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         Record of Achievement

The purpose of resumes
   A personal summary of you

   Can be used any time you are going for an
    interview – job, course, scholarship

   Any time you need to present yourself in
    the best possible light

Resumes for employment

 Must get you to interview
 Should be concise and clear
 No longer than 2 pages, in most instances
 Keep it simple - eliminate fancy fonts and

TRY 2 Make Yours UNeek

   the prospective employer is looking for
    ways to throw your resume away

 Check    speeling and keep fonts
    simple and easy to read

What an employer is looking for
   has this young person got the necessary
    skills I need?
   has this person gained the necessary
   are they eager to learn new skills?
   are they capable of learning new skills?

    “You’re only as good as your resume”
The Resume
   Use plain, good quality A4 paper

   Use short sentences – a resume is likely to be
    skimmed over than read at a first glance

   Don’t abbreviate e.g. Bendigo Senior Secondary
    College, not BSSC

   Make sure your resume has an advantage over
    others – add some personality

What a general resume should
   Name
   Address
   Telephone contacts
   Email / mobile - optional
   Personal Statement - 2 sentences
   Education - List school subjects
   Academic achievements
   Other achievements - Certificates and Awards

What a general resume should
       contain – con’t
 Interests
 Personal attributes   e.g     effective team member
                                cheerful and positive nature
   Skills       e.g.   Computers: 1. Microsoft Word
                                   2. Microsoft Excel
   Work Experience     List organisation / company and
                        your tasks, and include voluntary
 Current employer – your duties
 Names of two referees

Some basic rules
 no spelling mistakes
 all fonts and sizes are compatible
 address and phone numbers must be
 do not include your age or marital status
 at least two referees – make sure your
  referees know you have used their names
  and have a copy of your resume

Getting the edge
   Put something different that will draw attention
    to you in “Achievements” section


I am vice-captain of the volleyball team.
I am a member of the Golden Square tennis club.
I am interested in reading about the Australian
A job specific resume
 Name
 Address
 Telephone contacts
 Email / mobile
 Career Objective     e.g. why you want to work
                       in the hospitality industry

   Education

A job specific resume – con’t
 Subjects relevant to job
 Work experience - list
 Skills - skills you have gained that match the criteria of the job
    you are applying for, e.g Computers: 1. Microsoft Word
                                         2. Excel
 Names of two referees
 Attach a Letter of Application to the

   Instead of: I worked for McDonalds, put:

   Work Experience

2001                McDonalds

                    Duties: Customer service
                            Cleaning duties

A “career objective”?
   Some people use a Career Objective to
    make their resume stand out

   If you use this then you must tailor it to
    suit the position you are applying for

   A generic statement will eliminate your
    resume immediately

Career Objective samples
   I am very keen to start a career in
    hospitality as it has been my life long
    desire to become a first class chef.

   I want to start a career in retail because I
    love clothes and enjoy talking about
    fashion with people.

And lastly
 A resume takes some time to complete –
  don’t leave it until the last moment
 Get someone else to read it – would they
  give you an interview?
 Don’t exaggerate achievements but do
  highlight your strengths
 Put yourself into it and do the best you can

There’s more
   A resume should ALWAYS be updated
    and suited to the job you are applying for

   If you continue to fail to get to interview
    stage THEN consider changing your

Record of Achievement
 Your Record of Achievement speaks about
  you, and often speaks for you
 It is a central location for your references,
  school reports, certificates, resume
 It makes you look organised to other
  people and impresses them
 BUT don’t leave the originals with
  employers: have good quality photocopies

Have you got these?
   An updated resume

   A Personal Statement
    - should be neatly handwritten, no longer
    than one page, details your strengths and
    abilities, includes your aspirations for the

Have you got these?
                   School Records

   Always present details in reverse order – from
    most recent to oldest
   Include school reports
   Written references from teachers, employers
   Certificates, Awards, Participation Certificates,
    Letters of appreciation
   Work Experience Reports

Have you got these?
               Other Records
 Again, from most recent to last
 Be selective
 Include photos of you engaged in activities
 Include any newspaper clippings
 Some awards, trophies, ribbons etc, can be
  photographed, and put in with an
  explanatory note
      A useful resume site

JPP have also listed 2 additional resume sites on
the bottom of their Homepage.
These are only formats. You cannot type onto the
page. However, you can save the samples to a
WORD document and print the sample in order
to copy the format.
Microsoft WORD also has some plain resume
templates. The School To Work Centre also has
one computer with a resume software program .

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