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									Issue – “Wrong” Model Chosen
 Issue – Lack of Merchandising

Before – 11 B shares
                       After – 20+ shares
Best Practices – UScan
Best Practices - UScan
Best Practices – UScan –
   Between the Pods
 Between the Pods –
Confection’s Response
Best Practices - PSI
Best Practices - NCR
Best Practices - NCR
Resources to Use
                Initial Retailer Checklist*
          What are Operations’ plans for self-scanning?
          Who is making the decision on the technology, layout, etc.?
          What supplier and model is going to be used?
          What will the layout be in-store?
          What solutions does the current rack manufacturer have for this
           supplier and given the layout?
          How many traditional checkouts will be moved?
          Perform analysis on the checkout spreadsheet in order to offset issues
           related to dealing with other commodities
          How many coolers and other ancillary displays are in place in these
           stores that need to be accounted for?
          How does the placement of self-scanning checkouts impact the rollout
           of new racks?
          What are the title rotation implications of new self-scanning racks?
          Other _____________________________

* Final version to be available on the MPA website
  Checkout Sales Contribution by
Category From TDS/M&M Mars Front-End Study
                                                                     $ Sales per            $ Sales per   $ Sales per
                                                                     $MM ACV                   Store         lane
                              Magazines                                 $3,634.              $63,232.       $7,384
                              Gum/Mints                                 $2,056.              $35,774.      $5,297.
                              Candy                                     $1,824.              $31,738.      $4,586.
                              Soft Drinks                               $1,456.              $25,334.      $12,532.
                              Batteries                                   $660.              $11,484.      $2,214.
                              Film                                        $520.              $9,048.       $1,832.
                              Razor Blades                                $402.              $6,995.       $2,233.
                              Total (avg.)*                            $10,846.             $188,720.      $21,000.
                              Fully Loaded                                                                 $36,000.
Based on 1999 study of 467 stores
Average ACV of $17.4MM per year
Average of 9 lanes per store

Value of checkstand sales at $ 10846 per $ MM ACV (1.1% of store sales)
This works out to $ 188720 per store or $ 20969 per lane.

The following is an approximate value per major category. Note that the sales per lane is
based on only those lanes where the product is available and does not add to the total.
                            Account Worksheet
                                     $ Sales per                   # C/O                                            your
C/O Category                            lane                      Removed                Total $ Lost              chain
Magazines                            $7,384.00                           10                        $73,840.00
Gum/Mints                            $5,297.00                           10                        $52,970.00
Candy                                $4,586.00                           10                        $45,860.00
Soft Drinks                          $12,532.00                           0                             $0.00
Batteries                            $2,214.00                            3                         $6,642.00
Film                                 $1,832.00                            3                         $5,496.00
Razor Blades                         $2,233.00                            4                         $8,932.00

Total                                $36,078.00                          40                     $193,740.00

$36,000 per c/o is for a fully loaded checkout, meaning every category was displayed on the checkout fixture
that was removed to place a new self scan fixture. If in doubt about the type or kind of fixtures being removed,
you could opt to use the checkout average of $21,000 per lane for your presentation.
Please note that the Figures do not include RDA/P,IPO’s,Slotting fees, or any profit center money from new
   Self-Scan Related Websites

        Company                Website
Optimal Robotics (UScan)
Productivity Solutions
PSC, Inc (QUICKcheck)
Symbol Technologies
What’s Next?
Handheld Scanners for Customers
• Some chains have
  already tested
  scanners that eliminate
  the need for a
  customer to even go to
  the checkout!
  – Symbol Technologies
    has their “personal
    Shopper” system
    shown right
                 RFID Tagging

• Excerptfrom
a presentation
on the MIT
Auto-ID Center
          Moving Forward
• How can we work together (retail contacts,
  rack manufacturers, national distributors,
  etc.) to address the issues related to self-
• What do you – as a retailer – need?
   Frequently Asked Questions
• What do we see as the next generation
  from the self-scan manufacturers?
• How are the beverage bottlers reacting to
• Will all retailers and classes of trade adopt
• When will RFID be a reality?
    Thanks to the Sub-Committee
•   Steve Burbridge, TDS
•   Chris DuBois, Willard Bishop Consulting
•   Tom Fogarty, Primedia
•   Todd Garland, DSI
•   Terry McGraw, CMG
•   Ken Wellborn, Anderson News

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