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									  Providing Affordable
 Electronic Charts That
Are Easy to Use and Fast

       Partners with:

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  To provide an affordable, easy to use,
  and fast electronic chart/tracking
e-CHECKCHART provides electronic charting,…
…tracking, and…
 Doc (All) MidLevel (All) Quarters (All) Days (All) Years (All) Months (All)

                                                                        Patient Flow by Time of Day By Acuity

   Patient Encounter






    1 AM       2 AM       3 AM       4 AM       6 AM       7 AM      8 AM      1 PM   2 PM       3 PM   4 PM   5 PM   6 PM   7 PM   8 PM   9 PM   10 PM   11 PM

e-CHECKCHART uses a wireless tablet PC (the
size of a clipboard) and an electronic pen
As fast and easy to use as writing with a pen…

...and still creates an electronic medical record
Assign staff on duty


       Mid-levels and/or Residents
Add new patients

 Enter as much or as little info as you want (nothing is
 required). With an interface to the hospital’s registration
 system, info can be automatically downloaded
Arrange patient view by room #, arrival time,
doctor, or by any of the heading topics
Patients highlighted in color haven’t been
seen. The color corresponds to their triage
acuity level

           Patients in the treatment area
           are listed in this panel

           Patients in the waiting room
           are listed in this panel
Tracking View on the Tablet PC

         Patients in the treatment area

         Patients in the waiting room

         Incomplete charts
                     1. Choose a patient

                     4. Click to begin documenting

                     2. Assign a doctor (if not already
                     assigned at triage)
                     3. Confirm that the system chose
                     the template which you want.
                     If not, chose the template from
                     the drop down list.
Documentation begins on the HPI page
Control buttons take the user to clinical sections of the chart

          HPI = This is the History of Present Illness section
          ROS = Review of Systems, PMH, SH and FH sections
          EXAM = the Physical Exam section of the chart
          MDM = Medical Decision Making (test results, Tx, Dx)
          Order 1 = Order sheet for Labs and X-rays
          Order 2 = written orders for nurses, respiratory therapy, etc.
          PROC = Procedure templates (36 different procedures)
          RX / DC = Prescription writing and Discharge Instructions
          X–T = Extra Typed Note (a blank page for typing)
          X–N = Extra Note (a blank page for hand writing)
          PICT = Picture Templates (body diagrams on which to
                   draw findings)
          DICT = Dictation. This allows the user to document that
          the chart (or part of it) was dictated
Templates contain reminders of
documentation requirements
Large body diagrams are available for
documentation (in addition to the diagrams
that are already on the Exam page)
There are more than 36 procedure notes
Lab and X-ray orders can be sent to the
unit secretary
Orders can be sent to the nurses
Orders are signaled on the tracking board,
and the nurse or secretary can indicate
when the order is in progress or completed
Care can be transferred from one physician
to another
Prescriptions and discharge instructions
can be written (an optional feature)
When the chart is signed by the physician (and
mid-level/resident), a summary of the pages
used for documentation is provided, as well as a
warning if key pages have not been completed
Nurses can also document electronically
Your hospital’s current forms can be used,
or customized forms can be created
Nursing procedure notes are also available
Changes made to the patients’ status are
automatically time stamped and recorded
Are based upon information captured from:

•   Time stamped changes in status
•   Triage (when a patient is added)
•   Doctors, nurses and mid-levels assigned
•   Procedures performed
                                           Sample Report
                                Number of patients per hour of the day
Doc (All) MidLevel (All) Quarters (All) Days (All) Years (All) Months (All)

                                                                       Patient Flow by Time of Day By Acuity

  Patient Encounter






   1 AM       2 AM       3 AM       4 AM       6 AM       7 AM      8 AM      1 PM    2 PM        3 PM     4 PM   5 PM   6 PM   7 PM   8 PM   9 PM   10 PM   11 PM


                                                                                     (simulated    data)
Additional time based reports:
 Depending on if, when and how features
  of the system are used…

 • Length of time in waiting room
 • Time until seen by nurse and physician
 • Time until disposition decision is made
 • Time to complete the disposition
   (discharge, admission, etc.)
 • Time for consultants to respond
Disposition Reports:
Numbers of patients…
• Seen
• Admitted
• Transferred
• Left AMA or Without Being Seen
• Died

Can be based on time (day, month, year) and by
  practitioner (doctor, nurse, mid-level)
A daily log of patients seen can be created
which can be used:

  • To comply with CMS requirements
  • To comply with JCAHO requirements
  • For billing departments to use to
    confirm that there are charges for all
    patients who were seen
Patient Demographic Reports
 Based upon…
 • Age
 • Gender
 • Chief complaint
 • Vital signs
 • Mode of arrival
Practitioner Reports
 Based upon…
 • Number of patients seen
 • Time from arrival to disposition decision
 • Kinds of patients seen (triage acuity,
   chief complaint, age, etc.)
 • Number and kinds of procedures done
 • Number of incomplete charts
Meeting the Needs
                                  Tracking System

 • Physician
   Documentation         Physician Documentation

 • Tracking System
                          Nursing Documentation

 • RX and Discharge
   Instruction Software
                                             Analytical Reports

   provided by EXITCARE
                                               Admin Module
 • Triage and Registration
                                               Triage Module
 • Administrative Modules
 • Reporting Package                        Registration Module
 • Database for chart
   retrieval                     RX and Discharge Instructions by EXIT CARE
Customers’ Needs
                                 • We’re meeting the
                                   business needs of
Quality                  Value     healthcare
                                    –   Affordability
                                    –   Flexibility
           Customer                 –   Speed
                                    –   Ease of use
                                    –   Service
                                 • You get it all for a
            Service                fraction of the price
                                   of our competitors!
For the cost of any current paper charting system,
  we can replace it with an electronic charting AND
  tracking solution!

You provide us with the current cost of using a
  paper system, we will meet or beat that price
  replacing it with an electronic system- period.

It’s that simple. Show us the proof, and we’ll
   provide you with an electronic solution.
1.   On average, a 34,000 ED visit hospital spends
     approximately $2,000 per month on NCR Carbon Copy
2.   They spend another $1,000 per month on copy
     machine related expenses.
3.   They lose approximately 1% in lost revenue due to
     lost or incomplete charts.
4.   At least 1 FTE is used to copy and stock templates,, to
     assemble charts, to copy completed charts, for data
     input to generate reports, and untold time is spent
     looking for charts in the ED or in Medical Records.
5.   There are template licensing fee and/or
     dictation/transcription costs.
6.   Handwritten charts result in lost revenue due to down-
     coding because they usually don’t meet the
     documentation guidelines for reimbursement.
Real Example – E-mail From Potential
        Client cost analysis
 Hi Bill.
 I received the information regarding the cost of the NCR forms. It is as follows:
 1) Nursing Assessment ("A1") Form: $0.269 each. (One form is used on each of the ED's
 33,000 annual visits)
 2) Nursing E.R.Flowsheet ("continuation form): $0.12 each (One form is used on each of the
 ED's 33,000 annual visits)
 3) ED Order Sheet: $0.12 each (One form is used on each of the ED's 33,000 annual visits)
 4) ED Discharge Instructions (contains prescription blanks): $0.255 each (One form is used on
 each of the approximately 26,400 ED patients who are discharged)

 Other costs would be the cost of copying the original templates. I don't know how much 32
 pound copying paper is (I can find out), but each patient has (at least) one template. Plus,
 there is the time of the person who makes the copies, checks to see if we need more copies,
 and re-supplies the folders in which we store the templates.

 Also, the hospital will be saving the time of the person who is manually entering data into a
 computer so that we can run statistics and reports which your system will do automatically. I'm
 sure that at least 50% of his time is dedicated to data entry....I can find out for sure, and also
 find out what his salary is.

 Plus, there will be huge time saving for other personnel who have to try to locate charts. In
 addition, there will be a time savings for people who have to count how many unfinished charts
 the docs have, and then make a report every week (your system is able to do that at the touch
 of a button).
               NCR Paper                               Equipment, Personnel, etc.
    Item        Cost    #Visits    Total                     Item                     Annual Cost
RN             $0.269   34,000    $9,146    Copy machine maintenance                  $ 6,000
                                            Copier paper (for templates)              $ 6,000
RN Flow        $0.12    34,000    $4,080    0.25 FTE @ $10/hr (copy, stack            $ 5,200
Sheet                                       templates, assemble charts, copy
Order Sheet    $0.12    34,000    $4,080    charts for PMD’s)
                                            0.6 FTE (data entry/generate reports)     $ 12,480
Discharge      $0.255   27,200    $6,936
Instructions                                MD, RN, ED secretary, Medical             $ 6,000
                                            Records clerk (locating charts for
Total NCR                         $24,242   return visits, X-ray discrepancies,
Paper Cost                                  complaints, QA, etc.)
                                            0.25 FTE (scan charts-make an EMR)        $ 5,200
                                            Lost charges (lost charts/late charges)   $ 34,000
Grand total cost of paper                   1% of total @ $100/chart

documentation: $ 119,722                    Shipping charts to billing company        $ 3,600
                                            Template licensing fee                    $ 17,000
$ 3.52 per patient                          Total Annual Costs                        $ 95,480
             Our Cost
   for Charting AND Tracking:
          $2 Per Patient
      That’s a cost SAVINGS of

    $50,000 PER YEAR!
       (or a LOT MORE if you also pay for transcription)

And if your documented paper charting
             costs are less,
          WE WILL MATCH IT!
  The system is not an additional expense—at
  worst it replaces the current cost of paper
  documentation, and will probably cost LESS
  than the cost of paper, thereby SAVING you

Pricing Exclusions
 •   EXITCARE RX and Discharge Instructions software is sold separately.
     The cost varies depending on the size of the ED and the number of
     languages requested.
 •   Implementation, training, hardware, interface, and maintenance fees
     are not included in the price.

     For more information regarding the CHECKCHART electronic charting
     and tracking system,

     Call us toll free at:   888-313-1493
     E-mail us at: 
     Visit us on the web at:

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