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									The Parenting Place
        My internship under

  Child Advocacy and Parenting Place
       Exchange Club Center, Inc.
             1401 S. 39th St.
          Wilmington NC 28403
             (910) 791-1057
Evie Schulz is a Social
Worker who, through the
course of my internship,
worked in several different
locations doing a
variety of duties:
Wilmington Preparatory
WPA is a public charter school who’s
 mission is to train students to take
 personal responsibility for their
 education, health choices, and
 social well being.
Ms. Schulz was the School Social
Rachel Freeman Elementary
   School of Engineering

  Public School
  Serving Grades K-5
  •Many children from a low
      socioeconomic class
Child Advocacy and Parenting
 Place Exchange Club Center
This organization performs many services for
  community children and their families:
• Training, evaluations, and referrals of local
  childcare facilities.
• Support groups for single moms and
  grandparents raising their children’s children.
• Parenting classes
• Parent aids who assist parents in their homes
  with a variety of parenting skills
       Grandparent Support
This group is run by Ms. Schulz and is part
of the CAPP Center’s services.
Every Thursday evening, grandparents
who are raising their grandchildren meet
to discuss common concerns, help each
other problem solve, and act as a voice
for grandparents rights.
Childcare and dinner are provided at no
cost to the grandparents.
 Parent Aid Program
• A free service offered by CAPP
  Center to parents who are in need.
• Parent Aids assist the parents with
  • Parenting skills
  • Finding Community Resources
  • Achieving their goals as parents
• Act as a resource for the parent:
  • Attends child's IEP
  • Helps decipher DSS communications
                   -Ms. Schulz is a Parent Aid
While shadowing Ms. Schulz I had the
 opportunity to see many of the
 responsibilities of an MSW and was assigned
 a variety of duties myself:
• I observed many groups
    • Grandparents and Single Moms
    • Character Education (K - 2)
• Supervised children / Child Care
• Researched and helped prepare various trainings
• Prepared and Led non-therapeutic groups for young
• Attended home visits
    • Parent Aid Program
• Attended meetings for a wide variety of community
• I did not do any office work the entire semester
 I would recommend Ms. Schulz
    or a similar placement if:
• You have a leaning for a specific occupation
   • Specifically MSW
• You would like to better understand the day to day
  activities of a specific occupation
• You enjoy new activities every day
• Have a hard time sitting at a desk
• Want to learn more about available community
• Want a supervisor who will go out of her way to ensure
  your learning and growth
• Want an opportunity to try new activities and
  responsibilities instead of just watching

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