                                          The senior unsecured debt             9    Fifth Third Bank                    BBB+        A3          A-        A
                                                          ratings established for               10   Regions Bank                        BBB *-      Ba2 *-      BBB- *-   AL *-
                                                          U.S. Bancorp by Moody’s,
                                                          Standard and Poor’s, Fitch,           Bank Level –
                                                          and Dominion Bond Rating              Long Term/Senior Debt Ratings: Others
                                                          Service reflect the rating                                                               Ratings as of 12/18/10
                                                                                                                                         S&P       Moody’s        Fitch    DBRS
                                                          agencies’ recognition of the
                                                          strong, consistent financial           1    Bank of New York                    AA          Aaa         AA-       AA
                                                          performance of the company            2    State Street                        AA- *-      Aa2 *-      A+        AA
                                                          and the quality of the balance        3    Northern Trust Co                   AA          Aa3         AA-       AA
                                                          sheet.                                4    Citibank NA                         A+ *-       A1 *-       A+ *-     AH
                                                                                                5    Comerica Bank                       A *-        A1          A *-      AH *-
                                                                                                6    M&T                                 A *-        A2 *-       A- *-     A *-
                                                                                                7    Marshall & Ilsley                   BBB- *+     A3 *+       BBB+ *+   AL *-
                                                                                                8    Huntington National Bank            BBB+        Baa1 *-     BBB+      BBBH *-
                                                                                                9    Zions                               BBB *-      B1 *-       BBB-      BBB *-

                                                                                                *- indicates negative watch or outlook
                                                                                                *+ indicates positive watch or outlook
                                                                                                Accurate as of December 18, 2010

Deposit Products offered by U.S. Bank NA, Member FDIC
U.S. Bancorp, including each of our subsidiaries, is an
Equal Opportunity Employer and a Drug-Free Workplace.

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