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Commercial Real Estate Investment Presentation by skp11866

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Commercial Real Estate Investment Presentation document sample

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									 Investing in Industrial,
    Commercial and
Investment Real Estate
     Presentation by
    Gary Nusca, CCIM
            Seminar Today
   Four ways to make a        What are reasonable
    great connection to         returns and security
    buy your next              Where to get advice
    property.                   and counsel
   What is reasonable to      Provide an Excel
    look for.                   Template Program to
   Passive Investments         help you analyze real
    Why Invest in Real Estate?
   According to The New York Times,
    between March 24, 2000 and July 18, 2002
    U.S. stock values fell from $17.25 trillion to
    $10.03 trillion -- a drop of more than $7
    trillion. (See: The Incredible Shrinking
    Stock Market, July 21, 2002)
    Why Invest in Real Estate?
   Since New Year’s day 2000, Americans’
    stock portfolios have lost nearly $4 Trillion
    but their home equity has grown by $1.2
    Why Invest in Real Estate?
   An article in Fortune Magazine stated “97
    out of every 100 self made millionaires
    made it all through real estate investments!
     What Kind of Real Estate?
   Apartments Condos      Subdivision Potential
    Townhouses              Condo Townhouse Sites
   Commercial Hotels      Recreational Senior
    Motels                  Lifestyles Trailer Parks
   Shopping Centers        Golf Courses Resorts
   Industrial             Business Opportunities
   Office & Medical       Farms
   Land                   Financing
                           Exchanging
What are reasonable returns?
 Cap Rates 8-12%
 Returns 14-25%+
    –   Sheltering provisions of owning real estate
    –   Leveraging through financing
    –   Capital Gains tax treatment
    –   Principal residence exemption
 Remortgaging, using equity
 Capital Appreciation
 Where to Look for Real Etate
 Your local real estate board, CREA, OREA,
  TREB, etc.
 Local Newspaper classified ads and Other
  Industry Wide Trade Publications
 Internet

 Canadian Market
 USA Market
 Over $1 Trillion of Buyers Acquisition
 Over $6 Billion of Opportunities for Sale
  and For Lease
 Free for the public.
      Statistics Background
 Over 700,000 hits per month, 65% from the
  USA and the rest of the world. Details.
 Tens of thousands of unique visitors.
 Over 10,000 ICI Have Want Messages.
 Over 4,000 private FSBO Listings.
 Members reporting deals regularly.
 Over 10,000 Emails deliver Haves and
  Wants daily to the public and growing.
 Over 8,000 pages link to various ICIWorld
  web pages.
 Average access time to search 4.9 seconds.
    Four Recommendatons to
    Find Your Next Opportunity
 Search Haves and Wants on . .
  . Free.
 Place your Have or Want on
  . . . Free.
 Subscribe to Receive Haves and Wants for
  your area . . . Free.
 Develop a relationship with a member
  broker or salesperson.
     Four ways to make a great
      connection for your next

   Search Real Estate Have and Want
    Opportunities . . . Free.
      Two Databases Concept
 Two parts to the service.
 Public Area - Only broker members may
  place information that is read by the public.
 Private Area - everyone in the world may
  place information free, but only the brokers
  may read the contact information.
    – Limited View available . . . Free.
     Four ways to make a great
      connection for your next

   Add your Haves and Wants . . . Free.
     Four ways to make a great
      connection for your next

   Receive Notification of Haves and Wants
    by Email . . . Free.
    ICiWorld Internet Email List
 Find out about opportunities within an hour
  of them becoming available . . . Free!
 Hundreds of Email List Services to choose
  one just right for you.
 Free to the public to Subscribe/Unsubscribe
 Reaching and industry, tens of thousands,
  instantly, automatically.
     Email - General/Specialize
         General                     Specialize
   Benefits Digest versus      By property type
    Individual Listings         By geographic area.
   Receive only if and         Buyers and tenants
    and when available           looking for space.
                                Private FSBO Listings
                                 delivered to broker
                                 members within 1 hr.
    Four ways to make a great
     connection for your next
 Engage a broker or salesperson. He/she
  should be the quarterback of the deal.
 Helps you put together and coordinate
  financial advisers, lawyer, accountant,
  management, etc.
 Find a broker or salesperson, develop a
  lasting business relationship that leads to
    Why Use a Real Estate
 Insurance
 Protection
 Knowledge
 Ideas
 Experience
 Connections
     Brokers best positioned to
       collect information in
   They provide Value Added Services -
    – Collecting of Haves and Wants
    – Displaying of Haves and Wants
    – Marketing, NetworkingDistribution of Have
      and Want Information.
    – Help with every aspect of a deal.
What can a broker do for you?
 Guide the whole process of investment
 Provide investment counselling and advice
 Help identify and quantify investments
 Help obtain financing.
 Provide market exposure for your Haves
  and/or Wants.
     Where to get counsel and
       CCIM Professionals
   ICIWorld started out of the Central Canada
    CCIM Chapter
    –   You are invited to join, open to the public.
    –   Meetings monthly.
    –   It is education, networking, excellent speakers,
        technology, learning, and more
     Where to get counsel and
       CCIM Professionals
   CCIM’s have been trained to:
    –   before and after tax analysis of real estate
    –   provide market studies
    –   counselling
    –   help you analyze what are the best investments
      Property Management
    Provides a passive care free

 You can have a cadillac outside your door,
  but without a key a car does not run.
 The key in real estate is management.
 Day to day maximizing operations.
 Assistance and advice when buying
 Provides a passive care free investment.
 Search for Managers on
 We appreciate the
opportunity to serve

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