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                                                          Equipment Rental/Vessel
                                                          Charter Agreements
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                                                          10/25/2004 2:14 PM
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Equipment Rental/Vessel Charter Agreements
                      This agreement is designed to protect Footloose Sailing
                      Association equipment. Equipment is available for rental from
                      the organization at the discretion of its Board of Directors,
                      who reserves the right to refuse service.

                      Anyone soliciting equipment rental in any form from
                      Footloose Sailing Association shall sign an Equipment
                      Rental/Vessel Charter Agreement. Said agreement will outline
                      the duration of rental and requires monies to be exchanged.
                      Use of this agreement pertains to any usage of Footloose
                      Vessels outside of a Footloose calendar event and/or
                      Footloose sanctioned event, including classes, training, and
                      The renter shall either:
                              Leave a deposit to cover damages up to replacement
                               value or,
                              Provide written documentation that he/she has
                               purchased insurance to protect all risks to said
                               equipment/vessel including replacement

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Footloose Sailing Association
4509 Interlake Avenue North
PMB #142
Seattle, WA 98103
FSA Equipment Rental Agreement                                                      Date
This agreement made this      day of            ,        , by and between Footloose Sailing
Association, Seattle, WA, OWNER of the              vessel/equipment known as “      ” of an overall
length of       feet and

Charterer                                                Email:


City, State, Zip:

                    Hereinafter called the CHARTERER.

1. The OWNER agrees to let and deliver and the CHARTERER agrees to hire and accept the
vessel/equipment from the OWNER from
 (Time) (Day) (Month) (Year), to (Time) (Day) (Month) (Year)

 For which the CHARTER agrees to pay the OWNER the sum of

 Receipt is hereby acknowledged of a deposit of/or proof of
 insurance of replacement value
 Plus a deposit to cover the deductible portion of the insurance
 policy, this deposit to be retained for 10 days upon re-delivery of
 the vessel/equipment for appraisal of damages to the boat.
 Deposit for insurance deductible:
 Total amount due

The CHARTERER further agrees to pay when the vessel/equipment is returned to the OWNER
the cost of all items of the boat equipment not returned in good condition, with any excess
charges over and above the damage deposit to be billed to and paid by the CHARTERER.
The CHARTERER further agrees to pay all reasonable charges for cleanup of the
vessel/equipment if it is not returned in clean and serviceable condition.
2. The OWNER warrants to use due diligence to provide that the vessel/equipment shall be in
good condition and repair and in every respect seaworthy as determined by the OWNER.
3. The OWNER shall not be responsible for failure to make delivery as stipulated by reasons and
causes beyond control of the OWNER or by reason of said vessel/equipment having been lost,
stranded or otherwise disabled; and should such delivery not be made within one (1) day
thereafter, then this agreement may be cancelled by the CHARTERER, and any charter monies
paid in advance shall be returned to the CHARTERER.

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4. The CHARTER shall furnish his/her own crew, if any crew is desired; or the CHARTERER may
personally act as pilot, the CHARTERER warranting that he/she is competent to act so.
5. The OWNER shall keep the vessel/equipment fully insured against fire, marine and collision
risks, for the term of this charter, the policy being held by the OWNER and protection for loss or
damage that may occur during the period of charter; and the CHANGERER shall thereby by
relieved of any and all liability for loss or damage collectible under such insurance. However,
personal liability insurance ot to be secured ny the CHARTERER for the length of the charter at
his/her discretion.
6. The CHARTERER agrees to be responsible for and to replace of make good any injury to the
vessel/equipment, her equipment and furnishings, caused personally by the CHARTERER or by
any of his/her party, if said injury is not collectible under the OWNER insurance policy.
7. Should the vessel/equipment during the period of the chanter be lost, stranded or disabled by
act of GOD, fire, perils of the sea or other unavoidable accident rendering her unfit for the uses
and purposes of this charter, and not brought about by an act of default of the CHARTERER,
charter hire shall cease form the time that the CHARTERER notified the OWNER of such event,
and neither parties hereto shall be liable to the other for loss, damage, expense or inconvenience
resulting there from.
8. The CHARTERER agrees to pay all expenses in connection with the navigation of and
operation of said vessel, including wages of crew, food, fuel, and ship’s supplies during the term
of this charter.
9. The CHARTERER acknowledges that illegal controlled substances are prohibited abaord the
vessel. If the vessel is boarded and illegal controlled substances are found in possession of the
CHARTERER, the CHARTERER will be subject to civil and criminal penalties, If the chartered
vessel is seized because of drug violations during the period of this charter, CHARTERER
acknowledges full responsibility.
10. The CHARTERER agrees not to assign this agreement or sub-charter the equipment/vessel
with consent of the OWNER in writing.
11. It is mutually agreed that full control and management of equipment/vessel is transferred to
the CHARTERER for the term hereof.
12. The failure of the CHARTERER to accept delivery of said equipment/vessel at the time
specified, or the failure of the CHARTERER to use said equipment/vessel for the full term of the
changer shall not entitle the CHARTERER to the return of any portion of the monies paid or
agreed to be paid hereunder by the CHARTERER for the charter hire, provided however that
upon request of the CHARTERER the OWVER agrees to use reasonable efforts to re-charter
said equipment/vessel for the remaining portion of the term of the charter, and to credit the
CHARTERER with any hire thus received up to the amount paid by the Charter hereunder.
13. In the event the CHARTERER contracts with a commercial towing or rescue fir, the OWNER
is in no way obligated for reimburse the CHARTERER for this expense.
14. In the event the OWNER is required to retain and attorney to enforce any of their rights herein
or to protect their interest under the terms of this agreement, CHARTERER agrees to pay for
such reasonable attorney fees and court costs so necessarily incurred.
TO the true and faithful performance of this Agreement, including all conditions and regulations
listed on this agreement and attached hereto, the said parties hereto bind themselves, their heirs,
executors, administrators and assigns, each to the other.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties hereto have set their hands the day and year first above
CHARTERER:                                                                 DATE:
BY:                                               TITLE:                   DATE:

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