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									K-12 Public Charter
 School Proposal

  Nea Community Learning Center
Our Goals with the
Nea Community Learning Center

   Replicate the successful ACLC
    educational Model for more families
   Fulfill the original ACLC vision for a K-12
   Fully Implement the Alameda
    Community’s Vision for Public Education

                  Nea Community Learning Center
Responsible Kids become
    Responsible Citizens
   Learners take responsibility for their:
    • Learning: Time & Project Management
    • Democratic Community: Serve on all
      Committees, Judicial, etc.
   Adults model self governance in a
    democratic community
    • Parents: On Board, finance, other committees
    • Facilitators: Run the school and share
      administrative duties

                   Nea Community Learning Center
Introduction - Core Action Team
   Maafi Gueye –NCLC Lead Facilitator
   Paul Bentz – CLCS / CEO /
    Development Director
   Lowry Fenton – CLCS / CFO
   Elementary Action Team
    • Linda McCluskey
    • James Venable
    • Betsy Weiss
                 Nea Community Learning Center
NCLC Consultants

 Peter Laub – VP EdTec (NCLC Budget)

 Carrie Blanche – ACLC’s Resource
 Specialist for AUSD Special Education

             Nea Community Learning Center
Introduction of Charter

  All Charter Petition Signers Present
              Please Stand

             Nea Community Learning Center
Introduction of CLCS / ACLC
Governing Board

          All CLCS / ACLC
  Governing Board Members Present
            Please Stand

           Nea Community Learning Center
Introduction of NCLC Supporters

        All NCLC Supporters
            Please Stand

           Nea Community Learning Center
Criteria for the Evaluation of a
New Charter Petition
Ensure the charter petition does not fail on these criteria:
(1) The charter school presents an unsound educational
   program for the pupils to be enrolled in the charter
(2) The petitioners are demonstrably unlikely to successfully
   implement the program set forth in the petition.
(3) The petition does not contain the number of signatures
   required by subdivision (a).
(4) The petition does not contain an affirmation of each of
   the conditions described in subdivision (d).
(5) The petition does not contain reasonably comprehensive
   descriptions of all of the following:
        Ed. Code § 47605(b).

                     Nea Community Learning Center
The NCLC Charter Presents a
Sound Educational Program
 The NCLC seeks to replicate the highly
 successful ACLC Educational Model
 • Alameda County’s first and only charter school
     to receive the “California Distinguished School
 •   U.S. News and World Report’s Bronze Award
     – Top 8% of high schools in the nation
 •   API Rating of 10 for five years in a row
 •   Recipient of prestigious state Dissemination
     Grant to replicate model programs

                  Nea Community Learning Center
What State Superintendent Jack
O’Connell Says…
   “Schools like (ACLC) with a good track
    record should be replicated.”

                 Nea Community Learning Center
ACLC has, and NCLC will work
to close the achievement gap
% Points vs. overall average

                                     Ethnic Group Achievement Differentials

                                                                                        ACLC Math
                                     0.0%                                               Alameda Math
                                    -20.0%                                              ACLC ELA
                                                                                        Alameda ELA
                                              Asia/Pac.Isl./   African       Hispanic
                               ACLC Math          1.0%          0.6%          -4.3%
                               Alameda Math      15.0%         -25.5%        -24.2%
                               ACLC ELA           7.2%          -1.1%         -3.3%
                               Alameda ELA        9.5%         -26.9%        -21.0%

                                                     Nea Community Learning Center
NCLC Core Action Team brings a track
record of successful implementation at K-12

Core Action team Includes:
 Maafi Gueye – 22 years of science/math teaching
  experience, 6 years of experience in the ACLC educational
  model, current ACLC Assistant Lead Facilitator
 Paul Bentz – ACLC Founding Facilitator, 12 Years of
  experience in the successful ACLC educational model, 21
  years of experience as a 6-12 science facilitator, 7 years of
  experience operating a charter school in a sound financial
  manner, ACLC charter school startup experience
 Lowry Fenton – Has been around ACLC for 12 years as a
  parent, Community Board Member for 5 years, current
  CLCS / CFO for 3 years

                      Nea Community Learning Center
K-5 Team Experience is also Substantial

   Linda McCluskey
   James Venable
   Betsy Weiss

               Nea Community Learning Center
Linda McCluskey
   AUSD Teacher of the Year – 1997
   AUSD Team Diversity Member
   Media Center Teacher, Science Teacher (K-8) Paden
    School – 4 years
   Special Day Class Teacher – (3-5) Miller School – 4
   Teacher/Director (Pre K-3) Sara Project Day School –
    12 years
   Credentials: Elementary Education, Special
    Education, Mathematics, Administrative Leadership

                     Nea Community Learning Center
James Venable
   Title 1 Coordinator / Literacy Coach –
    Washington School, BTSA Support Provider
   30 years experience teaching in grades K-5
   Reading and Writing Expert – Started NCTE
    Reading Initiative at Washington School,
    Consultant to schools on Louisville Writing
   Credentials: Master of Arts in Teaching, Clear
    Multi-subject, Cross Cultural Language and
    Academic Development Certification

                    Nea Community Learning Center
Betsy Weiss
    20 years of Elementary Teaching Experience – (K-5)
     including 10 years of K-1 Multiage Grouping
    AUSD Mentor Teacher – 4 years
    • Math, Science, Best Practices, and Development
    Title 1 Reading Teacher/Literacy Coach – 5 years
    Owner/Director/Teacher – Secret Garden Preschool – 5
    Credentials: MS Environmental Education, Elementary

                     Nea Community Learning Center
Petition has Required Signatures

 The petition exceeds the staff signature
 count requirement by 200%. All are
 highly qualified credentialed teachers
 with vast educational experience.

              Nea Community Learning Center
Petition Contains Required Statements

  The petition does contain affirmations for
  each of the conditions.

  The NCLC will be nonsectarian in its
  programs, admission policies, employment
  practices, and all other operations, shall not
  charge tuition, and shall not discriminate
  against any pupil on the basis of ethnicity,
  national origin, gender, or disability.

                 Nea Community Learning Center
NCLC Community Outreach
   NCLC will market the school to all members of
    the community
    •   In an effort to reach out to all parts of the community
        and achieve an ethnic balance representative of
        AUSD, NCLC has requested from AUSD mailing
        labels for all K-12 families so that it can market to all of
        them in multiple languages.
   NCLC will admit its learners by a random
    lottery system described in the charter

                        Nea Community Learning Center
NCLC Will Serve All Learners
   NCLC will serve all learners regardless
    of disability or special education needs
    (13% of ACLC’s current learner
    population receive services)
   NCLC will not dis-enroll learners except
    under extreme conditions – expellable
    offences described under state law
    (ACLC charter school has only dis-
    enrolled 4 learners in its 8 year history)

                  Nea Community Learning Center
    Petition addresses Ed. Code § 47605(b).

A   Description of the Educational Program
B   Measurable Learner Outcomes
C   Method of Measuring Learner Outcomes
D   Governance Structure
E   Employment Qualifications
F   Procedures to Ensure the Health and Safety of Pupils and Staff
G   Method of Achieving Racial and Ethnic Balance
H   Admission Requirements
I   Annual, Independent Financial Audits
J   Disciplinary Procedures including Suspension and Expulsion
K   Manner of Retirement Coverage for Staff
L   Public School Alternatives for Pupils Who Do Not Choose the Charter School
M   Rights of Return for Charter Employees
N   Dispute Resolution Procedures
O   Education Employment Relations Act
P   School Closure Procedures

                               Nea Community Learning Center
…Ed. Code § 47605(b). continued

  The petition has 160 pages of detailed
  descriptions to meet this requirement.

                     Nea Community Learning Center
In Conclusion
   We are all here tonight for the same
    • Provide quality education for all students
    • Provide parent/student choice within the
        public school system
    •   Student Success - Whatever It Takes!
   Thank you. We are available to answer
    any questions from the Board as well.

                    Nea Community Learning Center
We Can Make a Difference

       Nea Community Learning Center
Nea Community Learning Center
   Vote Yes on January 8th!

          Nea Community Learning Center

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