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       A                                 B                                 C                D            E             F       G                  H           I         J        K           L                 M             N            O         P
             The purpose of this table is to illustrate in table format FT 00 -          FT 11 -      FT 12 -      FT 13 - FT 14 -           FT 20 -      FT 30 - FT 40 - FT 60 - FT 81 -                   FT 83 -      FT 85 -      FT 87 - FT 90 -
             how overdrafts are handled for each fund type level 2. Bank                Budgeted     Designate    Service  Clearing         Auxiliary    Restricted Loan     Endowme Unexpend              Renewal &    Retiremen    Investmen Agency
             Note: Cell reference refers to the Closing of the Books Funds              Operation    d            Departme Funds            Enterprise   Funds - I Funds - I nt Funds - ed Plant           Replaceme    t of Debt    t in Plant Funds - I
             instructions                                                               s            Operation    nts                       s - I (see   (see Note           I          Funds - I          nt Funds -   Funds -I     Funds - I
1                                                                                                    s                                      Note A)      B)                                                I
3 Budget Overdrafts
4          No budget overdraft for fund type total                                       CB1.a.
5          No budget overdrafts of individuals funds within fund type                                                                                                                          CB1.h.
7 Cash Overdrafts
           No cash interfund overdraft for fund type total of fund type                  CB1.b.       CB1.b.       CB1.b.       CB1.b.       CB1.b.      CB1.b.      CB1.b.       CB1.b.       CB1.b.       CB1.b.       CB1.b.       CB1.b.      CB1.b.
8          level II.
           No cash interfund overdraft for individual funds                                                        CB1.d.       CB2.                      CB1.g.                               CB1.h.
                                                                                                                  (see Note                              (see Note                            (see Note
9                                                                                                                 F)                                     C)                                   D)
             No overdrafts in individual cash account codes of the          CB1.i.       CB1.i.
10           university's bank funds
12 Fund Balance Overdrafts
             No fund balance overdraft for fund type total                                                                                   CB1.e.
13                                                                                                                                          (Note E)
             No fund balance overdraft for individual funds within fund                               CB1.c.       CB1.d.       CB2.                      CB1.f.                               CB1.h.
             type                                                                                                 (see Note                              (see Note
14                                                                                                                F)                                     G)
16     Other Measures - FT11 Budgeted Operations                                                                                                               Note D
17     Budgeted Operations Fund Balances Policy : OUS institutions shall                                                                                       Exception is for construction funded by cost reimbursable grants,
18     develop budgets that target an ending biennial budgeted                       Note A                                                                    receivables from SELP loans, COPS reimbursements, and bond
19     operations fund balance of approximately 10 percent of annual                 Fund Type 20 includes the following fund types:                           reimbursement resolutions.
20     budgeted operations revenues. For purposes of this policy,                    FT 21 - Housing
21     budgeted operations funds are defined as all funds included in                FT 22 - Student Centers/Activities                                        Note E
22     Fund Type 11 (Education and General) in the Oregon University                 FT 23 - Intercollegiate Activities                                        Some auxiliary enterprise could have a negative fund balance because
23     System accounting records. Budgeted operations fund balances                  FT 24 - Health Services                                                   their long term liabilities exceed the book value of their capital assets.
       are monitored as part of the quarterly projections included in the                                                                                      This would especially be the case if (1)the service life of capital assets is
24                                                                                   FT 25 - Parking
       Managerial Reports provided to the Board; and institution                     FT 26 - Bookstores                                                        less than the repayment period of the long term liabilities, (2) if some of
       presidents shall advise the Board in the event projected or actual            FT 27 - Other Rentals                                                     proceeds of the long term liabilities were used to pay for items that were
26     ending balances for the biennium either fall below 5 percent or                                                                                         expensed (e.g., fixed assets under the $5,000 capitalization threshold)
27                                                                                   FT 29 - Other Auxiliaries
       rise above 15 percent of revenues. Included in the information                                                                                          instead of capitalized and depreciated, (3) the unspent bond proceeds on
28     provided by the presidents is an explanation for the variance and                                                                                       Auxiliary Enterprise capital projects still resides in the Unexpended Plant
                                                                                     Note B
29     a plan to rebalance the budgeted operations fund balances over                                                                                          Funds.
                                                                                     Fund Type 30 includes the following fund types:
30     time to approximately 10 percent of annual budgeted operations                FT 31 - Federal Funds - Restricted
31     revenues.                                                                     FT 32 - State of Oregon Funds - Restricted                                Note F
32                                                                                   FT 33 - Other Government Funds - Restricted                               For service departments with multiple funds, individual funds may have an
33     Other Measures - FT13 Service Departments                                     FT 34 - Private Funds - Restricted                                        overdraft, but all funds of the service center taken together may not have
34      See CI.6 for additional information about FT13 Service Center                FT 35 - Foundation Funds - Restricted                                     an overdraft.
35     requirements.                                                                 FT 39 - Restricted Funds Management
36                                                                                                                                                             Note G
                                                                                                                                                               For cost reimburseable funds, some universities accrue revenue and an
37                                                                                   Note C
                                                                                     Exception is for cost reimburseable funds that, at end of fiscal year,    accounts receivable to an overall restricted management fund rather than
                                                                                     fund would likely have a negative cash balance and an accounts            each individual grant fund .
40                                                                                   receivable.

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