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									                                        9 Watertown Circle        Phone: (618) 931-0324
                                        Granite City, IL.         Email: joecorrado@aol.com

Joseph R. Corrado

Objective    Assist a forward-looking business in maintaining / implementing an
             effective quality assurance operation which is based upon the facets of
             Total Quality Management.

Experience   1991–2001                 Tower Automotive, Corporation         Granite City, IL
             Quality Specialist, CMM Operations / Supervisor of Quality
              Act as the metrology liaison for die maintenance, engineering and quality
               specialists by interpreting the cmm inspection data relative to both the part
               and the process, and then implementing corrective action as needed.
              Assist project engineers during the Production Part Approval Process
               (PPAP) by organizing and completing metrology related requirements to
               include gage R&R, cmm program R&R and capability study of the
               production process.
              Plan, organize and implement all facets of Coordinate Measuring Machine
               (CMM) operations as a Tier I / Tier II supplier to the automotive industry.
               Customers included Ford, GM, Toyota, Daimler Chrysler and sister plants
               within Tower Automotive. Operational responsibilities included:
                Creation of part programs using L.K. Metrology proprietary languages,
                  CMES & LK DMIS, as well as the industry standard programming
                  language of DMIS 3. - CMM types used: horizontal arm & bridge. Most
                  DMIS programming was performed using CAD model and Silma’s
                  CimStation off-line programming software. Some experience as well
                  using Browne & Sharp’s VAL-MEAS language.
                Create ‘road map’ of all inspection points / features for use by internal
                  and external customers to assist them in visualizing the inspection.
                  These were created using CheckMate software tools.
                Equip and maintain CMM laboratories to strict standards in order to
                  enhance reliability of all measurements. To include annual budgets.
                Create and administer appropriate training routines for all CMM
                  operators. Maintain training matrix for each operator.
                Verify integrity, repeatability, and reliability of all CMM programs by
                  using industry-approved repeatability & reliability testing procedures.
                Operate FARO arm cmm and perform hard-line layout as required.
              Perform all quality related functions relating to specific production line.
               Tasks included continuous improvement to the production process from a
               quality assurance perspective, interpreting cmm and gage data for
               component, sub-assembly and final assembly product, implementing
               corrective actions as needed in order to maintain control of the process,
               work with production supervisors in maintaining effective production rates.
              Create and implement procedures, work instructions and forms as
               required by QS9000.
              Train hourly inspectors in: gage inspection, visual inspection, record
               keeping, tool correction orders and control of non-conforming material.
                     Plan and conduct internal QS9000 audits as a lead auditor. Complete
                      audit non-conformity reports and offer corrective action plans as needed.
                     Direct supervisor for 20 hourly inspectors. Tasks included:
                       Tracking time and attendance for payroll purposes.
                       Setting work schedules.
                       Tracking individual and team performance,
                       Conducting time studies and adjusting workloads.
                       Plan, organize and schedule training within the quality department.
                       Encourage personal growth and ‘empowerment’ within the team.

Education:          1978                    Graduate, Litchfield High School       Litchfield, IL.
Continuing           Primary course of study – Drafting

                    1999–present           Southwestern Illinois College          Belleville, IL.
                     Currently pursuing Associates Degree, Computer Information Systems:
                      have completed 25 credit hours with 4.0 (of possible 4.0) GPA

Industry related       QS-9000 Internal Audit Training – Rand E. Winters Group, Inc. – 1999
                       QS-9000 Lead Auditor Training (Certified) – IQC – 1999
                       Gas Metal Arc Welding – Belleville Area College - 1991
                       Fundamentals Of Stamping Presses – SME – 1997
                       Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing (ASME Y14.5M) – 1998
                       Statistical Process Control (SPC) – Internal – 1993
                       Operator Programmer Class I – L.K. Metrology (CMES) – 1997
                       Operator Programmer Class II – L.K. Metrology (CMES) – 1997
                       Operator Programmer Class – L.K. Metrology (DMIS) – 1998
                       CimStation Inspection Programming – Silma, Adept Technology – 1999
                       Check Mate Modeling & Reporting – Origin International, Inc. - 2001

Military Service:   1980-1982                 United States Army                  Lawton, OK
                     2 Battalion, 34 Field Artillery
                     Unit level Nuclear, Biological and Chemical operations N.C.O.
                     Received Army Achievement Medal for exceptional service.

                    1982-1985                 United States Army                Phullendorf, FRG
                       nd                  th
                     2 Detachment, 512 Field Artillery Group
                     Physical Security N.C.O. at NATO special weapons storage facility.
                     Security clearance required for this position: Top Secret
                     Received 2 Army Achievement Medal, also for exceptional service.

Tips                Detail oriented. Self-motivated. Self-directed. Excellent communication
                    and computer skills.

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