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									Announcing the Sinclair Elementary School Bank!
Dear Sinclair Parents,

Sinclair Elementary has teamed with PNC Bank Manassas Crossroads to offer a School Bank program for
the benefit of our students. The School Bank Program was established to introduce banking related
information to the children at an early age through “hands on” experience, age appropriate workshops
and other related activities. Through this interaction, children will gain an understanding of the value of
money and the importance of saving.

At the foundation of this program is the operation of a “School Bank”, which will take place in a
designated area within the school. The School Bank will be operated by students (supervised by school
staff), and will enable them to make their deposits at school. Activities such as this will enhance the
lessons taught in class, putting concept into “real life” situations.

Who can participate?

The school bank will be open to all students with upper classmen staffing the school bank.

How will the School Bank operate?

All students are encouraged to open their own savings account. The account may be opened with a
minimum deposit of $5.00 and there is no minimum balance required and no service charge until the
child turn 18 years of age (which at such time they can choose to convert the account, continue savings,
etc.). Of course if your child already has a savings account with PNC Bank, he or she may make deposits
to that account at the Sinclair School Bank. Other important information you should know:

   The first Sinclair School Bank Day will take place on January11th, from 7:50 am-8:10 am for those
    “customers” in grades K, 2nd , and 4th grades, and on January 13th for 1st, 3rd, and 5th grades during
    the same time frame. This Tuesday and Thursday rotation will continue for the remainder of the
    school year.

   Students will receive an incentive for every five deposits made (a gold star in their register).

   Cash deposits of $20.00 or less will be accepted at the School Bank, as well as check deposits of any
    amount. Deposits to the School Bank in excess of $20 may be made by check or money order
    payable to the student. Cash deposits of more than $20 can be made at a local PNC Bank Branch.

   The School Bank will only accept deposits. Withdrawals may be made at any PNC Bank branch by the
    student, accompanied by a parent/guardian.

    How are Sinclair School Bank Savings accounts opened?

    It’s very easy. Just complete the enclosed permission slip, account information page, and the
    account registration. While it is not necessary, a custodian may be added onto the account and that
    portion of the form should be completed. Once applications are received back, the branch will open
    the account; send the new account disclosures by mail. Any incomplete application will receive a call
back for completion. The student will also receive a specialized register and a new account starter
package (deposit tickets and account number included). The account registration page should
include the students’ name, and “signature” at a minimum. If there are any questions on how to fill
out the form please see the branch contact information below. PNC Bank representatives will also
be on hand for the first several School Bank sessions.

Or, once the permission slip is completed and signed by Sinclair administration, you can visit the
Manassas Crossroads branch of PNC Bank with your child and request to open a School Bank savings
account. The Manassas Crossroads branch is located at:

7800 Sudley Rd

Manassas Va 20109


M-F           9am-6pm (7pm drive thru for transactions)

Sat           9am-4pm

Sun           11am-3pm

Melanie Ali

Assistant Branch Manager

If you have any questions about the Sinclair School Bank please feel free to contact Melanie Ali at
the above referenced phone number.



PNC Bank is a Member FDIC

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