Checklist Draft Contract by gps13265


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									       START                                        MARCOR, I&L Ratification Process

     UC identified          CG prepares and            KO prepares D&F and                           D&F, documentation,
                           signs endorsement            draft contract action                        CMPG checklist, and
                             using the format            and obtains legal                            draft contract action
                          outlined in CMPG 5.11          review / signature                          forwarded to HQMC,
 Individual responsible          template              (CMPG Checklist para                            I&L (Contracts) for
   for UC prepares &                                             III)                                        review
signs statement of fact
(CMPG KO Ratification
  Checklist para I. 1.)     CG’s endorsement,
                          individual’s statement,
                               and required                                                           HQMC, I&L
                              documentation              $25,000 or less?                       (Contracts) finds package
  Requesting office          forwarded to KO
  gathers required                                                                                     adequate?
(CMPG Checklist para
                              KO reviews
       I. 2.)                                                                      Package returned to
                                                                                       KO to obtain
                          (CMPG Checklist para
                                                                                   additional information
                                 III. 1.)
Individual’s statement                                   D&F forwarded to
     & supporting                                        activity’s CCO for                                                                  HQMC, I&L
    documentation                                             approval                                                                  (Contracts) notifies KO
     forwarded to                                                                                                                             of approval
 Commanding Officer                                                                              Greater than $100,000?
  (CG) via chain of
                           Doubtful questions
  command (CMPG
                                of fact?
 Checklist para I. 1.)

                                                                                     Package forwarded              Package forwarded   KO executes contract
                                                       Ratification approved?           to ADC, I&L                  to ADC, I&L for          action
                                                                                       (Contracts) for                   review
      CG agrees                                                                           approval
  that UC should be       Package returned to
        ratified?          requesting office for                                                                    Package forwarded
                          additional information                                                                      to DC, I&L for     Contractor invoices

All documentation sent                                  CCO notifies KO of
        to KO               Requesting office                                                                                            Contractor receives
                          obtains additional info                                                                                             payment
                              and resubmits
                             package to KO                                                                  Ratification request
KO notifies Contractor                                                                                           approved?
 that UC will not be                                                             All documentation
       ratified                                                                 returned to HQMC,                                               END
                                                                                  I&L (Contracts)

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